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Bangkok Treehouse- Find Out All About It

by Jane Sophia
Bangkok Treehouse-

Is that what have you visualized when you read the word, “treehouse’? Sure that is a typical treehouse but the Bangkok Treehouse is certainly different. In fact, the types of treehouse accommodations in Bangkok Treehouse are 100% different from a normal treehut.

Location of the Bangkok Treehouse.

Normally, treehouse accommodation means you have to go deep inside a forest but the Bangkok Treehouse is within the city of Bangkok. It is located on the shore of the Chao Phraya River, a major river in Thailand. To be exact, the Bangkok Treehouse properties are located on the other side of the river.

Bangkok Treehouse River view

Since the river flows right through the Bangkok city, it provides excellent boating facility as an alternate mode of transportation.

Contact details of Bangkok Treehouse

Address: 60 Moo 1, Petch Cha Hueng Road, Bang Namphueng, Phra Padaeng, Samut Prakarn, Greater Bangkok 10130

Phone: +66 82 995-1150

E-mail : stay@bangkoktreehouse.com

How to reach the Bangkok Treehouse from other parts of Bangkok City?

  • From Bangkok International Airport, the Bangkok Treehouse is only 20 km. The airport taxis take about half an hour to cover the 20 km distance.
  • The two important metro railway stations near the Bangkok Treehouse are Bangna BTS station and Sukhumvit Road. Both are located about 1.5 km from the Bangkok Treehouse. You can either rent a bike or hire a taxi to reach the Bangkok Treehouse.
  • You can take a ferry from the city side of the river.

About the types of accommodations in Bangkok Treehouse.

Being located in the heart of Bangkok city, the Bangkok Treehouse’s 12 rooms are always booked. To make your choice of accommodation easy, here are some brief descriptions of each type of accommodation accompanied by photos.

Types of accommodations

Family Nest

Bangkok Treehouse- Family Nest

It certainly looks a lot of different than a typical treehouse-right? I seriously wonder why it is called a treehouse! Nevertheless, from your room, the view of the city across the Chao Phraya River is just great!

Since it is a Family Nest, an entire family can stay in this accommodation. There is a master bedroom and a study that can be used as a bedroom since the guest won’t study anything while on a tour.

Your amenities include a free breakfast if that is what your prime question.

  • A desktop computer with free internet connection. You are also provided several movies for time-pass.
  • Air-conditioning
  • Free homemade ice cream. This is available right through your stay.
  • You are even provided a temporary mobile phone with local SIM card. No, you don’t have to pay for this. What a thoughtful gesture to the guests of Bangkok Treehouse!

View with a room

Bangkok Tree house

Yes, this room is situated on a treetop for sure. The bed is located 23 feet from the ground. Did you notice the absence of roof and walls? You are supposed to sleep on the cot that is open to the sky. If you have some knowledge about our constellation, you can happily spend some time in identifying various stars.

Bangkok Tree house-Room Grid

As with the Family Nest, you get all the same amenities for this accommodation too. Please note that whatever is the tariff that you see on their website, it is inclusive of all taxes. There is no hidden charges, mate.


Bangkok Treehouse- Beehive

Well, here is one more type of accommodation at the Bangkok Treehouse that doesn’t need much description as it has nothing unique to describe except that it is a duplex-type treehouse.

Note: Your rooms (if at all you can call them as rooms) come with “air cleaning plants”. What a brilliant concept!

River Nest

Finally, the surprise package is this. Here, have look at it.

Bangkok Tree house- River Nest

Surely, the meaning of nest is totally different here; again, no ceiling or walls. It’s just a bed on the water. Hey, what about a bathroom? Also, what about breakfast? Who tows the bed back to the realities of the Earth? So many unanswered questions you may have like me.

Some very important points about the Bangkok Tree house that you must read and take a note of them.

  • No car will drive up to the hotel’s doors. You will have to get down at a small distance away near a temple from where the hotel staff will walk with you to the property. Of course, you can arrive by bicycles or by boat.
  • Since the Bangkok Tree house is located in an eco protected area called the “Green Lung”, the whole area is a ‘no smoking’ area. In addition, there is no fumigation or spraying the insecticide to drive the mosquitoes and other nocturnal insects away.
  • All types of accommodations in the Bangkok Tree house are pet-friendly.

Nearby attractions and things to do include.

  • Weekend floating market
  • Botanical garden
  • Wildlife watching to spot stork-billed kingfishers, colorful but scary-looking lizards, and river turtles.
  • Biking along the coconut and papaya groves
  • Keep a date with the rare fireflies in the night

Food in the Bangkok Tree house.

They grow their own organic vegetables. You can be assured of only the freshest ingredients and they use solar powered cooking systems to ensure ‘carbon-free’ cooking.


You are of course provided free toiletries such as herbal soaps and shampoos.

I think I would try to stay in one of the open-to-sky rooms in the Bangkok Treehouse just for a night to experience the rather primitive feeling.


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