10 Hottest Places in the World in 2020

by Jane Sophia
Hottest Places Aziziyah

We are interested in knowing about the hottest places in the world only now as it is the severe winter season in most parts of the world. We all feel like to be out in a warm, sunny place to escape the chillness. During the summer season, we can’t tolerate seeing a hot place even in films. Therefore, I take this opportunity to write about 10 hottest places on earth that are mostly barren. A green plant rarely seen in those places. When you read about the maximum temperatures or mean high surface temperatures in such places, you will feel like taking shelter in an ice hotel.


  1. Hottest Places: Azizia Libya

In September 1922, this small town in Libya recorded the world’s highest temperature of 136.4°F. Another record of this Libya town that cannot boast of is, for nearly 90 years, it stayed on top of the list of hottest places on earth. Surprisingly, its lowest recorded temperature was minus 2 deg C.

There is nothing to see in Aziziyah( Aziza Libya), not a single attraction for a tourist. The Tripadvisorshows a blank page only regarding this unique feat.

  1. Hottest Places: Dallol, Ethiopia

Hottest Places Dallol

A few decades ago, Ethiopia’s inhabitable high temperature was daily news in the print media, but since other places in the world have surpassed the record, the place called Dallol in Ethiopia has faded from the news scene. It often called as the land of gas geysers. Its daily maximum surface temperature of 41 deg C is also its average maximum temperature.

The most active volcano in the nearby Erta Ale may be one of the reasons for the high mean temperature. Oh, the Danakil desert is also part of this region in Ethiopia. Again there is nothing on the Trip and the My Trip asks, “can you survive a day in Dallol Ethiopia”?

  1. Hottest Places: Queensland, Australia

How about a 156.7 ° F in one of the states in Australia? Queensland credited with the recording that high surface temperature. In spite of recording a very high average maximum temperature, Queensland is Australia’s second-most populous state! Since Queensland’s coastline is 7000 km long, it has several beach attractions and marine life in its 100 odd small islands and islets. The 2000km Great Barrier Reef in Queensland is said to be visible even from the space. Do you know that the state is seven times bigger than Britain? The hottest spot in Queensland is Thargomindah. Due to railway track expansion in the excessive heat, trains used to reduce their speed.

  1. Hottest Place: Death Valley, California

hottest places death valley

With a meagre population of just 24 people (2010 census), Furnace Creek in Death Valley has recorded a very high temperature of 134 Deg F in the year 1913. Interestingly, Furnace Creek lies 190 feet below sea level. What a wonder of nature! The Death Valley is located in the Mojave Desert, Eastern California and lies 280 feet below the sea level. The Death Valley land terrain has a vast area of eroded rock salt that has jagged edges and is named as ‘Devil’s Golf Course’ because only devils can play golf there.

  1. Hottest Place: Bandar-e-Mahshahr, Iran

This is quite a populous area in Iran that recorded a very high temperature of 165 deg F. Not much of a tourist destination in spite of densely inhabited town.

  1. Hottest Place: Kebili, Tunisia, North Africa

Kebili is a desert town that experiences high temperatures hovering over 55 deg C. There is nothing to see around except a few date farms.

  1. Hottest Places: Dasht-e-loot, Iran

hottest places Dasht-e-lootIt’s known as the Lut Desert, one of the world’s largest deserts. It showed 159.3 Deg F as its highest ever temperature. In an area of over 5400 sq km, there is no sign of life, be it a plant life or animal. Oh, dear, what a waste!

  1. Hottest Places: Wadi Halfa, Sudan

Wadi Halfa hottest placesThis is a sizzling town in Sudan that rarely gets drenched in natural water from the sky (about a millimetre rainfall annually). It frequently records 50+ deg C temperature. It is not a tourist destination though there are some hotels that do not remain open for nearly 10 months in a year.

  1. Hottest Places: Flaming Mountains, China

The name says it all-eh? The thermometer likes to hover around 122 Deg F after reaching a high of 175 Deg F.

Flaming Mountains, China

Oops! Look at it; there is not a fly that can live there! It’s erosion all over. Unfortunately, it lies in the ancient silk route and the yesteryear silk merchants forced to take a circuitous route to avoid the flaming mountains.

  1. Hottest Places: Ghadames, Libya

Yes, Libya is a scorching country overall and some places in the country are uninhabitable because of extreme heat. About 7000 citizens of Iraq live here enduring the heat by staying indoors of houses made of mud and painted white outside. Its architecture praised for its ability to remain cool inside. This small town located amidst an oasis surrounded by the famous Sahara desert.

Ghadames, Libya

I believe even Kuwait city records a high temperature of 55. In Rajasthan, India, the mercury used to touch 51 deg C in the Thar desert region that comprises an area of over 200,000 sq km. OMG! Such a vast desert in the North-West part of India!

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