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What to Pack for a Safari

by Jane Sophia

If this is your first time going on a safari trip and you have little to no idea what to pack to make sure you don’t forget anything at home, we’re here to give you a hand. We’ve created a list of some of the most important items you ought to make sure you always have with you.


Let’s start with some of the obvious things you are going to need in a place like Africa. First off, you need to make sure that you pack one or several hats that can keep you safe when the weather is scorching, and the sun is up in the sky. All of the clothing you should bring needs to be in neutral colors — don’t pack your black t-shirts and trousers, because they are completely inadequate.

You’ll also need a safari jacket for when you’re caught outdoors for longer than expected, as well as shorts, hiking shoes, long-sleeved safari shirts, sports sandals for when you want to go to the beach or a public shower, and your pajamas, too. We haven’t included any info on the number of apparel items you’re going to need because it all depends on how long your stay will be.


It goes without saying that you’re going on the trip and you want to document it somehow, either because you want to share your experience with your friends, or because you want to remember it as best as possible when you’re older.

So, you’re going to need a decent camera, although we don’t recommend bringing a DSLR unless you know how to use it and take just a couple of lenses fit for every purpose. On top of that, you might require a pair of safari binoculars or a decent telescope for terrestrial viewing. Depending on what you have in mind, you might want to bring your astronomical telescope, too. The SkyWatcherProED telescope is a model we liked once we took a look at its features.

Safety supplies

One of the things you should never forget about when you’re going to Africa is insect repellent. As you probably know, most people who don’t live on the continent are required to get a malaria vaccine before they go on their trip. Therefore, it’s safe to say that mosquitoes are aplenty.

In case you leave it at home, you needn’t worry about anything as you can probably buy it once you get there, but it’s important to note that you’re going to need quite a lot of sunscreen, especially if your skin is sensitive. And even if you aren’t prone to sunburns, you will still need to use some sort of protection. Other such supplies range from wet wipes and a biological filtration bottle for water to cold and flu tablets and any kind of prescribed medicine.

Your documents

You should always have on you your passport and visa, as well as your emergency phone numbers. You’re going to need an Africa travel insurance policy on top of that, and your medical history, if it’s of interest.


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