20 Beautiful Places to Visit in Meghalaya

by Jane Sophia
Beautiful Places to Visit in Meghalaya

Visit Meghalaya, the most naturally beautiful state of India, get wet almost perennially, spot some of the rare and endemic birds of North East India, and go around the state’s most stunningly beautiful places on Earth. Here is some Beautiful Places to Visit in Meghalaya

Overview of Meghalaya

The word ‘Meghalaya’ means of ‘abode of clouds’. The name is so given because the entire region is shrouded in dark clouds almost throughout the year, pouring down approximately an overwhelming 470 inches of rain in a year.

Cherrapunjee, the wettest place in the world is part of Meghalaya.


Meghalaya carries another name “Scotland of the East“.

With such copious rain, you can imagine how green the state can be, its diversity in insects and reptiles species, the birds and plants life, waterfalls and lakes.

Meghalaya’s endemic wildlife includes:

  • Red Panda

Red Panda

  • Hoolock Gibbon

Hoolock Gibbon


The Hoolock Gibbon is a ‘tailless ape’.

Beautiful Places to Visit in Meghalaya, India

  1. Nohkalikai Waterfalls, Meghalaya

Awesome waterfalls-isn’t it?

The noise near the waterfalls is thunderous because the water is falling from a height of whopping 1100 feet! The name of the hill from where the water is falling is ‘East Khasi Hills.

Obviously, this is one of the prime places to visit in Meghalaya where you can see more foreign tourists than the Indians.

How close is Cherrapunjee from Nohkalikai Falls?

The world’s rainiest place Cherrapunjee is located close to the Nohkalikai Falls. You can even walk from Cherrapunjee to reach the Nohkalikai Falls that is just 7 km away.

Never miss these “Beautiful Places to Visit in Meghalaya’.

  1. Umium Lake, One of the Beautiful Places to Visit in Meghalaya

Umium Lake, One of the Beautiful Places to Visit in Meghalaya

Ah! Absolutely picturesque lake-right? What a serene surrounding. The calmness of the surrounding hills adds to the serenity of the Umium Lake in Meghalaya.

When you tour Meghalaya, you will make Shillong the capital of Meghalaya as your base. From your budget hotel room in Shillong, the Barapani Lake (alternate name) is just 17 km away.

Adventure sports in Umium Lake:

  • Kayaking
  • Water cycling
  • Water Scooter ride
  • Boating

Umium Lake is a man-made water body as a water reservoir.

  1. Nokrek National Park, Meghalaya

Meghalaya comprises large tracts of dense, evergreen forests making them as an ideal habitat for a range of forest animals and avifauna.

Nokrek National Park in Meghalaya, a major forest area earmarked as a national forest. The UNESCO treats this as an important Biosphere Reserve.

The major portion of Nokrek National Park is located in the West Garo Hills.

The Biosphere Reserve protects the endangered Red Panda.

The population of Asian Elephants is also substantial in Nukrek National Park.

Marbled Cat of Meghalaya:

If you are lucky, you can spot the elusive ‘marbled cat’.

  • Stump-tailed Macaque

Another endemic species in Meghalaya is stump-tailed macaque.

Stump-tailed Macaque

  1. Beautiful Places to Visit in Meghalaya: Elephant Waterfalls, Meghalaya

The destination appears to be less attractive when compared to the route to it that is filled with lush green forests on low elevation hills. I feel like stopping the car on the road and get lost in the forests.

This is a gentle waterfall, almost a cascade; the waterfalls on three-tiered stone.

The Elephant falls are located just 25 km from Shillong city.

  1. Mawsynram, Meghalaya

Places to Visit in Meghalaya Mawsynram

Mawsynram is an unknown place to the majority of the Indians because almost no one is daring to go there as it is the wettest place on earth.

It usually receives a whopping 470 cm of rain but in 1985, Mawsynram in Meghalaya was whiplashed with an incredible 1025 inches of rain!

Mawsynram is located just 65 km from Shillong. It is a small village only that occupies an obscure spot in the Meghalaya map.

If you zoom the map online, you can see Mawsynram is located at an elevation of 4600 feet on the East Khasi Hills.

If you happen to visit the tiny hut of the local tribe, you will notice a thick vegetation wall that thwarts the deafening sound of the rainfall.

Mawsynram separated from Cherrapunjee by 82 km distance.

  1. The bridge made of live roots of the trees in Mawlynnong village, Meghalaya

Amazing creation! What a natural way to live along with the blessing of nature!

These living roots of the rubber trees act as a bridge over a ravine where a mountain stream flows.

Places to Visit in Meghalaya Mawlynnong

This is located in the Mawlynnong, a small village that is located about 70 km from Shillong. This tiny hamlet in Meghalaya voted as the ‘cleanest village’ in Asia long back.

The Mawlynnong is a beautiful village with colorful orchids, wonderful fruits trees, and trees that form great canopies.

  1. Beautiful Places to Visit in Meghalaya: Mawlynnong Waterfall

This gentle waterfall is another attraction of the Mawlynnong village in Meghalaya.

The Mawlynnong waterfall, almost hidden behind a grove of trees. The walking trail is also rather tricky, the path is infested with leeches.

  1. Boating in Umngot river, Meghalaya

Boating in Umngot river

OMG! The boat with the rower appears to be hanging over the Umngot River without any strings!

The river water is so clear that any objects over the water will give you the impression that it is independent of the surface below.

Fantastic sight!

Umngot River located in a small town called ‘Dawki’ in Meghalaya, on the border of Bangladesh.

Boating on the Umngot River is a must-have experience in Meghalaya.

  1. Cherrapunjee, Wettest Place in Meghalaya

Of course, you will go to Cherrapunjee when you are touring Meghalaya. It is a proud place to be as it is said to be the wettest place in the world even though, that status occasionally swapped with Mawsynram, Meghalaya.

Cherrapunjee, Wettest Place in Meghalaya

Look at the clouds, justifying the name ‘Meghalaya’!

So where all the rainwater goes? Don’t they fall from a height?

Yes, Cherrapunjee has several waterfalls that include:

Wow! What a breathtaking location! I think someone shot the Seven Sisters’ waterfalls with great imagination!

When a single stream of waterfall catches our attraction, how about the attracting power of seven waterfalls that are placed adjacent to each other?

Terrific sight! Truly spectacular!

  • Dainthlen waterfalls
  • Kynrem waterfalls

Kynrem waterfalls

  1. Mawsmai cave, Meghalaya

Mawsmai cave, Places to Visit in Meghalaya

The frozen salt ruggedly hanging from the inner roof walls are of limestone. Caves generally attract a large number of people who are adventurous minded to enter dark, closed spaces.

Mawsmai cave is located in Cherrapunjee town that is separated by a 60 km distance from state capital Shillong.

Mawsmai Cave is not a single enclosure, mate, but a network of caves that might be interconnected.

The path to the caves is scenic with hidden gems of waterfalls and mountain streams

  1. Lady Hydari Park, Shillong

Located within the city of Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, Lady Hydari Park is a public park with landscaped gardens. A few ponds are also built inside the park where the geese enjoy, splashing around and drying their wings on the shore, unmindful of the onlookers.

The wildflowers in beautiful colors are pleasing to the eyes.

A mini animal park engages the children who shout with joy when they see deer, hornbill, and mynah.

  1. Balpakram National Park, Meghalaya

Though Meghalaya has two national parks, I believe they won’t do justice to Meghalaya where green space is much more than habitats. I would say the entire state of Meghalaya bordering Bangladesh is a national park. The flora and fauna, waterfalls and tribes invite tourists to Meghalaya with confidence.

Balpakram National Park located at an altitude of 3000 feet on the Bangladeshi border.

If you are awed by canyons, you would go wild when you see the Balpakram Canyon in Meghalaya.

Balpakram Canyon in Meghalaya

Balpakram Nation Park is hosting numerous wildlife that includes:

  • Red Panda
  • Bengal Tiger
  • Barking Deer
  • Marbled Cat
  1. Garo Tribe, Meghalaya

Garo Tribe, Meghalaya

Don’t they look beautiful, the Garo tribes?

Their choice of colors on their dresses and ornaments would make them excellent fashion designers. Even their fabric is amazing. I wonder if they weave their own clothes traditionally.

You can meet the Garo people when you go to Balpakram Nation Park. Garo tribe is an ethnic group that is a mixture of Tibetans and Burmese.

Don’t miss to eat a plate of Jadoh:

Meghalaya food Jadoh

Jadoh is the staple food of the Garo tribes. This dish made of boiled red rice mixed with generous chunks of pork.

Bay leaf and black pepper are added to give the dish a heady fragrance.

The Khasi tribes use pig’s blood to cook the rice. Oh, man!

  1. Beautiful Places to Visit in Meghalaya: Ward’s Lake

Places to Visit in Meghalaya Ward's Lake

This beautiful lake is located within the Shillong city and a big tourist attraction. A paddleboat is available on Ward’s Lake. Those who want to test the strength of their muscles, can hire a paddle boat for 30 minutes.

You will see several ducks and geese coolly swimming on the lake with grace and beauty.

On the perimeter of the lake, you will see lovely laid out gardens featuring a range of colored flowers.

  1. Wah Kaba Falls, One of the Beautiful Places to Visit in Meghalaya

Are you captivated by the Wah Kaba Falls and the views of the mountains and valleys?

The Wah Kaba waterfalls are located just 50 km from Shillong, on the way to Cherrapunjee.

The copious rains and the low elevation hills of Meghalaya create numerous waterfalls.

The water is falling from a height of 600 feet.

The Wah Kaba falls are not visible from the main road. You have to stop your car on the road and follow the directions written on arrow marks.

  1. Rainbow waterfall, Meghalaya

The hike up to the Rainbow Falls through a forest is pleasant. I read the hiking involves 3 km walking through the woods.

The water from the falls is cool and meandering through the area with a pleasant-to-hear gurgling sound.

The falls is voluminous and offer a spectacular sight.

The Rainbow Falls is again located near Cherrapunjee.

  1. Thangkharang Park, Meghalaya

What a beautiful garden with a fountain! If you possess a bit of botanical knowledge, you would notice the uniqueness in the Meghalayan flora. The plants and trees blessed with perennial water and mist that make their growth healthy.

Thangkharang Park is located just a few kilometers ahead of Cherrapunjee town.

If you take time to explore Thangkharang Park with some interest, you will come across:

  • Bangladesh Viewpoint
  • Khoh Ramhah Rock

Imposing monolith in the shape of Shiv Lingh,-eh?

  • Kynrem Waterfalls
  1. Beautiful Places to Visit in Meghalaya: Thadlaskein Lake

Places to Visit in Meghalaya Thadlaskein Lake

Beautiful blue lake in Meghalaya!

No wonder it attracts hordes of tourists who spend a couple of hours admiring the serene beauty of the lake and having some snacks to pass time.

  1. Garden of Caves, Meghalaya

Gadrden of Caves located in Meghalaya where a number of caves exist that interconnected with each other.

You will be surprised to see several waterfalls pouring water into the caves. The water can be very chilly during monsoon.

To enjoy the garden of caves (a very rare beauty in the world), you need to travel 55 km from Shillong to a place called Sohra, a village.

Once you enter the peripherals of the attraction, you will feel reluctant to leave the place in a hurry because you will be mesmerized by the beauty of the whole region that is green and greener.

The waterfalls numbering to as many as 14 will take your breath away. In some places, the water falls very silently, giving you a shock when you are drenched with ice-cold water.

The centuries-old rock formations, the forest background, and the waterfalls make this tourist attraction in Meghalaya a must-see attraction.

  1. Spread Eagle Waterfalls,Beautiful Places to Visit in Meghalaya

Spread Eagle waterfalls is located inside Shillong. It seems you don’t have to leave your Shillong hotel to see a Meghalaya waterfall because there are numerous falls in Shillong itself.

These 20 beautiful places to see in Meghalaya plus many more little-known attractions compel us to make a relaxed 4 day-trip to this North-East Indian State.

I reckon you require a full four days to see all the tourist attractions of Meghalaya.

As the state visited by thousands of foreigners, you will find hotels of ultra-luxury catering to high demands of them.

I guess the food scenario doesn’t look very appetizing even for the western tourists who love to eat pork of which there is an abundant supply in Meghalaya.

Well, look for an authentic Meghalaya tourism agency that can provide you an all-inclusive Meghalaya tour package.


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