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by Jane Sophia
Kodiveri dam

I stumbled onto another great picnic spot that is hardly known to the majority of the people of Tamilnadu where the said picnic spot is located. This Kodiveri Dam and Waterfalls is a natural attraction that can be an ideal day trip from the nearby cities like:

  • Salem
  • Erode
  • Coimbatore

An overview of Kodiveri Dam and Waterfalls

The Kodiveri dam is built on River Bhavani. The upper part of the dam’s water is allowed to fall over a wall of rocks resulting in a cool bathing place for the tourists. For a throwaway entrance fee of just Rs.5, one can spend a few hours unwinding in the lap of nature.

The Kodiveri dam stands very strong even after nearly 1000 years since it was built. It was built in the year 1125. It is not a reservoir but only a check dam.

Location of Kodiveri Dam and Waterfalls.

Kodiveri Falls

As mentioned above, this cool picnic spot is located near three major cities in Tamilnadu State namely:

  • Erode-52 km
  • Salem-112 km
  • Coimbatore-74 km

The nearest town is Gopichettypalayam (16 km), a small agricultural town between Erode and Coimbatore. This is a very scenic place haunted by the filmmakers for its beautiful location. The Kodiveri dam is on the way to Sathyamangalam forest from Erode.

The nearest railway station is Erode and the nearest airport is at Coimbatore.

What to see in Kodiveri village:

  • As you enter the site of attraction, you will be greeted with several shops selling myriad eatables that include freshly caught fish fries, cool cucumber, raw mango slices, seasonal fruits, and a few other snacks.
  • When you walk beyond the shops, there will be a neatly laid out garden with a children play area. Elders can also relax for some minutes before foraying further.
  • The sound of the Kodiveri waterfalls will make you urge your children to wind up their games and walk towards the waterfalls. Don’t expect a tall waterfall. The water just cascades down a wall of rocks and there is almost no force and hence safe for all to stand under the water.

  • There is a pool at the bottom of the waterfalls where you are allowed to splash around for fun.
  • If you go up to the top of the downstream, you can enjoy a short ride in one of the coracles built with bamboo.Coracle Kodiveri Dam
  • Watch this short video clip of coracle ride.

  • Though you cannot call it an eco-tourism spot, alcohol is prohibited in Kodiveri.

Are there hotels to stay near Kodiveri Dam?

Sorry, no. Since this tourist spot is for day trips, there are no hotels to stay in. However, you can find plenty of hotels in Erode which is a big town closest to Kodiveri dam. Consider Kodiveri as a weekend tourist destination.

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Saravana September 26, 2018 - 2:18 am

Good info on lesser travelled places. Beautiful photographs.

Shilpi Dutta September 26, 2018 - 8:56 am

The coracle boat seem tiny. How many people can it carry at one time? The site is beautiful 🙂 Nice blog and detailed info.

Abhijit September 30, 2018 - 5:39 am

Nice post. So many places to see in India. I like this boats made of basket.

Deeptha October 11, 2018 - 12:47 pm

Loved waterfalls and this is a beautiful spot! I have been on a coracle in Hampi and it was a fun experience. I refused the ‘spin of the coracle’ though. It seemed vertigo-inducing 🙂


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