6 Little Places in Switzerland That One Must Visit

by Jane Sophia

As a true lover of nature, I prefer to visit small towns in the countryside than thickly populated huge cities. Small town are less noisy and the people have time to engage with you. They are more hospitable too. I am taking you to a few small but beautiful towns in Switzerland bypassing Vienna, Zurich and its capital Bern. Switzerland is well known as the most sought after holiday destinations in the world for its exotic mountains and lakes; cakes and chocolates and the cool climate. The small towns dot the picturesque mountains of the country and are considered as gateways to this alpine paradise.

6 Little Places in Switzerland That One Must Visit

Switzerland is bordered by Germany, France, Italy, and Austria. What an ideal location for a traveler

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Spiez, Switzerland

It is a sparsely populated town situated on the shores of Lake Thun and surrounded by vineyards and lush green forests.

Canoeing is a very fun sport and in the lake Thun, you can see people of all ages are indulging in canoeing.

Then, of course, there is the Faulensee Lido, a bathing resort on the deep-blue Lake Thun. You can find a raft, and a lawn to sun bath. Admission is free.

The famous beverage ‘Spiezer’ is called after the town. It is a wine made in Spiez

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Interlaken is another place from where the mighty Switzerland’s Alphs can be explored. That’s why; Interlaken is thronged by tourists all round the year. The location of it makes it an ideal place to go hang gliding and skiing. Another place of interest in Interlaken, especially for kids is the Funky Chocolate club.

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It is a small village actually situated in Switzerland’s Alphs at an altitude of approximately 1400 meters. No cars are allowed as there are no roads actually. You either explore the place on foot or take a pleasure ride in a cable car. Hiking lovers seen throughout the year here.



Located in a valley, Andermatt is a village again known for the lush green hills in the Alphs. The unique aspect of this mountain village is eight mountain passes converge here. You can explore this beautiful village either on a steam train or in a horses drawn coach. It is learnt that five horses used to pull the vehicle. Andermatt is famous for its winter skiing.



Morcote is a beautiful town in Switzerland. In fact, in the year 2016, it was voted as the most beautiful place in Switzerland. It is located on the shores of Lake Lugano. It still contains houses built in the 16th century

Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen known as ‘Falls Town’ as it has as many as 72 waterfalls. From one of the waterfalls, the water drops nearly a thousand feet. This place in Switzerland is a gateway for Jungfrau region, and the valley of Murren. For adventure lovers, there is sky diving and paragliding.

For a country situated amidst the rugged Alphs, it is surprising to note that there is an extensive railway network in Switzerland and a scenic train tide in the Alphs is truly an unforgettable experience.

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