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3 Best Golf Vacations in Ireland [Updated]

by Jane Sophia
Ireland -Royal County Down Golf Club

Taking time off to play golf is a pastime of the rich only. It gets more pleasurable when they go abroad to play golf in some of the most expensive golf courses in the world. While every country including India has beautiful golf courses, Ireland is known to offer the greenest golf playgrounds in the world. As a country, Ireland is known for its green meadows, rolling hills and castles. It is no wonder some of the most scenic country sides have been converted into large golf courses. Let us see the top three golf vacation spots in Ireland.

Golf Vacations in Ireland

  1. Royal County Down Golf Club

Located in the Newcastle, the Royal County Down Golf Club has been in existence since 1889! Wow! That’s 128 years ago. Oh man, then, it must be something special and must have served some of the most elite members in the world. Generally, the golf club members are said to be choosy when it comes to admit new members. Traditionally, the membership is passed onto family successors only but with a few exceptions here and there.

The Royal County Down Golf Club is comprised of two golf courses laid with a backdrop of towering Mourne Mountains and the lovely Dundrum Bay.

  • The championship links (Only pros can meet the challenging landscape)
  • The Annesley Links. (Ideal for beginners)

The Royal County Down Golf Club had hosted the world’s prestigious golf tournament called the Walker Cup in September, 2007. The participants are usually from all over the world especially from the United States, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

This golf club is said to have all the challenges that a professional golfer would expect such as blind shots, incredible bunkers, and the gentle slopes.


The Royal County Down Golf Club was given the 4th spot out of the top 100 golf courses outside the United States in 2005.

Tralee -Ireland

  1. Tralee Golf Club

This southern Ireland golf course was opened in the year 1896. It is one of the most scenic golf courses and attracted more visitors than the golfers.

Golf is a game for those who love silent outdoor sports. In addition, it throws real challenges to any golf player in the form of up-hills, slopes, water bodies and sand dunes over which a player has to play. If a golf player is really passionate about golf, he would certainly make a trip to the various golf courses in Ireland and one of them is the Tralee Golf Club.

You must have heard of the professional golf player from the U.S. named Arnold Palmer. Not only he rated it as the most ideal piece of land he had ever seen for a golf course but he also designed it by adding nine more holes to the existing nine holes. As I said earlier, a golfer usually visits an Irish gold course twice; once to play the game and the second time to simply enjoy the scenery that he missed to enjoy during the first time.

Like most of the golf clubs, Tralee Golf Club also serves as a vacation spot by offering restaurants, accommodation with all the amenities. Oh, yes, the famous Guinness black beer is served here.

Ireland moher

  1. East Clare, Ireland

It is not only rated as the world class golf club but is also rated high for the out-of-the-world accommodation for passionate golf vacationers. For a change, leave the golf playing to the seniors in your family and let us go around the nearby places. Let them enjoy the 18 hole golf game.

There are several local attractions in East Clare Golf Village,Ireland and that include:

For children, many fun filled activities are available such as:

  • Sailing
  • Horseback riding

Since the area is vast and walking can be tiresome, you rent a bicycle and see around the countryside.

Accommodation in Ireland

I read about the chalets and always wanted to spend a night in one of the chalets. Here, the chalets are comfortable for a couple. Each one is fitted with the best of televisions, music players and spacious bathroom. A fully equipped kitchen can serve as emergency dining option.
Golf vacation is a wonderful opportunity to hone your golfing skills and also gives you plenty of time to relax and rest. Would Tiger Woods ever visit an Irish golf course?


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