Indoor Water Parks: Get Wet in These Beautiful Parks around the World

by Jane Sophia
Indoor Water Parks

Plan your exciting trips abroad to cool yourself in indoor water parks around the world.

Your family outing will never spoiled even if you are out on the water parks splashing merrily, without a damn worry in your life because any way you have decided to get wet, why not get the more of it with nature’s purest water?

Nonetheless, if you still don’t like rain to spoil your water park rides and games, you can get indoors, buddy. Yes, numerous water parks in the world aesthetically built indoors.

Chill Yourself in Cool Indoor Water Parks in the World

I once enjoyed thoroughly in a water park that has a closed roof. I found myself ultimately yielding to my whims and indulgences in the indoor wave pools and water slides.

Let me take you around some of the world’s awesome indoor water parks where you plan to stay for a weekend and extend your wet fun or make it a quick day trip with your family.

World water park, Edmonton, Canada

This Canadian water park consistently found a place in the top 10 indoor water parks list.

It is a large water park, and at any given time, the water park’s administrators can meet unexpected crowd up to 5000 visitors! That’s a staggering number of visitors in any game park-isn’t it?

Do you know this huge water park located inside a shopping mall called West Edmonton, Alberta, Canada? You can imagine the size of the mall when the water park itself takes up over 200,000 sq.ft!

Look below the video of Blue Thunder Wave Pool inside World water Park, Canada.

I think it is an ideal place for anyone to expose their children to the waves safely in the artificially created waves.

There are as many as seventeen waterslides, the names of some of which are:

  • Twister


  • Howler
  • Tropical Typhoon
  • Surf Simulating flower rider

As this water ride is open to the sky, I think some of the water slides kept outdoor.

  • Blue Bullet-circular water slide

Blue Bullet-circular water slide

World Water Park is open all through the year; so, plan your trip to this indoor water park anytime you wish.

Avalanche Bay – Boyne City, Michigan, U.S.A

America’s Michigan city can be an excellent vacation destination. It has 11 indoor water parks and a mind-boggling 11,000 lakes!

Let us see what is in store for us inside one of their indoor parks, “Avalanche bay.” I like the name for this water park; it indicates what is inside-right?

This indoor water park in Michigan located on a sprawling space where even a river flows! Imagine a flowing stream is confined indoor-amazing! Ha, ha, it is called ‘Lazy River’ that is too lazy to generate current.

This American indoor water park offers a total of 11 water rides and slides.

Names of a few water slides in Avalanche Bay indoor water park:

  • Big Couloir

Did you notice the girl’s fear written all over her face? Isn’t that an excellent capture?

Of course, there is the inevitable wave pool in which you feel the sweep of the artificial waves. It is a great invention.

Nearby adventure actions include skiing, golf, and picnic area.

The ample space of 88,000 sq.ft enabled the indoor water park authorities to offer exclusive eating areas, a pool for the children, surf simulator (this can be a fantastic fun), hot tubs, and more.

I wonder whether any organized Michigan tour would cover any one or two of the indoor water parks!

Sound waves Indoor water park, Gaylord Opryland, Nashville, U.S.A.

Built not long ago, the architects designed a 3-level indoor water park at Nashville’s Gaylord Opryland.

As in every other water park, be it indoor or outdoor, the Sound waves water park offers water slides and splash areas for different age groups.

Some of the water slides and adventure games in Sound waves indoor water park are:

  • Rapid Remix
  • Artificial surfing area
  • Lazy river
  • Stage Dive
  • Quarter Note Cove

Another unique facility offered at Sound waves indoor water park is the ‘cabana.’ One can opt to stay in a cabana and spend a full weekend inside the water park area.

Fallsview Indoor Waterpark, Ontario, Canada

Located adjoining the thundering Niagara Waterfalls, the appropriately named “Fallsview” indoor water park has immense Locational advantage.

Additionally, I am sure the water park will never go dry. I mean, water is abundantly available perennially.

The biggest attraction in any water park is the wave pool. Creatively, the Fallsview indoor water park has constructed a large wave pool.

Here are a few adventure-filled water slides in “Fallsview” indoor water park:

  • Canadian Plunge
  • Sky Screamer
  • Toob Tower
  • Drop Canyon
  • Tube Slide

For a breathtaking view of roaring Niagara Falls, you can stay in the Niagara hotel adjoin the water park.

Great Wolf Lodge Illinois,

Great Wolf Lodge has built several indoor water parks across the United States.

Among its 12 water slides, the biggest attraction is the Whitewater Whirl raft ride. It is a screaming ride and the most thrilling one.

If you like raft rides in a safe environ, you would love the River Canyon raft ride. It is suitable for the whole family.

For small kids, there is a cozy wave pool in the Great Wolf Lodge indoor water park in Illinois.

For kids and children, there is another beautiful and fun-filled game is called the MaqiQuest.

Here is a video clip of “MaqiQuest.”

Raccoon Lagoon is where a unique ‘water basketball’ is played by everyone. Water Basketball is a unique addition in this indoor water park.

More watery adventures include:

  • Coyote Cannon
  • Chinook Cave
  • Otter Run water slide

Oh, very scary! It’s not for claustrophobics.

  • Whooping Hollow for the kids
  • Lazy river named Crooked Creek

I think the Great Wolf Lodge group’s indoor water parks offer several new varieties of water fun and action games.

Palm Indoor Water Park at Dunes Village Resort, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Palm Indoor Water Park at Dunes Village

Myrtle Beach is a big boon for the South Carolina residents in the United States. The Dunes Village Resort abutting the Myrtle Beach is invariably full throughout the year.

There is a mini indoor water park at the Dunes Village Resort.

It offers the following amenities for the guest of the resort:

  • Lazy river area where you can hop on to a small lifebuoy and relax by floating lazily on the river pool.
  • Big Waterfall Bucket
  • Twister water slide
  • Kids alone water slide
  • Submarine pool

The indoor water park at Tropical Island Resort, Germany

I came across this Germany indoor water park on quite a few occasions. It usually occupied the top slot on the list of thrilling water parks around the world.

I found out that the United States has the maximum number of indoor water parks numbering 23 out of which the state of Michigan alone has 11 indoor water parks.

For now, let us go to Germany’s most famous indoor water park located at Tropical Island Resort.

The tropical island resort comprises a sprawling 700k sq.ft area!

You might ask where precisely the Tropical Island Resort in Germany is. It is a place called Krausnick-Groß Wasserburg. Quite a lengthy name for a place-right? Nonetheless, it is a touristy place and is part of the Spreewald Bio Reserve.

Tropical Island Resort

Remember the Tropical Island Resort’s name and Brandenburg in Germany.

Though this resort has an indoor water park, there are not many water fun games like their counterparts in the United States.

I wonder who rates this indoor water park consistently ranked the number one indoor water parks in the world.

Kalahari Indoor water park, Sandusky, U.S.A

Kalahari Indoor water park, Sandusky

This indoor water occupies a large area and offers about five water slides, a wave pool, and the exciting surf simulator that is everyone’s favorite water adventure.

It is one of the largest indoor water theme parks in the United States. It built on a 200+K sq.ft!

Some of the water slides given an African name indicating this indoor water park’s central theme is African.

There is a ride called Kenya Corkscrew tandem tube slide.

A spa meant for the adults alone who have given positive reviews about the dining facilities and the grub too.

Silver Rapids Indoor Water Park, Idaho, United States

Idaho is a very picturesque state in the U.S. Its geography includes mountains, protected wilderness landscapes, and resort areas.

The Silver Rapids indoor water theme park’s rides and slides include:

  • Lazy river
  • Artificial waves and surfing gently for a very short distance
  • River rafting rides
  • Lagoon crossing, like military training activity, is a unique addition to this water park indoors.

Apart from the above water adventure games, there are the usual winding slides and all of these adventure games located on a two-level.

Moose Sluice water ride is another unique water slide in this U.S. indoor water park.

Epic Indoor Water Park, Grand Prairie, Texas

Oh, yes, Texas, the land of many things to do culminating in the Texan cuisine that rated as the best in America.

The Epics Water theme park indoors is just a year old, and the Texans love it by giving rousing patronage.

The architects of this indoor water park have designed a retractable glass roof!

Epic Indoor Water Park, Grand Prairie

There are more than ten kinds of slides on the water created for different age groups.
The most stunning water slide in Epic Waters’s indoor water park is the double rider called Aquasphere.

Aqualoop body slide is the usual winding water slide.
The inevitable ‘lazy river’ is also present in this American indoor water park.
For the children, there is a water slide called ‘Rascals Round.’

Coco Key Water Resort, New Jersey

Coco Key Water Resort and Water Park have their presence in many locations across the United States; New Jersey, an indoor water park, is one of them.

It is located precisely in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

Kids love their particular water slide called ‘Blue Parrots Perch.’

Do you know the United States’ capital, Washington D.C., has eight indoor water parks? I think they deserve exclusive coverage on some other time.

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