A Travel Guide to Montana Natural Beauties

by Jane Sophia

Montana is an American state on the northernmost of the U.S., bordering Canada. This is one state in the United States that is full of sightseeing places and ideal for relaxing in the lap of nature and wilderness.

It is similar to Karnataka state in India where every town or village has something for a tourist.

The diverse landscape and terrain of Montana State in the U.S. include:

  • Rocky Mountains
  • A vast area of wilderness
  • Glacier National Park
  • Snow-clad mountains
  • Beautiful lakes
  • Alpine walking trails on the most famous Sun Road

Kootenay Lake Montana

Since Montana is a haven for nature lovers, there are great accommodations such as cottages, camps, and lodges that are more suitable if you want to admire the greeneries outside. Camps and lodges offer you the opportunity to live truly with nature, listening to sound of the night and not the sound of a running air-conditioner or electric fan.

In this blog post, you will come to know about the best lodge to stay in Montana to appreciate the beautiful landscape, wildlife in Montana and other places to see.

Rock Creek Ranch, Montana

What better place to stay than a ranch when you are touring to be with nature?

Stay at Rock Creek Ranch, Montana

Doesn’t the image of the lodge allure you instantly? The Rock Creek Lodge is run by none other than the National Geographic.

To make a reservation at Rock Creek Ranch, please contact, National Geographic

Toll-free: 1-888-701-5486

Direct: 1-312-940-7404

Alternatively, you can fill out a form at their website to send your inquiry.


Salient points, facilities, and amenities of Rock Creek Ranch, Montana, U.S.

  • A huge ranching area really, comprising of over 6000 acres! (Six thousand acres!)
  • Five-star luxury offered though you are lodged in log cabins, canvas tents, and barns as well as contemporary hotel rooms.
  • Freshest and tastiest organic food

Other activities arranged by the National Geographic:

  • Fly fishing
  • Horseback riding
  • Billiards
  • Bowling
  • Wellness spa
  • Ride a mountain bike
  • Walking through mesmerizing forest trails
  • Skiing and sleighing during winter
  • Ride on an ATV to go to the top of the mountains.


Places to see in Montana

As I told you, Montana is an out and out tourist state; surely there is no dearth of attractions in Montana, the topmost attraction being the “Glacier National Park”.


Glacier National Park comprises of a big area measuring up to 4100 sq.km. That’s vast indeed! As the name suggests, the mountains are all glaciers during winter and the gorges of the mountains drop on the Canadian side.

The Sun Road offers the world’s longest walking and hiking trail of a whopping 1120 km.

The entire trail is full of natural surprises that include giant trees, pristine lakes and a horde of wildlife that include:

  • Mountain white Goats
  • Grizzly bears
  • Beaver
  • Elk
  • Wolverines
  • Pikas
  • American Dipper
  • Swifts
  • Common Loon
  • Harlequins
  • Ptarmigans

How to reach the Glacier National Park, Montana?

Your first goal should be to reach a town called Whitefish that has got an airport. From the Whitefish airport, the town center is 29 km and from the town center, the western entrance to the Glacier National Park is 19 km. Whitefish town is 338 km north of Helena, the capital of Montana. The flying time to Whitefish is only 50 minutes.

Holter lake Montana

The Museum of the Rockies

It’s a museum cum planetarium in Bozeman city, maintained by the famous Smithsonian Institution. The museum will excite the children when they see:

  • Real skeletons of dinosaurs
  • Realistic models of dinosaur eggs,
  • Tyrannosaurus skull that is said to be the biggest in the world

Big Sky Resort

It is a ski resort and yes, it is big by all means. It is far away from Helena, Montana’s capital but only an hour drive away from the city of Bozeman.

This big sky resort is the most visited ski resort in America because it receives 400 inches of snow during the peak skiing season. For challengers, big sky resort offers spine0chilling vertical drops, the maximum drop being 4350 feet!

Skiers reach the top of the mountain in chairlifts to enjoy the view valley below.

As a very popular ski resort in Montana, there are various types of accommodations and several restaurants to serve nearly 40,000 skiers.

Earth Quake Lake, Montana

Earth Quake Lake

The nearly 10 km long lake is situated at height of 6000 feet and is a pure-water lake formed after an earthquake in 1959. It’s a popular sightseeing place in the south-western part of Montana. Interestingly, the lake is fed by the Madison River.

Berkeley Pit

Berkeley Pit

It looks eerily isolated-eh? It was a copper mine once. The pit contains nothing but toxic waste, water that is full of numerous minerals that include:

  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Arsenic

Above all, it is also contains traces of potent sulphuric acid. The surface of the water is rust colored indicating the presence of iron.

Warning: Do not drink the water from Berkeley Pit.

Medicines Rock Park

Rock Park is an unusual name. It must be a site of ancient ruins. It was an area where the native tribes once wandered. I don’t see why this remote and unattractive site is listed in the attractions of Montana. However, it is attractive to others that include former American President Theodore Roosevelt who visited and described the site as fantastically beautiful. Surprisingly, the Medicine Rock Park is used as a camping ground.

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