What is in Dandeli, Karnataka for a Tourist?

by Jane Sophia
Dam dandeli

Karnataka is one state in India that offers something like Dandeli, for a tourist in every district within the state. You could even say Karnataka is the best state in India to tour around.

Karnataka has:

  • Stunning beaches on the west coast of India facing the Arabian sea,
  • Enchanting hill stations,
  • Numerous wildlife sanctuaries,
  • Forests in the plains,
  • Waterfalls,
  • Several perennial rivers,
  • Great camping grounds
  • Historic temples
  • Ideal birding sites

Location of Dandeli

Dabdeli map

Dandeli is situated in north-western part of Karnataka, bordering Goa, another tourist-friendly state of India.

The best way to reach Dandeli is to reach Hubli by train and take a car to Dandeli, 60 km away. Hubli is well connected by rail and road from Bangalore, Panaji, and Hyderabad. From Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka state, the distance 465 km. From Goa, it is only 125 km.

Which river flows through Dandeli?

Dandeli, kali river

River Kali enriches the geography of Dandeli town. Lakhs of people are benefited from Kali river. It runs only for 185 km and mingles with the Arabian Sea on the west coast. Kali river flows from east to west.

Kali River, Dandeli

The best time to tour Dandeli

The best time to visit Dandeli is between October and March. The monsoon is over by October and the summer starts in April.

Where to stay in Dandeli town?

Being a tourist town, there are adequate staying options in Dandeli. The best choice for staying is to take up lodging on the river bank or on the fringes of the forest. There are camps, wooden shacks, independent cottages and luxury resorts,

Some of the accommodation recommendations that meet the expectation of nature lover: (City bums, please excuse)

  • Kali wilderness camp
  • Kadumane
  • Hornbill river resort

Hornbill river resort, Dandeli

  • Panther stay
  • Whistling woodzs resort

Whistling woodzs resort, Dandeli

  • Kingfisher jungle stay
  • Nature nest resort
  • Shikra Jungle stay
  • Treehouses
  • Magneta
  • Old magazine house
  • Bison river resort

Even the names of the resorts indicate what is in store the guests-right?

If the resorts are not suitable for your budget or if you prefer to stay in the midst of nature, then, how about staying in tents? Goibibo offers several tents in Dandeli.

Dandeli, camping

There are tents available near Supa Dam, an excellent place to spot birds and wildlife.

Where to eat in Dandeli?

If you are staying in any of the resorts, then, you take your food in the attached restaurants. However, if you opt to stay in tents, then, you have to inquire with the tent providers.

What can you eat in Dandeli?

It’s a small town on the outskirts of a beautiful and natural forest and river. You can’t expect any international cuisine or Kashmiri food. However, you won’t go hungry as there are numerous restaurants and street food outlets that serve authentic Karnataka food such as:

  • Uppittu
  • Bisi bele bath
  • Kesari bath
  • Cornflower roti (Jwar ka roti)
  • Chirati
  • Samosas
  • Kachoris
  • Dosa
  • Idli
  • Vada

Things to do in Dandeli

Now that your boarding and lodging needs are taken care of, shall we get on with the outdoor activities to do in Dandeli?

  • Kayaking and boat riding in Kali river
  • Zip lining to cross the Kali river

  • Bird watching

Identify hornbill, kingfisher, woodpecker, black cormorant, peacock, crested bulbul, honey bird, blue-headed pitta

  • Animal safari in open jeep

Spot wild boar, bison, fox, and giant squirrels.

  • Nature walk
  • Visit Kavala caves
  • Mountain biking
  • Angling
  • Forest trekking
  • Crocodile spotting
  • River rafting in Kali river

Places to see around Dandeli

As all the above is only for the brave, I am giving below a list of places to see around Dandeli and they are open to all and sundry.

  • Syntheri Rock

Syntheri Rock

It is nothing but a huge monolith on the banks of Kalindi river. It measures up to 300 feet. If you are disappointed, look out for a small waterfall and a rocky ravine. To go to this place, you have to drive for about 40 minutes to cover a distance of 30 km from Dandeli town.

Note: Do not go on an empty stomach hoping to grab your grub at the picnic spot. There won’t be anything.

  • Shiroli Peak

Shiroli PeakIsn’t that a mesmerizing sight? It would pull you like a magnet and you would certainly rush to lie down on its lap.

  • Kali tiger reserve, Anshi National Park

If you are lucky, you can spot India’s pride, the Bengal Tiger at Anshi National Park. Oh yes, your luck should be big to spot the rare black panther too.

It is one of the most famous tourist spots in Dandeli and hence a must-visit. It is not very far off folks; only 35 km Dandeli. As the national park comprises of 1300 sq.km, it is suggested to stay overnight to listen the true sound of morning in the forest. It will be a one-time experience.

For the lovers of trees, (I am a big lover of giant trees), this tropical rainforest is home to rare flora such as:

  • Knema attenuate
  • Malabar tamarind
  • Bintangur


  • Supa Dam

Supa Dam is built across river Kalindi. The water is stored up to a height of 100 meters. The whole place is scenic and ideal for a break of routine for Bangaloreans.

It is only 22 km from this town and can be reached in half an hour.

If you are interested in visiting temples, ask around for Ulavi Temple housing God Shri Ulavi Channabasaveshwara. It is near the Kali tiger reserve. The drive time to cover the 47 km from Dandeli is 60 minutes.

You have to wait for 7 months more to plan your weekend holiday to Dandeli as the season in dry and hot now.

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