8 Thrilling Surfing Spots in the World

by Jane Sophia
Surfing the waves is one of the most thrilling adventure sports. Some 40 years or so ago, I used to watch an advertisement in movie theaters. It was an ad for ‘Old Spice’ aftershave lotion. The ad shot in a few of the world’s superb Surfing Spots showed a handsome man surfing the waves effortlessly and stylishly.
Surfing Spots
Surfers around the world used to hunt for thrilling surfing spots where the high-tides are conducive to surf on lightweight surfboards.If you are new to surf and want to prove your heroism by surfing in front of your girlfriend in a beach where the sea is suitable for beginner surfers or you really want to test your surfing skill in some of the challenging waves, there are about 8 surfing spots in the world for you to list them out, prioritize and start visiting the surfing water one by one. These are well spread out in various beaches in various countries, islands, and continents.
  1. 1. Surfing Spots in Sri Lanka: Arugam Bay

The sea in the video clip below where the surfers are enjoying the friendly waves is the Indian Ocean.

There are four surfing spots in Arugam Bay; they are:

  • Main Point
  • Baby Point
  • Whiskey Point
  • Pottuvil Point

The ‘Main Point’ is where SriLanka hosts the international surfing competition. All the surfing accessories are available for hire. There is no dearth of eating and drinking outlets in Arugam Bay (locally named as Arugam Kudah), South Coast point, SriLanka.

  1. 2. Surfing Spots in Hawaii: Banzai Pipeline, Ehukai Beach Park, Oahu Island

Ah, here is Hawaii again. With so many attractions to see and a large number of water sports, the Hawaiian Islands are no wonder the world’s most visited vacation destinations by the Americans and the Europeans.

One of surfing friendly conditions that surfers prefer is a reef break; it is where the waves start to break, mostly when there is not much depth and thus shallow.

Surfing spots Hawaii

Hawaii’s Oahu Island is an important surfing destination in the world because of really tall waves that break with a flourish when they reach the shallow point.

Surfing is an adrenaline pumping sports where your smooth movement on the ocean waters is not propelled by man-made propelling movement and your move, rise or fall are dictated by the waves alone.

What a discovery-this surfing sport is!

  1. 3. Surfing Spots in Mexico: Puerto Escondido, Southern Oaxaca

The Mexican beaches are great attractions for tourists because of frolicking crowd, surfing lessons on the Pacific Ocean, and superb food.

Surfing Spots in the World

There are a handful of surfing spots in Oaxaca that include:

  • La Punta Beach
  • Zicatela beach
  • Carrizalillo beach

The ideal season for surfers to assemble here is between April and December. Oh, that’s nine months of playing with the ‘Mexican Waves’, literally.

  1. 4. Surfing Spots in Taiwan: Fulong Beach, Taiwan

That was a gentle wave that landed the surfer carefully at the breaking point. This Taipei beach is thronged by sunbathers mainly. However, there are beginner surfers that make use of small waves to learn the sport of wave surfing.

  1. 5. Surfing Spots in Australia: Snapper Rocks, Gold Coast, Queensland

The Aussies are compulsive surfers and they are large in numbers too encouraged by the ideal coast with superb big waves and that break with scary ferocity.


Queensland’s Gold Coast is a pretty long coastline extending up to 70 km nearly and thus a wonderful ground for various water sports, primarily surfing. Of the several surfing points in Gold Coast, the most challenging for professional surfers is the Super Bank surfing spot.

Don’t imagine the Super Bank as a spot that spans a few hundred meters. The surfing entry points can be anywhere in the 2 km stretch covering a few beaches namely:

  • Rainbow Bay
  • Greenmount Point
  • Coolangatta Beach
  • Kirra beach
  1. 6. Surf pool, Wadi Adventure, United Arab Emirates

Leave it to the enterprising Arabs and they create sheer wonders. With only limited natural resources, they somehow hire the truly top-notch brains in the world and achieve things that are awesome.

Ruing the lack of natural conditions for water surfing, they have created an artificial wave pool that now the surfers enjoy.

Look at the video below:

So much so about this man-made surfing spot is that you can even modify the conditions for surfing by adjusting the right and lefts!


  1. 7. Lima, Peru

Peru may not attract the majority of the tourists due to not so friendly atmosphere, but, it attracts avid surfers from all parts of South America and Latin America.

When you have a coastline of over 2400 km, it certainly can be ideal for all kinds of water sports such as surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kite surfing etc.

The waves don’t swell up above 4 feet and hence its breaking force is not very brutal making it just perfect for surfers of all levels including a novice.

The following surfing points are favorable for surfing safely:

  • La Herradura
  • Pico Alto
  • Cerro Azul
  • Playa Waikiki
  • Lobitos

All these surfing spots offer excellent ‘lefts’ for surfers.

  1. 8. El Salvador

Surfing sports in El Salvador have picked up in the last decade. Facing the Pacific Ocean on one side and sandwiched between Honduras and Guatemala, there are several popular surfing points namely:

  • Sunzal
  • El Zonte
  • La Liberated

Thrilling Surfing

The waves swell from March to October and when that happens, the surfers expect a smooth and fast ride, sliding the break with ease and caution.

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