Affordable and Scenic Homestays in the Himalayas

by Jane Sophia
Jilling Terraces Homestays in the Himalayas

If you want to avoid staying in hotels and holiday homes maintained by big brands and want to relax your holiday in the Homestays in the Himalayas as guests, read this blog post fully.

High-end luxury hotels, independent cottages where you don’t see around a soul to talk to, are no more preferred by travelers who enjoy the holiday with all of their family members. They love to stay as guests of local residents in their homes.

Advantages of homestays in the Himalayas.

Homestays are the most sought after accommodations in every major tourist destination. The hill stations in the Himalayas in India are the world’s highly visited vacation destinations. I don’t think there is any debate on that front-eh?

In spite of numerous staying options in every popular Himalayan towns and cities, travelers seek out for homestays that are located in slightly off-beaten path, away from the crowded streets and near bus stands. For them, Homestays in the Himalayas are the only solution.

There are several advantages of staying as paying guests in the homes of local residents in the Himalayan villages.

  • You get 100% personal attention
  • The food is home cooked and hence hygienic.
  • You can speak up your food preferences
  • There will be people around to talk to
  • You will be guided to places of stunning beauty that are not to even the hotel staff
  • In case of any issues of ill-health, your host can direct you to the right medical practitioner
  • The houses will have a private garden for you to spend your evening

12 Affordable and Scenic Homestays in the Himalayas

Let us look at some of the most beautiful Homestays in the Himalayas that offers in the mountainous towns of Himalayas.

1. Manali Meadows Homestays in the Himalayas

Manali is a top hill station in Himachal Pradesh. Tourists to Shimla hill station usually visit Manali also to stay for a couple of days because Manali is less crowded than Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh State in India.

Manali Meadows is owned and maintained by a charming and friendly couple Sanjay and Sunita. I remember reading long ago that the Manali Meadows was the recipient of Himachal Pradesh Best Homestay Award.

The beautifully located Manali Meadows Homestays in the Himalayas is about 15 km away from Manali town.

2. Astha Homestays in the Himalayas, Fagu

Fagu is a village near Shimla, located about 22 km from Shimla. But another exotic Himalayan retreat called ‘Kufree’ is only 3 km away. Are you beginning to visualize the Astha homestay in Fagu?

The view from the home of Astha is nothing but breathtaking and the privacy is just what we dream of. The place is cozy and you will really feel like you are staying in your own home.

Astha Homestays in the Himalayas

The food that is served is authentic Himalayan cuisine, fresh and healthy.

Fagu is really a secluded snowy retreat with towering Himalayan peaks in the backdrop. You can spend your time trekking on the pre-trodden trails, enjoying the picturesque setting and spotting the chirping birds moving about swiftly as if to enjoy seeing new faces in their safe haven.

3. Kasba Nirvana Homestays in the Himalayas, Dharamsala

Kasba Nirvana Homestays in the Himalayas

So, how do you like the homestay property shown above? Isn’t it beautifully located on a slope with a 360-degree view of the Himalayas?

Your Homestays in the Himalayas is located in a village called Yol, 10 km from Dharamsala town.

Dharmasala is a Himalayan hill station and it is close to the Mcleodganj, a favorite hilly retreat for the Britishers during their reign in India. It is also the home to the Tibetian spiritual leader Dalai Lama.

The Homestays in the Himalayas is located deep inside the village but still, the local market is only 2 km from the house.

You can either walk the distance to fetch your daily kitchen needs or take the local bus. The nearest airport is Gaggal, Kangra.

Your homestay villa has two bedrooms with attached bathroom. You get hot water throughout the day.

You can make your tea in your room and need not pay for it as well the breakfast.

4. Khem Bharti Homestays in the Himalayas, Tirthan Valley

If you know what a hidden gem is, you can visualize Tirthan Valley easily. It is part of the Kulu Valley near Shimla and is located on the banks of Tirthan River that carries freezing cold water that originates from Himalayan glaciers. The exact place of origin of Tirthan River is called Hanskund.

Tirthan Valley is an excellent Himalayan tourist place as it is the gateway to the mighty Great Himalayan National Park.

Your destination, the Khem Bharti homestay is just a stone throw away from the scenic Tirthan River. It is your perfect peaceful retreat because you will be staying right on nature’s lap where everything you appreciate is not man-made.

The rooms wear a rustic look because of wood on the floor and on the ceiling. The price is dirt cheap, buddy and you don’t have to pay anything for your food as it is free.

To reach this Tirthan Valley homestay, your first destination is Mandi. From there, you need to travel another 65 km and reach a village called Nagini. Mandi itself is 110 km from Manali.

Imagine an absolutely isolated location Homestays in the Himalayas.

5. The White Peaks homestay, Gagar, Nainital

Nainital is a Himalayan Hill Station that the citizens of Delhi go because of proximity and sparse tourist crowd. The wise Delhiites choose to visit Nainital during offseason because of cheap homestay accommodation and literally no crowd at all.

The distance between Delhi and Nainital is 340 km and the journey by road is quite arduous and lengthy too.

However, your fatigue will be immediately wiped away as soon as you near your Homestays in the Himalayas called White Peaks (rightly so).

You arrive at your picturesque homestay at White Peaks after you drive nearly an hour from Nainital town. Yes, the distance from Nainital assures you of peace and silence of Kumaon hills, Himalayas.

First timers to the Kumaon hills would be delighted to see when the local guide points out to the majestic and tall oak trees and pine trees.

White Peaks homestay

That is a view from your homestay at White Peaks. Absolutely dreamy-eh?

More such breathtaking places to see in Gaggar and Nainital are:

  • Land’s End viewpoint (9500 feet)
  • Naina Peak
  • Church of St. John’s
  • Mall promenade
  • Rope car ride to Sher-ka-Danda Ridge
  • Cave garden
  • Ayarpatta Hill
  • Dorothy’s Seat viewpoint
  • Aurobindo Ashram
  • Ayarpatta Hill
  • Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Pachachuli Peak
  • Nanda Devi Peak

Another important landmark to see in Gaggar near Nainital is the Mukteshwar temple that is situated amidst pine forest and several fruit-bearing trees.

Do you love bird watching? Then, head to Naukuchiyatal bird sanctuary located on the banks of Naukuchiya Lake where a boat ride is also available.

The White Peak Homestays in the Himalayas offers a cottage with two bedrooms. The price is inclusive of three meals.

6. Bundla Tea Estate, Palampur

If you care to do research on this Palampur Homestays in the Himalayas, you will find surprisingly several mentions on the web and many of them point to positive reviews. Kangra Valley is liked by true nature lovers of Northern India. Tourists from Southern India don’t bother to travel all the way to Kangra valley in the Himalayas.

This is more of a farm stay than a homestay as it is a bungalow in a tea estate established in the year 1860.

I gathered that the ardent paragliding sports enthusiasts of India choose to stay in the peaceful Bundla Tea Estate bungalow because Bir Birling, the center of paragliding activity in India is close by to Palampur.

If you choose the train journey, come up to Pathankot railway station and cover the rest of 100+ km by car or by bus.

Do you love the quiet hill station Dharmasala? Palampur is only 35 km from Dharamsala.

7. Junoon in the Hills, Ranikhet

Don’t assume it is located in Ranikhet, a famous nature retreat in the Kumaon Hills, Himalayas. The Homestays in the Himalayas called Junoon in the Hills is located quite deep in the hills and thus provide a literal summer escape.

The exact place of location of this Himalayan homestay is Darmani village, near Garampani, Ranikhet.

Oh, from Nainital, Garampani is only 30 km away.

Walk through the picturesque Himalayas, watch birds in the early morning and cool yourself in unpolluted environs.

Outside the home, there is a garden set as if it is on a terrace giving fantastic views all around.

Great food and attentive service are noted by the real-time reviewers in Tripadvisor and other travel related sites.

8. Janhavi’s Homestays in the Himalayas

From Pathankot, Bir, the paragliding center is 145 km away. Bir is also a spiritual center for Buddhists. There are several monasteries in Bir.

The nearest airport is Dharmasala, 2 hours away from Bir.

Bir is actually a quaint Himalayan village, ideal for spending your vacation as a paying guest. There is a handful of homestay offers in Bir.

Bir Homestays in the Himalayas is beautifully located amidst Himalayan trees with snow-clad towering peaks all around. You get homely food.

9. Jilling Terraces, Nainital

Jilling Terraces, Nainital

Ah, what a location and what a great capture of the same!

Can you ask for anymore in a Himalayan Hill homestay?

The house named ‘Chestnut House’ is located high in the Uttrakhand hills, near Nainital.

Once owned by a Polish doctor, the sprawling house with spacious rooms with tastefully furnished drapes is surrounded by virgin Himalayan forest area measuring nearly 100 acres.

Your secluded homestay here guarantees the sounds of jungles. It is an eighty-year-old bungalow with a view of Nanda Devi peak.

Homestays in the Himalayas

A living area in the Chestnut House

The big bay window overlooking the Himalayan Mountains is a place to sit for long hours and gaze at the misty hills.

Your price includes home cooked food using the freshest local fruits and vegetables.

There are a few trekking trails for you to explore. It will be thrilling to examine the pine and oak forest that borders the trails. Bird spotting can be an elusive but exciting pastime.

10. Silky Inn, Dehradun

Silky Inn, Dehradun

The exact location of this Himalayan homestay is on the main road from Dehradun leading to the enchanting Mussoorie hill station.

Your destination is surrounded by the Shivalik hills; Mussoorie hill station is just a short drive away. I think the location description is enticing to choose this ideal homestay property for those who are heading to Mussoorie hills.

The host is a doctor named Silky and her husband is her co-host. The property is a 3-bedroom apartment.

She is letting out two bedrooms for the guests and the rate is inclusive of a light breakfast (whatever that means).

If you want lunch and dinner, she will arrange for it as per your preferences.

Amenities in the house:

  • Air-conditioner
  • Power back-up
  • Bathroom with hot water

If your destination is Haridwar or Rishikesh, you can still choose this homestay option because of a better location than the holy towns. Haridwar and Rishikesh are located about 60 km only from Dehradun.

Things to do and see:

  • Rajaji National Park
  • Malsi Deer Park
  • Indian Military Academy
  • Asan Barrage Bird Sanctuary
  • Trekking on the Shivalik Hills

11. Lara’s Homestays in the Himalayas, Langza, Spiti Valley

I am sure very few tourists from India choose Spiti Valley for their holiday because of its alpine altitude of nearly 12,500 feet. That means, there would be snow for a minimum of 9 months in a year.

Langza village is located in Spiti Valley where Lara offers to host you as a guest in her house. Once you select this lodging option as your Homestay, you are very unlikely to choose any other Himalayan destination for your future vacation.

Kasa, the major town in Spiti Valley is 14 km from Lanza village, Himachal Pradesh State of India.

The village is quite old with Buddhist monasteries. The area is full of verdant hills and grazing meadows.

Langza village is situated at an altitude of 14, 500 feet! Surely, we all must stay in such a place at least once in our lifetime. The feeling of standing on top of the world would be literally true when you go to Lanza in Spiti.

If you ever visit Langza, consider yourself as a very fortunate person.

About Lara’s Homestays in the Himalayas:

Lara’s Homestays in the Himalayas

The bed looks comfortable but apart from this photo, there is nothing available. The exact location of Lara’s house is on Mt. Chau Chau Khang Nilda that is surrounded by barley cultivation.

Your rate is inclusive of a light breakfast. Lunch and dinner can also be arranged by the host at extra cost.

12. Wood-Valley Cottage, Manali

Wood-Valley Cottage, Manali

Beautifully located-eh? The cottage looks isolated on top of a hill with nothing above it. This means you will have ultimate peace and tranquility. I am sure, this homestay option in the Himalayas is ideal for first and second honeymooners.

The location of the cottage indicates you will have to walk down a meadow on a slope to reach the even grounds of the road. Of course, your car can take up to the doorstep of the wood-valley cottage.

Manali town is about 5 km away from this location addressed “Bhutani Gompa Road, Aleo, Manali”.

The towns and villages in Himachal Pradesh have numerous tea plantations with guest houses, very old palatial bungalows that are offered as homestays by the companies and individuals.

These exclusive Homestays in the Himalayas offers are way better options than staying in a hotel.

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