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Top 10 Activities for the Ultimate Family Adventure Getaway

by Jane Sophia

According to Helen Keller, “Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” You may not agree with this statement. You may be perfectly happy with the mundane city life, but if you feel the same way and you and family are yearning to let yourselves just flow with adrenalin and dial down the negative thoughts that burden our minds and our spirits on a daily basis. If you need a break from that soul-sucking 9 to 5. especially if you want to get to know the people you share a roof with more intimately then a family adventure holiday is perhaps long overdue. It is no secret that we discover our truest selves and get to know our loved better on blood pumping adventures. So buckle up! Here are 10 adventure holidays you and your family must take!


When we think of an adventure, Orlando is probably the last place that comes to our minds. Along with the amusement parks and the Kennedy Space Center, Orlando is also a home of the Fly Wallaby ranch. Their excellent safety measures and years of flying make it possible to fly even if you are only 4 years old! They also have an incredible 10,000 incident-free flights! It is probably the safest places in the world where you can feel the air swoosh across your face and raise your adrenaline levels.

White Water Rafting

Apart from being an excellent movie, The River Wild has made a lot of people really scared of rapids and justifiably so. While both the Kootenai River and the Flathead River are really not as scary in real life, the Penobscot River is a better option. Although you have to be at least 12 years old to get access to the fun and roller-coaster-like adventure, the 14 miles long stretch of river is well suited for families that want the thrill but don’t want to get carried away (pun intended).


2Nothing brings the family together like the mountains. Translate the strength of the mountain into the binds of your familial ties. Staring down the cliff, your heart races you and your family will realize how small we are in the scheme of things and how important it is to stay together in our brief visit in the world. The Annapurna Circuit in the Himalayan range offers its bounties to people of all ages. The steeps are gentle but the experience is breathtaking

Bungee Jumping

Some say the sensation of falling is like no other. It’s as if you’ve let go of yourself and all your problems for the briefest of moments. Bungee jumping is perhaps the most popular adventures in the world. The Whistler Bungee in the town of Whistler in British Colombia, Canada, is an excellent place to take a shot at your and your family’s adrenal glands.

Jet Skiing

3Glide across the water as the fresh misty goodness splashes across your face. Jet Skis are just a funfest on water. The Gold Coast in Australia offers an un-parallel water sports experience and the jet skis are a must try. Whether you want to just choke that throttle and just go into the water or take up a little challenge and navigate the meandering through tropical mangrove waterways, it’s all up to you. Just be sure to put on a life jacket and thou shan’t be disappointed.


The waterways of Vancouver in British Colombia, Canada, offer a rare opportunity to paddle around in the habitats of humpback whales, orcas, porpoises and seals. You can also spot eagles and black bears. With Kayaking the excitement is somewhat different. It’s not speed or altitude that makes your heart race but the sheer joy of being so close to wildlife makes you want to dance.

Scuba Diving

4We, as human beings, may regard ourselves as kings and queens of the world but that is only half true. The world above might belong to us for the most part but there is so much that goes underwater that we do not even know about is strikingly absurd. Scuba diving may not reveal the secrets of the great marine life but it does give us a window through which we can gaze in wonder. Punta Gorda in Costa Rica is one such place that you could go and get wet with the fish!

The Flying Fox

5Putting a zipline from the roof to the pool is really fun and thrilling. Imagine the same thing but there are five of them, and the shortest one is 90m while longest is 400m! The flying fox is a unique adventure sport in several four locations in India. Rishikesh, Neemrana, Jodhpur and Kikar. It is publicized as the Flying Fox Zipline Tour.


6Soaring high above the world at a leisurely pace and just taking it all in. If that is your family’s fantasy then paragliding is just the thing they need. The highest village in the Apennines, Castelluccio in Umbria, Italy is an unparalleled paragliding experience. You can go there any time of the year, but soaring through the blooming fields of flowers and captivating colours in the months of May, June or July, and you will have a story that people will not get bored of. Plus you can experience using a parachute without having to jump off of an aeroplane. How cool is that?!


If jumping off an aeroplane or a helicopter and opening a parachute is what you actually want then there is just one word. Skydive! Skydiving is the most thrilling sport to partake in and is also really safe, depending on where you are. The skydiving opportunities in Interlaken, Switzerland are one of the most scenic and the safest. Skilled instructors guide you through the entire process deftly and are very friendly. As you hurl through the sky towards the Swiss Alps at terminal velocities, you can get a glimpse of France, Germany, Italy and Austria. When the right moment arrives and you pull the chord and open your chute, you look around and the whole world stands still. There you are safe in the winds looking down on the world.

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