3 Sunny Destination for Winter in 2020

by Jane Sophia

This blog post covers three very sunny destination to go to, for the coming winter. Is the winter already on? I suppose so as I noticed a whiff of mist entered my house when I opened the terrace door this morning. It was not cold but chilly. The early morning temperature was 17 degrees C.

In about a week or so, the temperature might drop down to 14 Deg C and that’s when people would like to seek sunny outings.

Earlier, I have reported several winter getaways in the form of cabins and log houses in places where there would be thick snow in a fortnight. I received several emails from people who wish to go Sunny Destination where there would be abundant sunshine even when other places in the country would be snow filled.

Well, here we go, guys, to Sunny Destination where you would wonder, “are we really in the midst of winter?” Tropical islands, deserts, and beach stations beckon you all through the year. Kerala in India too is an ideal Sunny Destination to escape from wearing heavy coats.

  1. The Sunny Destination: The Dominican Republic, Caribbean Islands.

Sunny Destination Dominican Republic

The first choice winter getaway to Sunny Destination islands is in the Caribbean islands, the Dominican Republic to be more specific. The Dominican Republic country is located on the island of Hispaniola which is also part of the nation Haiti. They both are inside the Greater Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean Sea. The capital of Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo.

The Dominican Republic attracts thousands of American and European tourist because of its beaches and the green Caribbean sea. The country is predominantly a tourist country. In order to cater to the needs of tourists, there are plenty of seafront resorts that offer all-inclusive holiday packages, especially during the months of December and January, the winter and Christmas holiday period in the United States and most of the European nation.

The nation offers plenty of time passing activities that include water skating, golfing, and trekking on the Pico Duarte mountain which is said to be the tallest mountain in all of the Caribbean For bird waters, the mountain trekking gives their camera a lot of work. Some of the birds that the bird lovers can spot are rufous-throated solitaire, Antillean siskin, golden swallow and a kind of crossbill. There won’t be any wild cats there.

      1. The Sunny Destination: Tucson, Arizona

Christmas usually witness heavy snowfall in most of the American states and throughout the Europe with a few exceptions like Greece. However, when you come across the word ‘Arizona’ on that day, you feel like shedding your sweaters and shawls. Arizona is hot and will remain so even in the winter months,

The most ideal place to visit in Arizona to escape the freezing weather of New York or Warsaw, you need to head to Tucson. It can be very warm because of its geography. The city is bordered by the Sonoran Desert that starts from the California in the north and to the Mexico in the south. Now, do you understand why Tucson is a winter getaway for ‘sun’ lovers?

Sunny Destination Tucson

Tourists to Tucson are highly recommended to stay in Miraval resort mainly because of delicious food. In addition, the tourists are kept busy throughout the day with various fun activities that include yoga and meditation. Visitors have posted satisfactory reviews about the various stress reduction games and session. There is not a single negative review about Miraval resort. The customer service is reported to be unbelievably good.

There is a half day tour of Saguaro National Park in Tucson to appreciate the big Saguaro cactus that is said to live up to 150 years! I think I would skip the Saguaro National park tour as I can’t stand the sight of cactus in the desert. I would sweat.

      1. The Sunny Destination: Saba Island, Lesser Antilles

The Sunny Destination Saba Island is part of the Caribbean islands. Saba’s main attraction is a dormant volcano called Mount Scenery. Its crater can be reached at a height of 2900 feet. You can fearlessly go near the top of the volcano as it last erupted in 1640. However, it is going to be tough climbing the 1000 plus steps on Mt Scenery Stairway.

If you prefer, there is another trail to reach the mountaintop and the trail Is called the Elfin Forest Trail. The mountain is home to mahogany trees, an attractive flowering plant called bromeliads. Another attraction that would make a botanist busy taking notes is the presence of epiphytes, a kind of parasitical plant that grows on other plants and trees.

Sunny Destination Saba

Saba island is one of the seven countries of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. The other six best sunny destination countries are:

      • The Virgin Islands
      • Anguilla
      • Saint Kitts and Nevis
      • Guadeloupe
      • Montserrat
      • Antigua and Barbuda

How to reach Saba Island?

The perfect way to go to Saba island is to take a boat that leaves the Simpson Bay, St. Maarten

It takes one and a hour boat ride. It leaves at 9 am from St.Maarten

The best places to eat on Saba island:

The first choice is Brigadoon.

See the image below. It looks deserted but it is built like a cottage.

Sunny Destination Hotel Brigadoon

You must order:

      • Saba lobster bisque which tastes sublime
      • Lobster
      • Lamb with truffle sauce
      • Lionfish with shrimp sauce

Chez Bubba

It is a bistro actually located on the first floor of a building. It’s an open diner that can accommodate only 16 people in 4 tables.

As their Steak tartare accompanied by onions and capers, grilled Spiney Saban lobster, and baked snails are said to be delicious, you need to book one of the 4 tables. Don’t miss the desserts such as chocolate cake with rum-and-raisin ice cream.

Chez Bubba

Another popular restaurant set under a Moringa tree is the “Island Flavor”.

Diners love the organic fruits and vegetables grown from the restaurant owner’s own garden. For the non-vegetarians lobster served with garlic butter is a ‘must try’ food.

I am sure you are bookmarking this post to plan your winter holidays to a Sunny Destination next month.


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