Five Boutique Hotels in Hanoi Dec 2019

by Jane Sophia

This blog post is reporting options to stay in five boutique hotels in Hanoi.

My last two blog posts about the food and drinks in Vietnam and the attractions of Vung Tau peninsula in Vietnam were widely read by this blog’s loyal readers and they asked me to write about the boutique hotels that are available in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam because boutique hotels are affordable by majority of the travelers.

I took the inquiry seriously and went about finding the boutique hotels in Hanoi. Initially, the task was tough because of the exact meaning of ‘boutique hotel’ did not match the Hanoi hotels’ descriptions.

What are boutique hotels?

I admit I could not find the real meaning of boutique hotels and the reason behind that word ‘boutique hotel’. After reading the definition of boutique hotel which says, “hotels that are small with 10 to 100 rooms…”, I could form a picture in my mind. This formation was possible because I too stayed in a so-called boutique hotel in Singapore last year where the room was very cramped though with comfortable bed. I needed to climb on to the high rise bed and roll over to reach the far end of the bed. The bathroom was also just a cubicle.

Of late, boutique hotels have emerged as the most liked guest accommodation all over the world. I think it is a self-proclaimed classification by the hotels themselves as there is no worldwide organization that awards a certificate about the class, star, and type of hotel.

Benefits of advertising as ‘ Boutique Hotels ’.

So, why hotels are advertising themselves as boutique hotels and what we, the customers are supposed to make out of it?

This is what I gathered from studying various boutique hotels:

  • Boutique hotels are located in the heart of the city
  • Boutique hotels are only for upscale clients
  • The Boutique hotels tastefully designed to impress the guests that they are staying in a 5-star hotel. The ambiance is the top priority in boutique hotels.
  • Boutique hotels just lodges without any restaurants

Now, I hope, you know what boutique hotels are and what can you expect from them when you booking your rooms in them.

5 Best Boutique Hotels in Hanoi.

When I looked at the images of the hotels in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, I could recognize the distinct French colonial architecture indicating the French rule from 1883 to 1954. The architecture may be historic but the comforts in hotels are certainly ultra-modern.

The chi boutique hotels


The chi boutique hotels

When I looked the gallery of the hotel on its website, I cannot believe it is a boutique hotel. I mean, the rooms appeared quite spacious and matched a five-star hotel in all the aspects that include:

  • Solid wooden furniture
  • Carpeted floor
  • The draping on the windows
  • Soft lights
  • Heavy doors

The location of this boutique hotel in Hanoi makes its competitors burn with envy. It is the most centrally located hotel in Hanoi. All the important landmarks, shopping streets and restaurants are quickly accessible from this hotel. There are rooms and suites as well with free Wi-Fi.

Hanoi Meracus Hotel 1 and 2

Hanoi Meracus Boutique Hotels

Rated as two star but deserves much better rating, there are two Meracus Hotels numbered 1 and 2 with the same name. Again, satisfying the boutique hotel’s criteria, both are located in the Old Quarter in Hanoi which is a prime location for tourists.

Hanoi’s central attraction is the scenic Hoan Kiem Lake and it is just a minute walk away from Meracus hotel. Not only the most attractive sightseeing place but also the street restaurants for authentic Vietnamese cuisine, shops and drinking spots are also close by.

The hotel’s breakfast has received excellent reviews. The room is spacious enough. The added attraction is the small patio outside the room’s sliding door.

There are four types of accommodations in this hotel ranging from junior suite to superior suite. The reception lounge is a typical boutique hotel type, small but adequate.


Hotel de l’Opera, Hanoi.

Boutique Hotels de l'Opera


I was surprised to find out an opera house in Hanoi, Vietnam. An opera house means the culture is distinctly western but the music may not be.

Hotel de l’Opera is in close proximity to the Hanoi Opera House that hosts music and dance frequently.

The hotel’s imposing façade points it to a colonial building. Like a typical French hotel, the ceilings are high, the drapes are long and silky and the wooden furniture is bulky and hence classic.

Just a stone’s throw away from the immaculate boutique hotel, one can walk into any one of the famed diners and bars of the Old Quarter area. The Hoan Kiem Lake is also a few minutes walking distance from the hotel.

Being a 5 star hotel, the rooms are fitted with king size bed that looks more than comfortable. I would classify the bed under, ‘luxury’ category. The lightings are aesthetic and spell aristocratic.

Paradise Hotels

Paradise Boutique Hotels


If my ranking is made official, I would give this a top rank because of the exceptionally designed room with great color combination of bed spreads and door screens. It is located in the famous and central area- Old Quarter in Hanoi. Being a boutique hotel, there are only 25 rooms.

The facilities in the room are:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Computer
  • Coffee maker
  • Television
  • A/C
  • Laundry

The hotel comes with a full-fledged restaurant that serves both the Asian cuisine and European food.

Oh yes, they speak your language. I have communicated with establishments with this special service. It’s a great relief to talk to a foreigner in your own language.

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