Claim Compensation for Flight Delay

by Jane Sophia
Flight Delay

Do you know you can get money if your flight is delayed?

We know, even flights are delayed while departing or arriving. It is bewildering for us.

After all, there are no signals on air. There are no traffic jams. No road blocks, and no diversions. Still, flights are arriving late.

Common Reasons for Flight Delays

Let us look into all the causes for a flight to get delayed, either to departing or to arrive.

  • Poor visibility due to fog
  • Heavy rain
  • Thick snow that makes the aircraft to skid on the runway
  • Cyclonic wind
  • Technical issues in the air traffic control room
  • Mechanical faults that delay the departure
  • Emergency issues arise out of security concerns
  • Non clearance signal to take off
  • Non-availability of runways to takeoff or land
  • Flight crew arrival delay
  • Issues with the airline raised by the captain
  • Bird hit
  • Delay in baggage loading
  • Flash strikes
  • One or two passengers did not arrive on time (it includes you, buddy)
  • Food and drinks were not loaded into the aircraft

Claim Compensation for Flight Delay

InteriorWhen a flight is delayed, it might lead to missing our connecting flight. In addition, we end up holding our heavy suitcases.

Consequently, we may have to spend huge money on food and lodging till our next flight is arranged by the erring airline.

In such cases, we are entitled to get financial compensation.

Unfortunately, there is no compensation for the mental tension and worry we undergo.

This is more so, if we are travelling with our pregnant spouse or toddlers.

Do you know your rights when your flight is delayed?

Of course, flights delays are accepted under circumstances beyond control.

Financial compensation flight delay varies from airline to airline, and even it varies in country to country.

In some cases, it can be denied legally too!

Therefore, you might want to know the following:

  • Exact reasons for flight delays.
  • For what kinds of flight delays, you are entitled for financial compensation
  • How much can you expect if a flight delay causes you to miss your connecting flight or miss your luggage.
  • Is there anyone to assist you under these circumstances

Yes, there is a dependable online source that can address your questions.

Airhelp is the most trustworthy resource to clear doubts and help you get to know your rights in case of flight delays.

As a matter of fact, while passing the time due to flight delay, you can get an estimate of how much compensation you are likely to get.

How much can you get?

You have to answer a few questions the Airhelp presents to you. The website will calculate and display the money you can claim as compensation.

The compensation is worked our taking into considerations the following three factors:

  • The number of hours you have been waiting for your flight beyond the ETA (Expected time of Arrival)
  • The distance to be covered by your flight from its origin airport to your airport
  • How late you arrived at your destination beyond the scheduled arrival time

Based on these three metrics, the minimum you will get is 220 British Pounds.

520 British Pounds is the maximum you may get as compensation.


You may ask a valid question. What if my ticket is paid for by my employer? Will he get the compensation?

‘No’, says Airhelp. You have suffered some inconveniences and so, you only get to enjoy the money claimed and awarded.

Doesn’t that sound ethical?

There is an interesting table and a few images on the site regarding the amount of money one can get as compensation for a delayed flight.

You really don’t have to know what Montreal Convention says about flight delay compensation in order to get an estimate of your claim.

Of course, you must have also met certain conditions to claim. Read on.

  • Did you arrive three hours before the departing time?
  • Did you follow the check-in rules and got cleared to proceed up to the departing gate?

Airhelp’s features are only applicable for Europe only. I mean only passengers who are stranded in any of the airports in Europe.

You are protected under UK 261 that deals with compensation due to flight delays in Europe.

The site clearly mentioned what is covered and not covered for compensation due to flight delays.

You can dream about how you are going to spend this sudden windfall.

However, don’t pray for flight delays.

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