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Luxury cottages and budget hotels in Munnar Hill Station

by Jane Sophia
Munnar Hill Station

Munnar hill station is the most coveted holiday destination in South India. Get to know all the luxury cottages and budget hotels in Munnar.

Munnar hill station is the highly sought after hill station in South India. In the last ten years or so, Munnar has gained much more popularity as a beautiful hill station than Ooty and Kodaikanal, the two other highly visited hill stations in South India.

Munnar is more charming than Ooty and Kodaikanal because it is still rustic and not yielded to rapid urbanization.

Locational advantage of Munnar:

In addition to its stunning natural beauty, Munnar’s accessibility from three different sides has made it a more popular summer escape than all the other big and small hill stations in South India.

Munnar can be reached from Coimbatore and Madurai cities in Tamilnadu and Cochin city from Kerala.

Luxury cottages and budget hotels in Munnar.

As a tourist to any place in the world, your second top priority while planning your trip is to search for hotels or resorts that suit your budget. Ticket booking comes first.

Munnar’s high influx of tourists from India as well as from the U.K. and the U.S.A encouraged several entrepreneurs to develop luxury cottages and resorts as well as budget accommodations.

Go through this list of beautifully located cottages and conveniently situated budget hotels in Munnar. This will save you from the pains of searching for your staying options in Munnar.

Luxury cottages and budget hotels in Munnar

First, let me address the privacy-rich cottages in Munnar.

  • Aranyaka Resorts, Munnar

Aranyaka Resorts is probably set closest to the Munnar’s natural beauty. The location of the private cottages offered by the Aranyaka Resorts should be what you are looking for while staying in Munnar.

The image of their private and individual luxury cottages below should instantly convince you as these are simply the best cottages in Munnar.

Aranyaka Resorts, Munnar

Located on the way to Attukad waterfalls, the scenery is just too beautiful to put into words. I would say it would make you gasp audibly, especially in the early morning when the entire area is shrouded in a thin mist.

The whole scenario will blow you away.

Visit their website to read about the facilities offered and to reserve your privacy-rich cottage in Munnar.

Actual tourists who have stayed in Aranyaka Resorts have left rave reviews on Google so much so that the few have awarded several certificates of appreciation.

Please note that merely because of the location and great privacy, the rate/night of cottages is quite expensive but justified.

  • Deep Woods cottages, Munnar

Here is how a view outside your cottage will be.

Woods cottages

The spacious room, wooden floor, simple furniture and the view of the lush green valley are the plus points of Deep Woods cottages.

Deep Woods cottages have a big heart as they beckon even a big family of 8 to 10 member by offering cottages with four bedrooms!

An individual cottage with four bedrooms cannot be a cottage but a lavish bungalow! Don’t you agree with me?

You can take for granted when it comes to the facilities and amenities offered; you get the free wi-fi of course if that is your first question.

Being a top-class hill station, Munnar offers excellent space for campfires on the open ground outside the resorts. Deep Woods cottages too offer bone fire. The added attraction is the barbeque facility on the free space.

Each cottage fitted with a mini bar. The living room has a television with ultra-luxury furniture.

Deep Woods Munnar

For inquiries and cottage reservation, please visit their web page

  • Ragamaya Resort & Spa

Ragamaya Resort

So, how do you like the independent cottage above? It is sprawling and spacious with a big verandah. Note the private entrance steps down, leading to the cottage. Won’t you say this cottage offered by Ragamaya Resort & Spa is the most independent and privacy-rich cottage that you have stayed in?

The seclusion of the luxury cottage must allure just-married couple for a weeklong honeymoon.  Don’t worry if you have spent your honeymoon elsewhere in the world. Who stops you from enjoying a second or third honeymoon?

Every cottage in Ragamaya Resort and Spa comes with a private plunge pool. The location of the lavish cottage seems as if you are given your own forest ground to wander!

Note: Please be aware that all the luxury and private cottages in Munnar are located far away from the Munnar town to assure space and privacy.

As a spa resort, you can enjoy a range of ayurvedic treatments in Ragamaya Resort, Munnar. As many as fifteen different spa treatments offered at extra cost.



  • Tree cottage at Dream Catcher

Tree cottage

There certainly cannot be a better way to see Munnar hills and gorges by staying atop a tree. The tree-top cottage will be about 50 to 60 feet high from the ground. Your visitors will be birds and grasshoppers of various hues and sizes.

There are four absolutely secluded treehouses in Dream Catcher resort in Munnar. Don’t assume that just because your private cottage situated on top of a tree, there won’t be any bathroom. Every tree cottage comes fitted with a bath. Additionally, you get hot water 24 hours.

With assured full power backup and a balcony to sit out, you would certainly have a great time in Dream Catcher resort in Munnar.

  • Lakes N Hills Resort

Here, the cottages are built alongside each other but still offering enough space in between to assure privacy.

Lakes N Hills hotels in Munnar

Oh, the cottages look beautiful with tall trees standing guard to the property.

These independent cottages called ‘Cardamom cottages’.

Another view of the cottages:

hotels in Munnar Lakes N Hills

The cottages built in Kerala style and the food will also be of Malabar cuisine.

Go to their website and book your cottage.

  • OliveBrook Luxury Cottage Munnar

Hotels in Munnar OliveBrook

Looks like a typical hill station property-eh?

The cottages built on a mountain slope surrounded by a colourful flower garden.

Nearby attractions:

  • Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Amaravathi Dam & Crocodile farm
  • Echo point
  • Eravikulam National Park

Visit their page for more information and reservation of your Munnar cottage.

  • Ambady Estate, Munnar

Ambady hotels

I think just a glance at the image of the Ambady Estate’s independent cottages would convince anyone of their spectacular location. The thick green cover is refreshingly cool and pleasing to the eyes.

The cottages at the Munnar hill seem to be built very close to each other, giving you an impression of semi-independence only. Are they twin cottages? Nevertheless, I think the interior is quite spacious.

Each cottage has its own private garden area.

The entire Ambady Estate cottages surrounded by Parvathy Hills that planted with tea on their slopes.

The  Estate comprises a large 70-acre area implying, you would have plenty of trekking trails through the lush green forest.

It also means Ambady Estate in Munnar will keep a bird watcher busy all day. His birding activity is likely to be disturbed by colourful butterflies.

Food in  Estate will be predominantly of Kerala cuisine. Nevertheless, if you prefer North Indian cuisine, you will have it.

I have stayed in one such remotely located corporate guesthouse in Munnar Hills. The dining room and the food were excellent. Malabar cuisine served at the lavish cottages and resorts in Munnar is delicious.

Packages at Ambady Estate.

Go through their two absolutely entice all-inclusive package combined with exciting outdoor activities at Ambady estate luxury cottages and budget hotels in Munnar

  • Camp Noel luxury cottages and treehouse

Camp Noel hotels

That green painted, elevated cottage merges well with the same colour surroundings. The privacy and peace that exist in a treehouse/elevated cottage in Munnar Hills have no match anywhere in the world or any other hill stations in India.

You might question my conclusion weighing against the Himalayan hill station cottages. Let me tell you one thing. The flora of South Indian hill stations is too diverse that you can’t see in alpine heights.

The cottages look large in Camp Noel. I would call them ‘bungalows’.

The elevated cottage is called ‘Hunter’s Cabin in Camp Noel, Munnar. As a guest staying in this elevated cottage, you have the advantage of spotting wild animals from the safety of height (20 feet).

The elevated cottage is fitted with a bathroom too.

Try to stay awake beyond 11 pm, and you can spot spotted deer, bison, fox, and wild boar.

Alternatively, you can choose either a single or double bedroom cottage to stay on the ground if you have a fear of height.

Visit campnoel.com for booking your elevated cottage in Munnar Hills.

  • Avondale Cottages, Munnar

Avondale hotels in Munnar

Painted and decorated with a very good taste-eh?

When it rains in Munnar, and if you happen to stay in a cottage located amidst forest and other plantations, the aroma and fragrance of eucalyptus, cardamom, and coffee can be distinctly felt.

I think the Avondale Cottages are the cheapest cottage to stay in Munnar.

When so many lavish and ultra-luxury cottages are available in Munnar, why would anyone opt to stay anywhere else?

However, since not all the tourists can afford to stay in independent cottages in Munnar, small-budget travellers would prefer to stay in budget hotels and can still enjoy the climate and sightseeing attractions of Munnar.

Here are a few budget hotels in Munnar.

  • Hotel DhanyasreeDhanyashree

Phone: 04865 – 232552, 232553, 232011

  • Hotel Emerald Inn

Phone: 946608600, 9747700062, 04865 230062,82

  • Munnar Mansion

Phone: 04865 263 646

  • Autumn Trees Hotel

Phone: 8191900046,  8191900059

(both are the mobile numbers)

  • Poopada Resorts

Phone: 04865 – 230223, 230523, 231781, 231782

Well, that’s all regarding the luxury cottages and budget hotels in Munnar.

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