5 Spiritual Retreats cum Resorts in the World

by Jane Sophia
Spiritual Retreats cum Resorts

Beyond the frontiers of religion and spiritual leanings, the so-called ‘spiritual retreats’ in the world are patronized by the people of all beliefs and religions. These spa and rejuvenation spiritual retreats are considered much more than a holiday destination.

Places for vacation can be enjoyable but if you want to relax during your vacation, there is no point in going to popular sightseeing destinations. You should book your most comfortable and relaxing stay in one of the hundreds of spiritual retreats and spa located in exotic places in the world.

Spiritual Retreats

All such ayurvedic and spa retreats are located amidst scenic beauties where you are pampered to the core by the staff, doctors, and physiotherapists of the retreats.

Spiritual Retreats as the name suggest wanting you to retreat from your routine and enjoy the process of building back your lost energy and zest for life.

We will visit some of the most visited Spiritual Retreats in the world.

1. Spiritual Retreat in United States

Spiritual Retreats Isha USA

Address: 951 Isha Lane, McMinnville, Tennessee, 37110, USA Phone: +1 931-668-1900

I was fortunate to have visited one of Jakki Vasudev’s Spiritual Retreats in Coimbatore, India. The fervor with which his disciples attend to you was contagious. The meditation place was designed and built in such a way so that meditation comes to you easily and you fall in love immediately with the art of refreshing.

Seeing the zeal the Americans have developed to learn yoga and meditation irrespective of their religious beliefs motivated him to built this extremely beautiful spiritual retreat in Tennessee in the U.S. where the aptly named ‘Institute of Inner Sciences” organize sessions of meditation and offer wellness consultation on a one to one basis.

This Spiritual Retreat is located amidst natural beauty, surrounded by waterfalls and walking trails.

2.Vana Malsi Estate in Uttarakhand, India

Address: Mussoorie Road, Malsi, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001, India Phone: 0135 391 1114 Website:

This retreat is not for all as there are a handful of restrictions imposed some of which are:

  • All communication and infotainment devices are not to be used outside of your room.
  • This restriction applies to your camera also.
  • You cannot take your pet animals and birds.

View the Vana as your personal wellness retreat and you will be fine with the restrictions. After all, it is your health that is taken care of here where you can enjoy Ayurvedic treatments, yoga sessions, Tibetan healing and various other natural and alternative therapies.

There is a range of accommodation offered at Vana retreat.

  • Bodhi suite
  • Forest suite

Vana retreat

  • Esteva suite
  • Vana suite

The setting for this retreat is all green and peace with great views of rolling hills and pleasant weather.

Spiritual Retreats cum Resorts Vana Malsi Estate

I trust this is an exceptional self-improvement retreat in India that has few matches in the world.

3. Galgorm Resort and Spa, Ireland

I stumbled on to this resort and spa that is located in Northern Ireland when I was searching for a retreat that has Thermal Spa which is the most searched wellness related keyword among fitness freaks and natural wellness seekers.

Galgorm Resort & Spa has a thermal spa village (a high sounding name that would make us visualize some exotic pampering) where you can enjoy an hour of sauna in Celtic Sauna, and relax on an Orangery without a worry in the world.

Spiritual Retreats

They offer some very luxurious furniture arranged in four types of accommodation numbering to 122 suites and rooms. The retreat is located on the banks of River Maine.

5. Spiritual Retreats cum Resort on Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia

I was intrigued when I found a Spiritual Retreats and resort in a Cambodian island called Song Saa. I never read about spiritual retreats located in Cambodia where both the Hindu and Buddhist religions co-exist peacefully.

Address: Koh Ouen Private Island, Koh Rong Archipelago, Near Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Phone: +855 23 886 750

When I looked at some of the images of the Song Saa Island, I thought it was blissfully serene that would invoke the latent spiritual leanings in anyone irrespective of the beliefs that are totally strange to Cambodian culture.

Cambodia Song Saa

Look at the overwater huts and the backdrop of mountains and preceded by rainforests. What else do you want in a retreat to rejuvenate all your lost energies and the zest for your life?

Look below the image that shows the dining area. You are seated right on the ocean without any hindrance of other objects on your vista.

Spiritual Retreats cum Resort on Song Saa

It is advised to pay for an all-inclusive package for your luxury stay in this private island’s retreat and resort that includes:

  • Free airport transfer
  • Three meals a day
  • Snacks and drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) as much as you can consume
  • Several body massages a day in the spa
  • Limited but free laundry
  • Usage of snorkeling gears free of cost

Plus many more

I think the Songa Saa property in Cambodia is more of a resort than a retreat, but I would still view it as a retreat because of its location in a private island.

5. Spiritual Retreats in Canada: Augustinian Monastery

The words in their ‘about us’ page convey a deep sense of commitment and belief in what they offer to their gusts irrespective of differences in beliefs religiously. It is aptly described as retreat and resort that falls under the “Wellness Tourism” category of travel. It is certainly a place for the Canadian and you, of course, hailing from wherever you are to unwind before unplugging from all your worries and apprehensions.

Address: 77 Rue des Remparts, Québec, QC G1R 0C3, Canada Phone: +1 418-694-1639

Spiritual retreats cum resorts are blessing to us that seek to escape from the hassles of daily routines.

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