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9 Creepy Glass Skywalk in the World

by Jane Sophia
Skywalk 7

Do you remember one of my earlier posts about the very scary glass skywalk on Taihang Mountain? When I wrote that Skywalk post, I intended to look for more such creepy skywalks in the world. Yesterday, I completed my research and here is my new blog post about 9 very intimidating skywalk in the world.

These Skywalk ‘ primary goal is to act as a viewing platform. You know and have seen many such viewing points whenever you have traveled to a hill station. Even from such very safe viewpoints, some people will feel giddyness. Not everyone can look down the ground from a height.

These viewing platforms or Skywalk are innovatively built these days in order to earn money through entrance tickets. Thought you might not see anything clearly if your skywalk is located more than 500 meters above the ground, still, you go up hiding your fear and excitement just to show the world that you are bold and adventurous-right?

You are not alone mate! Majority of us in the world are always trying to prove something or the other. We are the targets in various tourist spots that sell tickets to us to indulge in adventurous fun activities that include the age-old giant ferry wheel.

Skywalk with High rise viewing platforms that are creepy.

There are glass Skywalk ways, hanging bridges erected in very popular tourist attractions all over the world. I report below whatever I found.

Jin Mao Tower Sky walk, Shangai.


Shangai in China is famous for skyscrapers and this Jin Mao Tower is an eighty-eight-floor building. The adventure lovers are encouraged to talk a walk on the glass platform, 340 meters above the ground. As you can see from the above image, the platform’s edge is not protected by any parapet wall or railings. The glass walkers hold on to a safety harness though; you can’t afford to endanger the lives of people when there is no railing.

Fun filled SkySlide

First, watch the video below.

Did you see the height of the building? Did you notice the ground 1000 feet below on the left wall of the glass enclosure? I think it is a very safe adventure albeit exciting.

The building is the ‘Bank Tower’ in Los Angeles, United States. The slide starts at the 70th floor and ends on the 69th floor. Very innovative concept!


Aiguille du Midi Skywalk

From the image above, it appears to be very safe to stand inside the glass-walled cubicle that juts out from a cliff and as you stand on the glass floor, you can see the gorge deep below. I wonder if one would feel dizziness if one looks down the ground from a great height but safely enclosed?

The Chamonix Mont Blanc is a resort in France bordering the Italy and Switzerland. It is a major tourist attraction for stunning views of Bossons Glacier in the Alps. The glass cubicle is located more than 1000 meters above the ground. It is reported to be the tallest attraction in Europe.

Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge Skywalk

Have you heard about the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon in China? This Glass Bridge is located in Wulingyuan , Hunan Province. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site. Looking at the number of tourists on the glass bottomed bridge and from their facial expression, they seem to be enjoying the experience and it means it is safe and less scary.

Glass Skywalk

It is also a spot to indulge in bungee jumping. It is about 1000 feet above the ground. At a time, only 600 people are allowed to be on the glass bridge. That’s quite a number!

Glacier Skywalk

The U shaped glass-bottomed observation platform (skywalk) with glass side wall is located in the Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada. The Sunwapta Valley floor is approximately 1000 feet below. The scene that greets you is spectacular. The giant snow-clad peaks, verdant mountain and the Sunwapta River below will be etched in your memory for long.


The narrowest point of the ‘U’ is 100 feet away from the cliff.

Dachstein Mountain Stairway Skywalk, Salzburg, Austria.

Skywalk _4

The image shows a courageous woman who dared to climb on the viewing platform and the staircase with just 14 steps would further take her down for a wider view of the gorge below that drops to 1300 feet!

From the observation platform, one can view the Triglav mountains of Slovenia.

Skywalk: AlpspiX viewing platform 

We now hop on to Bavaria in Germany. Take a look at the crisscrossing two viewpoints, one above the other.

AlpspiX viewing platform

When you stand on the top tier, you would feel as if you are hanging in mid-air by magic. What a terrifying experience it would be.

The Alpspitze mountain peak in the Northern Limestone Alps attracts visitors to go on the AlpspiX skywalk jutting 42 feet from the mountain ground. When on the viewing platform, you can see the Zugspitze peak which stands at nearly 12000 feet above sea level. This mountain crest is the highest in all of the German mountains.

Matteo Thun’s Trauttmansdorff  Viewing Platform Skywalk, Italy

Matteo Thun's Trauttmansdorff  Viewing Platform

It looks like hanging bride but doesn’t sway dangerously as people walk on it. The viewing bridge held very firm with metal rods. The floor of the bridge made of strong mesh.

When you view it from outside it looks like an extension of a tree, protruding outwards. The bridge erected in the Trauttmansdorff Castle botanical gardens, Meran, Italy.

Look at another image below to understand the magnificence of observation platform.

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