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Chandraprabha Wildlife: Varanasi and Wildlife Sightings

by Jane Sophia
Chandraprabha Wildlife: Varanasi and Wildlife Sightings

Learn all about other natural attractions near Varanasi, the spiritual capital of India. You can watch a range of wildlife by visiting Chandraprabha Wildlife near Varanasi and two stunning waterfalls that are part of the wildlife sanctuary.

Varanasi and wildlife? You must be wondering if you have read it right! You read it right, buddy. Varanasi is not only the holy Ganges River, lassi and kachoris, and the cremation ghats.

There is a wildlife sanctuary located near Varanasi that is also home to two beautiful waterfalls. A few reputed travel agencies in Varanasi organize wildlife sighting package tours.

You can complete the tour in a day or stay in a forest lodge overnight and enjoy a full weekend holiday.

Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary, Varanasi.

Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary

Where is Chandraparabha wildlife sanctuary located?

70 km from Varanasi is the distance that you can cover in about two hours by driving a car. The nearest railway station is Varanasi.

Area of Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary

It comprises an area of 78 sq.km. That is neither too large nor too small an area for a wildlife sanctuary. The forest is rather dense dotted with two beautiful waterfalls.

What to see and do in Chandraparabha wildlife sanctuary?

Day-trippers from Varanasi frequent the forest with their family members. They pack food and snacks and enjoy an open-air lunch, feeding the crows and other birds that surround the visitors.

Wildlife spotted in Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary:

Well, not many mammals are seen in Chandraprabha. You can still spot the Nilgai (blue bull), a big beast that looks huge and fiery.


Other forest animals that are seen roaming the Chandraprabha are:

  • Spotted deer
  • Chinkara
  • Sambar
  • Fox
  • Mongoose (there must be snakes too)
  • Hyena
  • Wild boar
  • Porcupine

Birds in Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary:

The presence 150+ species of birds in this forest means ornithologists and avid bird watchers pitch up their tents on the sanctuary’s savannah and spend a minimum of three full days to spot and identify at least a dozen species of avifauna that include:

  • Scarlet honeyeater

Scarlet honeyeater

  • White Pelicans

The two waterfalls near Varanasi:

Inside the Chandraparbha wildlife sanctuary are two stunningly beautiful waterfalls set amidst picturesque surroundings including that of a ravine (canyon). The sight of the river water flowing vigorously between the canyon way down is exciting and ‘scream-worthy’.

Raj Dari Waterfalls, Varanasi.

The gushing brownish water carrying all the mud and herbs will pump up your adrenaline and indicates what is in store for you near the waterfall.

If you choose to stay in the cottage abutting the waterfalls, you can hear the roaring water more clearly after the late evening when the tourists fade away into oblivion.

Raj Dari Waterfalls, Chandraprabha Wildlife

You will also get a chance to some see of the wild animals close up when they stray near the water body to quench their thirst.

The height from where the water begins to fall is nearly 200 feet! That is a good, sound generating height. See the waterfall in full flow from September to March.

The source for the waterfalls is the Chandraparbha River that is harnessed in a dam.

Dev Dari waterfalls, Varanasi.

Beautiful, isn’t it? There is the canyon that seems to swallow the sound of the water flowing below it. The entire area seems to be in an eerie silence.

Devdari waterfall is only about 750 meters from Rajdari waterfalls.

Devdari waterfalls look more wild and rustic to me. If only there are decent accommodations nearby Devdari waterfalls, I would certainly plan a trip to Varanasi again.

Hotels to stay in Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary:

There are quite a number of accommodation options near Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary. I think you cannot find luxury there but only basic amenities.

Eating in Chandraprabha:

There is no dearth of small eating outlets that serve the Varanasi specialties samosa, kachori, and pure lassi.

You can get poori and potato curry.

Varanasi is visited by almost every Hindu once in his lifetime. This blog post would propel him to stay one more day in Varanasi and visit Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary.

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Abhijit June 1, 2019 - 5:29 am

Never knew there is a wild life sanctuary near Varanasi. Thank you for informing. The capture of red coloured bird is wonderful.

Jyotirmoy Sarkar June 3, 2019 - 1:46 pm

Never heard about this place, its awesome, thanks for the details.

dee June 4, 2019 - 12:15 am

Such a scenic area!!
Nice to know about Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary.


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