Hot Springs USA: Know These 16 Natural Hot Springs Spread Across United States

by Jane Sophia
Hot Springs USA

Where do you find natural Hot Springs USA?

Know these 16 natural hot springs spread across various places in the United States.

Do people plan exclusive trips just to see the natural hot springs?

Are there true health benefits by taking a bath in any one of the natural geysers?

What kinds of tourists visit distant places to see the sulphur springs?

Where the best 16 natural hot springs that are located in the United States?

Find answers to the questions below regarding natural geysers and Hot Springs USA .

Do people plan exclusive trips just to see the natural hot springs USA?

Yes, any natural hot fountain will attract tourists from nearby places as well as from far off destinations.

More than 3 million people make a trip to see and bathe in the natural thermal ponds every year.

How many hot springs exist in America alone?

Around one thousand natural geysers exist in America alone.

Which state in America has more hot springs?

The Details of Hot Springs USA:

Three states in America boast of having more hot springs when compared with their neighbors.

The states of Nevada and California are home to more than 300 natural thermal fountains. Wyoming and Idaho also have 100+ natural geysers altogether.

Are there true health benefits by taking a bath in any one of the natural geysers?

Of course, yes. The health benefits of taking a dip in suphur springs have been proven since ancient times. A quick bath in the natural thermal springs is good for people with chronic arthritis. It is also beneficial for treating dry scalp.

Additionally, hot spring bath is a stress reliever.

Apart from external health benefits, Sulphur Springs are cure digestive and assimilation disorders.

Several minerals that are found in the naturally occurring hot springs that include sodium, calcium, , iron, silica, and several more cause wonderful therapeutic healing if you soak in at least 150 minutes in a pond of bubbling subterranean hot water.

Where the best 16 natural hot springs USA are located?

What kinds of tourists visit distant places to see the sulphur springs?

Well, curious tourists certainly out number others such as:

  • Geologists
  • People that want to derive health benefits
  • Students
  • Researchers

Hot Springs in California

Finally, the answers you are looking for with respect to 16 best natural hot springs in the United States are below.

  1. California Deep Creek Hot Springs USA

California Deep Creek Hot Springs USA

We are seeing the first of the several hot springs of California.

Deep Creek hot water pool is located in Southern California’s Mojave Desert. This natural geyser is part of the San Bernadino National Forest, Hesperia.

Several walking trails surrounded by lovely flora lead us to the natural hot mineral water pool.

  1. Travertine Hot Springs USA

Travertine Hot Springs USA

You need to go to a town called Bridgeport in California to see this thermal pond. The backdrop to the natural geysers is the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountain range.

  1. Buckeye Hot Spring USA

The Buckeye Hot Springs is not far away from Travertine Hot Springs. The Bridgeport town gives convenient access to both the hot springs in the United States.

The Buckeye hot geyser is part of the Toiyabe National Forest. In the video above, you would see a rugged brook. The water flowing down the rock is a naturally heated water and the water that is dripping from the rock acts as a temperature controller as it is a mountain stream.

  1. Calistoga Hot Springs, California

Calistoga Hot Springs, California

The hot springs and fountains of Calistoga in California are known to exist over a century and thus form a very popular spa resort destination for the rich Californians.

Calistoga town is part of Napa valley, California.

The three natural thermal water pools in Mono County, California.

We have already noted that California state in America is home to numerous hot springs. Mono County in California boasts of hosting three natural geysers whose names are:

  1. Benton Hot Springs USA
  1. Paert’s Hot Springs USA
  1. Taylor Springs USA

It is believed that the naturally heated mineral water at these three places are very good because of the water’s purity level is very high and the intensity of the bad smell is pretty low.

In addition, the water fountain spews water at a piping 140 deg F hot.

One can opt to stay in this scenic and calm place for a day and enjoy several hot mineral baths that have wonderful therapeutic powers.

Hot Springs in Colorado District

  1. Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado

Colorado is a rich state when it comes to tourism, rustic beauty, and glamping (glamorous camping).

Dunton hot springs are a set of thermal pools located in Telluride, Colorado.

They have built an integrated luxury resort around the natural thermal pools that act as excellent winter escapes and spa center.

  1. Glenwood Hot Springs USA

This is a more famous natural geyser destination in the United States.

Glenwood Hot Springs USA

Oh, the giant green mountain starting from the edge of the sulphur springs add a sense of awe to the visitors. They feel they have climbed the Mount Everest.

You can see several tourism developments at this hot springs USA site that include even a water theme park.

The mighty and scenic Colorado River flows in the proximity.

The Glenwood Natural Geysers have been attracting eager American tourists over a century and a few decades.

With such a long existence, any touristy destination would be developed into a world of fun and frolic.

The Glenwood hot springs USA sport a full-fledged resort and retreat.

The Glenwood hot pools now ranked as the top most set of hot springs.

There is a functioning spa studio, resort, accommodation with great food, swimming, soaking, and shopping at Glenwood sulphur fountains.

The hot water that comes out of the Yampah Spring measures 122°F. That is piping hot and intolerable for bathing.

Hence, it is artificially cooled by the Glenwood Resort to a manageable 36°C

Plan a trip to visit a wonderful and natural Jacuzzi.

  1. Gold Fork Hot Springs, Idaho

The driveway to the Gold Fork hot springs is picturesque with pine trees on either side of the road.

The video above indicated the water is quite hot and not all of us can enter water without testing with our feet.

I can tolerate the hot water only up to 32 deg C.

You will find 6 different pools of naturally heated mineral water that act as ideal winter escape during snow season when the whole area is covered with thick snow.

  1. Chena hot springs, Alaska

Chena hot springs, Alaska

Beautiful location, isn’t it?

The Alaska state has such numerous locations making it difficult for us to choose to visit.

What a warm soothing bath it will be during the high snow fall season!

You need to travel nearly 100 km from Fairbanks, Alaska to reach the Chena geo thermal mineral springs.

As the inflow of tourists increased, the Chena hot springs is now a resort town in Alaska. Getting an accommodation in the resort becomes tough when the Northern Lights appear that the tourists can see from the resort area.

  1. Hot Springs National Park, Arkansa

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansa

Do you know an entire city in the U.S. is named “Hot Springs City”?

Because of 40 plus hot springs, the city named thus and it is located in the state of Arkansas, U.S.

The United States have even de-marked an area protecting the hot springs and it is called “Hot Springs National Park”.

Hot Springs is a spa city bordering the beautiful Ouachita Mountains range.

Because of the scenic Ouachita Mountains, range of flora and fauna, people who wished to stay for a weekend holiday near the hot springs are offered numerous campgrounds.

Since a whole city has developed surrounding the hot springs, there is no dearth of restaurants and other modern comforts.

  1. North Carolina Hot Springs USA

I have heard so much of the natural beauty of North Carolina state of the U.S.

Now, I must add the town of Hot Springs to the list of places to see in North Carolina.

A whole town developed around the natural hot springs located in Madison County, North Carolina.

North Carolina Hot Springs USA

Apart from the therapeutic properties of the hot springs USA, the town now also offers various spa treatments and massages using aromatic bath salts.

  1. Tecopa Hot Springs, Nevada

Have you heard about the ‘Death Valley’? It is the second hottest place in the world. It is located in Mojave Desert, about 130 km north of Nevada.

The water looks murky; I guess there is a mud bath also there.

The location of the natural hot water springs doesn’t look inviting.

The resorts that have come up nearby the Tecopa Hot Springs USA made it convenient for the hot water bathers by constructing pools into which they pump the naturally occurring geo thermal water. You know some people do not like idea of bathing in the wilderness.

  1. Utah Homestead Crater Hot Springs USA

It appears someone has bought the land where the crater is filled with natural hot pool. The entrepreneur has built a resort in the vicinity and started charging the tourists for a soak in the hot water pool.

I think you need not pay if you choose to stay in the Homestead Crater Hot Springs Resort.

  1. Montezuma Hot Springs, Las Vegas

Las Vegas city is home to several natural hot springs and the best is located just on the outskirts of the Gambling Den of the World.

Well, these are the top natural hot springs USA. The Americans are shrewd to build a resort around the natural Geo thermal wonders thus making the visitors to extend their stay.

I don’t think you need to look for any organized hot springs tour operators in the United States. Be on your own and explore the natural geysers without fear.


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