Grand Canyon Camping- What Should You Know

by Jane Sophia
Grand Canyon Camping

Grand Canyon Camping-what should you know.

Get to know a bit about how to stay in a camp in Grand Canyon National Park.

The Grand Canyon is one of the highly visited tourist attractions in North America.

Grand Canyon Camping Grounds

Grand Canyon

This is a canyon and because it looks grand, it is called Grand Canyon. Probably, this is the only big tourist attraction whose name is preceded by the most appropriate adjective.

This short blog post will help you decide how to stay in a camp in the Grand Canyon National Park.

In order to enjoy your camping stay overlooking the awesome gorge and the Colorado River, you need to know:

  • Which are the best campgrounds in Grand Canyon
  • Who offers a camping facility
  • Are there places to park your rented recreational vehicles (RV)

What is South Rim and North Rim?

The Grand Canyon is split into major divisions, just for sightseeing purposes.

The South Rim is the more conducive to visit because it is easily accessible and the most important aspect of the south rim is, it is open throughout the year.

You can go by train, car, and by plane also.

Nonetheless, it is always crowded because of the above mentioned advantages.

North Rim is rather far away. The distance between the two rims is a whopping five-hour drive away. In addition, not many tourists go there.

Two major cities of Arizona state are located close to the South Rim only. Therefore, people stay in the hotels there overnight and start early so as to reach the South Rim gate by 10.30 to 11 AM.

Do people really stay overnight in a camp in Grand Canyon?

Of course! Nature lovers and adventure-minded people choose to stay at least for a night, either in a canvas tent because it is cheaper or in a motorhome (RV).Motorhome

Motorhome or Recreational Vehicle (RV)

However, the majority of the tourists to the Grand Canyon are day-trippers. They stay in a nearby city, visit the Grand Canyon, see around quickly and return to their hotel rooms.

The advantages of staying overnight at the Grand Canyon Camping:

  • Stargazing
  • Night sound
  • Changing colors of the Grand Canyon walls during the twilight and during the sunrise
  • Beat the crowd that starts arriving only by 11 am. The walking trails and the observation platforms will be all yours if you start the tour of the Grand Canyon by 7.30 AM.

If you decide to stay in a canvas tent near the Grand Canyon’s South Rim, you need to book your tent or RV much early. Since the South Rim is open all through the year, it is possible to plan your trip to the Grand Canyon well in advance and book your camp at the site.

On the other hand, if you love more wilderness and harsh weather, you can choose to camp at the North Rim that is open to tourists from May end to the first week of September.

In order to camp near the North Rim, you need to reach either Utah or Fredonia cities a night before and stay overnight in a hotel.

Best campgrounds at the Grand Canyon.

Near the South Rim, two popular campgrounds beckon you.

  • Mather Campground-reservation facility is available
  • Desert View Campground-no reservation. Check whether it is open because it is not open all the months.

The cost varies I think. It may be up to $20 per night. I think it is dirt cheap to stay in a coveted place in the world.

If you decide to pitch up your canvas tent near the North Rim, you can do so at the North Rim Campground.

Naturally, you need to book your stay well in advance because of limited capacity. RV parking is not available near the North Rim. Therefore, a canvas tent is the only option.

Another campground near the North Rim is DeMotte Campground. I read it is maintained by the U.S. Forest Service.

How to book your camp stay in the National Park?

Call 1-877-444-6777. This number belongs to National Recreation Reservation Service. Those who are comfortable to book online, please visit.

Camping in the U.S. National Parks means you have to follow a set of rules strictly. Just because you are staying in an open space doesn’t give you full freedom to pollute the surroundings.

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