Attractive Places along the Danube River

by Jane Sophia
Attractive Places along the Danube River

Attractive places to see along the Danube River.

First, let me tell you about the route of River Danube.

  1. Germany

Ulm, Ingolstadt, Regensburg, Passau

  1. Austria

Linz, Vienna

  1. Slovakia


  1. Hungary

Vac, Budapest

  1. Serbia

Novi Sad, Belgrade

  1. Romania

Drobeta-Turnu Severin, Calarsi, Braila, Galati,

  1. Bulgaria


  1. Ukraine


Finally, the 2850 km long Danube River enters the Black Sea and disappears.

Now tell me, are these exotic, romantic, and historic places not in your ‘to travel at least once’’ bucket list?

That is the inevitable charm of Europe, especially the Central, and Eastern Europe that includes Romania, Bulgaria, and Ukraine.

If you join an all-inclusive Danube River Cruise tour, or, charter a luxury yacht exclusive for yourself and your spouse on your honeymoon, you can visit these dreamy European countries.

Look at the image below of Budapest, the capital of Hungary.


The breathtaking city is located right on the banks of Danube.

Strangely, Danube is called by different names by the countries of her route.

For example:

  • Duna
  • Dunuj

Shall we start following the Trail of Danube River?

Attractive Places along the Danube River

  1. Black Forest, Germany

black forest

This is where the Danube begins her long journey.

By the way, do you know the parents of Danube? Brigach River and Breg Rivers merge near the Black Forest and become one as Danube.

Do you know that Black Forest doesn’t point to a thick, dark forest but at a mountain range that is covered with dense jungle?

The geography changes along its length and breadth. It includes mountains (snow-clad in winter), meadows, woods, lakes, and silent valleys.

Every lake-front village or small town is worth exploring. However, this is possible only if you cruise the Danube in your chartered sail boat.

Our well-known Black Forest Cake finds its origin here.

Great White Pelicans are found in huge numbers in the lakes, and rivers found along the route of Danube.

I read about a fact about these very sensitive birds. If they are disturbed by human traffic during their mating period, they quickly abandon their habitat for ever.

Keep it in mind when you see them during your Danube River cruise.

  1. Ulm

Ulm is a historic city in Germany and the whole city is locatedon the shores of Danube River.

Two more rives join the Danube here. They are:

  • Blau
  • Iller

Some top attractions to see in Ulm in a day.

  • Ulm Minister-a historic and important church
  • Old Town

Old Town of Ulm is a must-see place and is said to be extremely picturesque. River Blau flows through the town.

The Gothic style architecture that is witnessed in the churches, and museums are worth seeing. I think, you can plan half a day onshore excursion when the cruise sail boat docks at Ulm.

  1. Budapest

Probably one of the most awaited port of call while cruising the Danube is Budapest, the capital city of Hungary.

The architecture needs a special mention. The country’s magnificent parliament building that is built right on the Danube’s shore is a sight to behold.

The city’s Grand Market attracts the cruise passengers immensely.

One can buy numerous ancient curios, and several edible souvenirs in the market.

Have you seen the modern-day IKEA? The market’s size and inner style resembles IKEA.

  1. Vienna, Austria

I think Vienna, the world’s most romantic city and the capital of Austria is a rather under-visited tourist attraction.

However, along the Danube’s route, Vienna demands two days of on-shore tour for the cruise ship passengers.

The city’s breathtaking architecture, beautiful gardens with flowers that you might have never seen, churches, residential avenues, and market places will keep you wide eyed during entire two-day city tour.

Austria’s proud sons include the three highly popular music wizards namely:

  • Beethoven
  • Mozart
  • Brahms

The city’s numerous statues of eminent personalities of Austria will make take several photos.

Professional photographers linger around such important tourist attractions and offer to take photos of you, standing in front of the landmarks.


Do you know the famous psychiatrist Sigmund Freud was also a native of Austria, and lived in Vienna.

Here is a scene in Vienna, on the banks of Danube.

Along the Danube, Vienna is the largest city. Be prepared to taste several of Austrian cuisine and liquor. Its vodka is a highly talked about drink.

Strangely, German is the official language of Austria. In addition, Croatian, Hungarian, Turkish, and Slovenian languages are also spoken in Vienna.

See below the exterior and interior of the City Hall, Vienna. You will be speechless for several seconds.

OMG! Its sheer magnificence is imposing!

Vienna is best seen by taking a ride in the city’s historic tram. Else, take a virtual tour by watching the video below.

Vienna is one of the most livable cities in the world. I am sure, half of your fellow passengers, including you in the cruise ship would seriously contemplate, relocating to Vienna.

Boss, I mean it!

  1. Bratislava


Slovakia is one of the countries that the Danube flows through. Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia are three dream countries that we all should try to visit, at least once in our lifetime.

Bratislava is the only city lying in the route of Danube, where the city lies on its both the bank. The two parts of the city on either side of Danube are called the Left Bank, and the Right Bank.

Surprisingly, Bratislava has two countries on its border, namely, Hungary, and Austria.

A dawn to dusk tour of Bratislava is enough to see some of the top tourist attractions.

  • Bratislava Castle
  • Primate’s palace
  • Old Town (I think most of the European capital cities has an old town that are considered as the respective countries’ cultural and historic centers.
  • Bratislava’s Main Square
  1. Regensberg, Bavaria

Bavaria is not to be mistaken as a country because of its name that is similar to several other European countries that include Romania, Bratislava, Bulgaria.

Bavaria is one of the states in Germany. Regensburg is one of the cities that lies on the banks of Danube. As a matter of fact, here is where Danube allows Naab and Regen Rivers to mingle with it.

For your information, be aware of the fact that Munich, and Nuremberg, two prominent German cities are also part of Bavaria.

Regensberg is one of the biggest tourist spots in Germany for its rich cultural and historic heritage. Some of the city’s breathtaking buildings attracted the attention of UNESCO that awarded a World Heritage status.

Some houses are still in glorious state in spite of being 800 years old.

With spectacular cathedrals, massive covered shopping arcades, a gateway to the Black Forest, every cruise ship makes a compulsory stop at Rosenberg.

Don’t forget to go for a boat ride to Donaustaf. It is a terrific beauty of Regensberg.

On the way, you can see the highly popular Walhalla, a memorial for eminent German personalities in diverse faculties.

Here is a video clip of Danube boat ride from Regensberg to Donaustaf.

Did you notice the massive interior of the boat?

When your ship docks at Regensberg, you alight from the ship, and go for a full day tour of the city.

I think it is rated as one of the proud locations along the Danube.

  1. The Iron Gates

The cruise ship or your chartered yacht passes through the Iron gates, though, there are really no gates.

As the vessel nears the border of Romania, and Serbia, the Iron Gates, that point to a massive gorge which runs 135 km!

If you are a nature lover, you can identify several incredible rock formations in the valley.

The scenic beauty of this part of Danube’s route alone is worthy of your Danube River cruise. I would say it is the top most attractions found long the Danube’s path.

  1. Melk Abbey, Austria

An Abbey means a monastery within which, several buildings exists such as places for worship, living quarters for the priests,

Melk is the city on the shores of Danube and is an important stop for cruise ships.

The impressive abbey is more than 1000 years old.

  1. Ingolstadt


Ingolstadt is one more Bavarian city that is built on the banks of Danube.

The city’s top attractions are mainly churches.

The city’s town hall is built in a public square.

Uniquely, Ingolstadt has numerous, creatively landscaped parks. In addition, the city’s greenscape includes a few forests that include, ‘Auwald’.

It is a large forest that is seen on either side of Danube.

So, apart from medieval architecture, this attraction along the Danube’s banks is known to attract nature lovers.

  1. Linz

Absolutely enchanting! The city oozes the central Europe’s romantic beauty, and certain calmness.

Linz is an Ausrian city along the Danube’s path. The river runs through the city. On the river’s either bank, the city has developed into medival and modern beauty.

Inexplicably, the majority of the tourists to Linz comprise Chinese!

For shopping enthusiasts, the weekly flea market is highly recommended.

  1. Vac

Here comes the famous and picturesque Danube Bend.

Danube River cruisers are informed about the Danube Bend. They would be eagerly waiting to reach Vac, one of the cities on Danube’s path so that they can go to a vantage view point and gaze at the beautiful atmosphere.

Incidentally, the Danube Bend is the most beautiful part of the river.

Monasteries and ancient cathedrals are the main points of interests to the tourists.

Konstantin Square is the public watching place. The city dwellers spend considerable time in tge piazza.

Danube Riviera

With so many cities, small towns, and quaint villages on her route map, shall we term it as Danube Riviera? Won’t it be an appropriate name that instantly makes a traveler to look up and dwell further?

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