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Fantastic Places to See in Michigan

by Jane Sophia

Generally, a state won’t have more than one name. Whatever name that is mentioned in the atlas remains in our memory and history and geography books. However, a state or a country or even a city carries more than one name due to legendry stories, natural phenomena or geographical location. Michigan, a state in the U.S. is close to the Canadian border and is also called:

  • Great Lake State (number of fresh water lakes that connect with similar lakes in Canada)
  • Mitten State ( due to its shape in the map)
  • Wolverine State ( if you search the Internet, you won’t get a single answer for the reason for this name)

Michigan is also well known for the presence of the FORD car factory.

Since I have an affinity to water bodies such as lakes, falls and fountains, I have a special liking for Michigan as it is said to have 11,000 lakes and is part of 4 Great Lakes namely:

  • Lake Erie
  • Lake Michigan
  • The Lake Huron
  • Lake Superior

Therefore, the major attractions in Michigan are centered on the lakes of the state and let us visit some of them and also some other places to see.

lake michigan

Lake Michigan

It lies within the state of Michigan and is very large. It is so large that it extends to the borders of other states that include Illinois, Wisconsin and the Indiana. The water sports in this lake are kayaking and boat riding in sail boats. I love sailing than rowing or powered by motors. To go along with the wind must be more thrilling than maneuvering the boat to where you actually want to go.

I think passive people (not adventurous) opt for a luxury cruise that offers on board food and entertainment.

Have you heard of ‘Beachtowns’ along the Lake Michigan’s border? They are ideal ‘get away’ places from the bustling city life. Laze around for long hours on the wonderful Lake Michigan beach and listen to the sound of the singing sands.

Manistee Riverside camp in Michigan

A camp by the riverside must be romantic especially during the day time. The flowing water carries some energy that gets into us if we stand still and admire the flow. Believe me, it is true!

Take a boat all by yourself and paddle with your wife or girl friend and you will realize why lakes and rivers are more romantic places than beachside.

michigan tunnel of trees

The Tunnel of trees:

Well, the name says it all; trees lining on both sides of the highway is called the tunnel of trees. In India, prior to era of four lane highways, the roads were lined with tamarind trees on either side forming lovely canopies.

The Tunnel of trees is on the highway from Harbor Springs to Cross Village in Michigan, is rated as one of the beautiful roads trip in the U.S. Located about 35 miles from the very popular tourist stop, Mackinac Island, the road is full of walkers and bike riders enjoying the stunning scenery. I wonder how it would look during fall.

Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park

It is another fantastic sight for nature lovers. As the name suggests, it is a thick forest comprising of 60K acres of trees. It offers hiking trails, camping sites alongside streams and lakes. The wildlife visitors include black bears. For those who would like a night stay in the ‘Porkies’, there are forest lodges that serve as rustic cabins. It must be exciting to stay overnight in one of the wooden cabins listening to the cries of nocturnal birds and animals.

Lost lake Michigan

I wonder why such a name to an existing lake! This large lake measuring 66 acres is located in Ludington State Park, Clare County. One can walk around the lake in just one hour watching fresh water aquatic birds, turtles, and deer too. The entire area is very picturesque. It is an ideal picnic spot for the entire family.

Ludington State Park

Greenfield Village-Dearborn

Dearborn-the home of the Fords and Lincolns.  The Greenfield village is only 20 minutes drive away from Detroit. It is said that the great Abraham Lincoln practiced law here and the legendary Henry Ford changed the world moves today on wheels by manufacturing affordable motor cars.

The Henry Ford museum is the main attraction here as it is the place of the above towering personalities in the American and world history. Three centuries of history are portrayed before us where you can see:

  • Model T cars
  • Horse wagons
  • Menlo Park, where Edison created the first electric light bulb
  • 26 million artifacts
  • A replica of the school Ford attended.
  • Weiser Railroad.

Some of the famous people who lived here were:

Robert Frost,

Noah Webster

Thomas Edison.

Oh, man, I would love to see and feel part of the history.

Michigan -5

Cold Water Country

I first happened to see a video clip in YouTube and I instantly fell in love with it and it is in my list of places to visit next year. It is the seat of over 100 fresh water lakes. I suppose that itself will tell you what to expect there.

There is a toy train pulled by a steam engine that takes you around. Once on it, you will hear the joyous scream from the children and the adults. Then, there is a drive-in movie house.

Rent a pontoon and enjoy a happy ride on the lakes. Pontoon is a sort of device that floats and people use to ride on water.

There are plenty of staying options in Cold Water country. I would prefer to stay there at least two days to see all those lakes.

Michigan, bordering Canada is close to the world famous Niagara Falls. I think it is the closest state in the U.S. to Niagara Falls. However, I think Michigan offers more to see when compared to the Niagara.

I hope you are sufficiently informed of Michigan as a wonderful travel destination.

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