7 Weird and Offbeat Restaurant You Should Enter

by Jane Sophia
Dinner in the Sky, Restaurant

There are various ways to promote a restaurant such as:

  • Putting up hoardings
  • Newspaper advertisements
  • Television advertisements
  • Sponsored blogging
  • Sponsored reviews
  • Ads through online food ordering apps such as Zomato or Swiggy
  • Stickers on car windshields
  • Offering discounts and freebies
  • Flyers
  • Staging a contest

All these promotional methods will work for regular restaurants. However, how to promote restaurants that are weird or offbeat in settings, furniture, lightings, waiters’ uniform, the way the food is brought to the table, and etc?

Now, your question would be, “Are there such strange restaurants in the world; if so, what is so weird about them”?

I think, to promote weird restaurants that serve food and drinks apart from appearing bizarre would be to apply all the above-said methods but more importantly hire travel bloggers to write about them exclusively. Am sure this would work and this blog post is a live proof.

Here, I am covering 7 offbeat restaurants located in various parts of the world. These restaurants are weird in so many ways. You decide how weird they are.

  1. Fortezza Medicea, Restaurant

Fortezza Medicea Restaurant

Now, brace yourself as you are going to enter a real prison with real convicts who act as waiters. Oh, yes, the chefs too are prisoners who are serving long term. This prison is actually an ancient fort that has been converted into a prison and it also serves as a restaurant.

Yes, the prison serves; and it serves 24 hours!


Piazza Caduti delle Forze Armate, 53100 Siena SI, Italy

Phone: +39 0577 292111


The purpose of the restaurant using prisoners is to rehabilitate them. Since the project is socio-economic oriented, the press people gave a wide coverage and the offbeat restaurant became a hit. Now, you need to book your table weeks in advance. Yes, that’s how famous it became!

  1. Restaurant: Stuckli Sky Dining


Restaurant: Stuckli Sky Dining

How about dining while riding on a cable car? I am sure you will feel on top of the world and literally too. I am sure it can be a thrilling experience to eat and also enjoy the world below moving along with you. The cable car ride is in between the two peaks of Swiss Alps!

For full details about where this sky dining is available, please visit their website


  1. Unsicht-Bar, Restaurant

You guessed it right from the name of the drinking cum dining outlet. It is in Germany.

Unsicht bar


unsicht-Bar Berlin, Gormannstr. 14, 10119 Berlin-Mitte

Phone: (+49) (0)30 243425-00



This is an offbeat diner in Berlin where you are ushered in by the waiters who are blind! No gadgets are used by the guests. Not even mobile phones as it emits light. So, no cigarette either! The restaurant is so dimly light that you are not advised to move around without the help of visually impaired waiters and waitresses. They are used to the darkness and can be comfortable move around, bringing food and drinks, clearing the table, and guiding you to restroom.

Another bewildering aspect of this weird restaurant is you need not have to cut your meat. It’s done for you thoughtfully.

  1. Dinner in the Sky


When you land on the website, you will see an image of a rather large dining table suspended high above and hanging on several metal wires (safely) that originate from a crane located 150 feet down below on the ground. Oh, the image is a moving one. Keep watching for a few seconds for a close-up view of the diners. I could feel the blood rushing up as I kept watching. The vicarious feeling is so real, buddy.

Dinner in the Sky

Oh, I found a YouTube video.

This concept was first implemented in Belgium and later spread to Dubai, Japan, Brazil, India, The U.S., Croatia, and Canada. This bizarre restaurant received very wide coverage by the mass media. Oh, what a brilliant business idea for a restaurant!


  1. Ninja Castle Restaurant, New York

Ninja Restaurant


I would not call it a weird but certainly an unusual one. It’s a Japanese restaurant that serves authentic Japanese food in a setting that resembles a Ninja Castle with real mazes that may show you bizarre realities.

As you are led into the poorly lit restaurant by real Japanese waitresses, you are made to jump with a startled but sheepish look by the staff with sudden movements, showing you quick magic tricks and so on. The video clip below will through more light (?) on the Ninja Restaurant, New York.

  1.  House full of Poo.

I hate this concept of sitting on a toilet closet and eating from all sizes of bowls and cups that resemble sanitaryware.

Look at this video and tell me whether you would visit this bizarre restaurant?

This weirdly themed restaurant is located in Taiyuan City has a toilet theme overall. I am glad they serve typical Chinese foods that include the noodles, creamy soups and pork.

This is how the chocolate ice cream is served here.

House full of Poo

I read this concept has gone viral and there are toilet-themed restaurants in other parts of China, Japan, and Korea.

  1. Ithaa, Underwater Restaurant, Maldives


Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island, 20077, Maldives TEL: +960-668-0629

Ithaa, Underwater Restaurant

There is an atoll called Alif Dhaal Atoll in the Rangali Island, Maldives. Five meters below the earth, the Ithaa restaurant is located inside the ocean water. You can very well imagine what you can see around as you comfortably sit in the air-conditioned underwater offbeat restaurant.

I would prefer to visit the ‘Dinner in the Sky’ restaurant if I get chance. How about you?

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