5 Hotel Search Engines You Should Bookmark

by Jane Sophia
Hotel Search Engines

The entire world got shrunk with the advent of the World Wide Web. The shrinkage was more when Google displaced Yahoo! as the number one search engine. When we all used Google extensively to search for hotels and serviced apartments for our holidays, the global shrinkage was clearly felt. To facilitate our holiday-related searches, several businessmen launched exclusive hotel search engines; we in India could feel the breath of a Californian. Yes, the shrinkage is now so distinct.

In this blog post, I have covered some of the most used hotel search engines. While the purpose of them is to find the hotels that we can afford, each of the hotel search engines still helps find what we want in a different way.

Let us go over them. The order of listing is based on my liking alone and not based on any popularity. As you keep reading about the hotels’ finders, I would urge you to bookmark them for your easy retrieval.

5 Hotel Search Engines You Should Bookmark

Hotel search engines are essential traveler tools long before we search our garage for the right size travel bags and suitcases.

Google Hotel Finder Best Hotel Search Engines

I find it as a convenient tool to search for a list of hotels in any city or town that I planned to travel because of the following reasons.

The list it displays indicated the price against each hotel.

The hotel is marked on the map

The ratings of other travel deals search engines are given

The contact details of the hotels are listed clearly.

The places near the hotel are also published.

You can check the room availability on your dates of travel

What else do you want? Try it once.

Hotel Search Engines -hotwire


It is a pretty cool journey, hotel search engines where you can search for:

Cheap Flights
Car Rentals

There is a tab called “vacations”. If you scroll down on that page, there are several cities listed. Click on your choice of city to find great money-saving deals for a vacation in the city of your choice.

I noticed an excellent tool called “Trip Watcher Tool” and it helps you to watch out for price drops and in fact compare the price quotes with other leading travel and hotel search engines such as Expedia and Trip Advisor

 Hotel Search Engines -hotels


Hotels.com is one of the most popular hotels’ search engines for travel plans and I have been reading rave reviews about it even in Indian travel blogs. It has partnered with more than 150K hotels worldwide. Apart from searching for hotels and flights for your family vacation, sports and events organizers can also search for hotels that give attractive discounts for group bookings.

I read that Hotels.com website also does not charge cancellation fees; however, it is always advisable to check it out at the time of your travel bookings. Hotels are notorious in changing their policies and not communicating with their prospective customers.



The hotel search engines has teamed up with 200k hotels across the globe. I quote them below which I liked.
“We have an enormous selection to choose from, more than you’ll ever need in 16 lifetimes”.
Late Rooms is a favorite of thousands of wise travelers who are smart in saving money as this site offers the ‘lowest price guarantee’.



Room Key (what an apt name for a hotel search engines) has tied with several large chains of hotels that include:

Wyndham Hotel Group
Hyatt Hotels Corporation,
Marriott International
InterContinental Hotels Group,

These big hotels are frequently used by huge corporate and as such, they can avail discounts because of their loyalty.
The number of people traveling abroad is increasing and I foresee more hotel search engines for travelers would be launched in the coming years.

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