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10 Stunningly Most Beautiful Places in the World to Travel Recommended By Top Travel Reference Sites

by Jane Sophia
Most Beautiful Places in the World to Travel Pink Lake

Virtually visit 10 stunningly most beautiful places in the world to travel recommended by the world’s top travel reference sites. Holidaymakers visit a few top-rated travel reference sites to look at their rankings and recommendations. Some of the best travel reference sites in the world include:

  • Airbnb
  • Cruise Critic
  • NationalGeographic
  • TripAdvisor
  • CondeNast Travel
  • Wander lust
  • LonelyPlanet

These travel sites list:

  • Most beautiful places in the world to travel
  • Island Escapes
  • Lakefront resorts
  • Hill stations
  • Beachside cottages
  • Unique food cities
  • Budget accommodations
  • Flight booking comparisons
  • Cab Rental services reviews
  • Foreign currency exchanges
  • Health Treats and Spa Resorts

Top travel reference sites recommend 10 stunningly most beautiful places in the world to travel. Whatever vacation destination you have in mind, you can find all related information about the final choice by referring to these sites’ suggestions and rankings.

Here are 10 stunningly most beautiful places in the world to travel recommended by frequently visited travel reference sites:

Malindi, Kenya, Africa

Malindi Map

Spread a map of Africa on your study desk, close your eyes and touch any place on the map and you will find a game reserve for wildlife safaris. In addition, you will have several places to see even in a remote place such as Malindi in Kenya.

You may not find ultra-luxury hotels and swanky restaurants but you will certainly enjoy staying inside a canvas tent and relish your African cuisine.

Malindi, as you can see on the map above, is a small dot right on the Indian Ocean, Kenya East Africa.

I read about it in Airbnb’s list of most beautiful places in the world to travel.

Surprisingly,  Malindi, in spite of a remote place in Africa, it loaded with resorts due to a steady increase in the inflow of American and European tourists.

Most Beautiful Places in the World to Travel Malindi


The major sightseeing landmarks in Malindi are:

  • Gede ruins
  • Malindi Bay
  • Watamu Marine National Park
  • Arabuko-Sokoke Forest Reserve for wildlife sightings
  • Malindi Marine National Park
  • Swahili people’s way of life
  • Bird watching in Malindi that includes falcons, eagles, and owls.
  • There is a 200-year-old tortoise in Malindi
  • Bio Ken snake park
  • Mayangu Beach that wears white sand

Trivia: Do you know Malindi is exporting millions of rare butterflies?


What can you buy in Malindi, Kenya?

You can buy pure honey, silk clothes and colorful cotton dresses in the famous Kipepeo Market.

Most Beautiful Places in the World to Travel: Les Contamines-Montjoie, France

Most Beautiful Places in the World to Travel Les Contamines-Montjoie

Les Contamines-Montjoie

Surely, the place sounds absolutely new to you-right? It is so for me too. This is located high on the Alps amongst popular skiing destinations in France and Switzerland such as Chamonix in Mont Blanc.

There is a mini skiing slope in this recommended tourist destination in France where you can free your legs on a ski board without the fear of crashing against another skier.

Most Beautiful Places in the World to Travel

Mont Joly skiing grounds.

If you like this beautiful place’s image above, you can target Geneva in Switzerland to reach first. From Geneva, you can go by cab in about 80 minutes to Les Contamines-Montjoie.

Like a typical Swiss mountain village, Les Contamines-Montjoie is all serene and pastures. The unending meadows are a treat to the eyes and to the healthy cattle that graze the grasslands.

Spotted Lake, British Columbia, Canada

Incredibly beautiful water body-isn’t it? It is no wonder such a rare natural phenomenon finds a place in the list of highly recommended tourist destinations by travel reference sites.

The different coloured spots you saw on the video above and on the image below is due to residual mineral deposits after water evaporation that includes sulphates of:

  • Magnesium
  • Sodium
  • Calcium

When the water on the lake evaporates, (that can only evaporate as it is an endorheic lake that is not draining its water into any other water body), the dissolved solids give their natural colour to the remaining water pools. Do you know you can literally walk on the lake when it is dried up?

Spotted Lake, British Columbia

You can visit the Spotted Lake in British Columbia, Canada.

Most Beautiful Places in the World to Travel: Pink Lake, Western Australia

Most Beautiful Places in the World to Travel Pink Lake

OMG! It is a sheer splendour! Have you seen anything natural in such a romantic pink colour?

This natural pink lake is in one of Western Australia’s islands.

The name of the Pink Lake is Hillier and the pink colour is attributed to the presence of a bacterium called, “Halobacteria”. This bacteria’s original color is pink. In addition, a kind of algae that thrives on saline water is also present on the lake.

To see the pink lake, you need to go to the Middle Island, one of the islands of Recherche Archipelago in Western Australia.

The nearest big Australian city to Pink lake is Perth but that too is at an eight-hour driving distance.

I believe there are seven pink lakes in Australia. However, Lake Hillier is the most popular pink lake. There are numerous staying options surrounding the large pink lake in Hillier.

Harapan Rainforest, Indonesia One of the Most Beautiful Places in the World to Travel

Never ever miss a chance to see a rainforest anywhere in the world. Be it a rainforest in Sri Lanka or Amazon, or Thailand, they are simply bewitching with their diverse flora and fauna.

You would see incredibly colourful insects and reptiles in rainforests, especially, immediately after a spell of rain and sunshine.

As many as 300+ species of exotic birds spotted and identified in the Harapan rainforest, one of the beautiful and highly recommended tourist attractions/wildlife sightseeing places in the world.

Here are few colorful birds living in Harapan Rainforest:

  • Black-browed Barbet

Black-browed Barbet

  • Fire-tufted Barbet

Fire-tufted Barbet

What a lovely green bird!

  • Crestless Fireback

Crestless Fireback

Watch how dense is the Harapan rainforest is in the video below:

The video starts with the sighting of an endangered Sumatran Tiger in its own dense den. My God! Doesn’t the tiger look bulky and well-fed? There won’t be any dearth of prey for this big cat in the Harapan rainforest.

I don’t think anyone can see through the entire area of the Harapan rainforest as it comprises a mammoth 244, 000 acres!

However, there are several safari operators in the Harapan rainforest during the day and night.

Staying quarters in the Harappan rainforest, Sumatra Island, Indonesia

The Tianzi mountains of China, the Most Beautiful Places in the World to Travel

Dreamy, isn’t it? This is a very beautiful tourist attraction that finds its place in several travel reference sites.

The wispy fog can be seen (not seen through) most of the year but especially after every rain making the vegetation on the slopes of Tianzi Mountains dripping with fresh and lovely rain droplets.

China has so many enchanting and absolutely stunning places that the western world is oblivious of. Even the nearby Indians, Pakistanis, and Sri Lanks are not frequently traveling to China.

They are missing a lot.

The beautiful Tianzi mountains are located in Suoxi Valley located about 200 km from Yiyang city in China. The limestone rock formations with towering and rugged cliffs shrouded in fog are a treat to watch.

Ithaa Undersea restaurant, Maldives

Oh, for a change, don’t eat the fish but with them. I was wondering how diners would reach the beautiful undersea restaurant without getting wet.

However, when I saw the video above, it was so simple; the couple, hand-in-hand, just walked down a flight of stairs to the underwater restaurant located sixteen below the surface of the water.

Awesome-isn’t it?

The underwater restaurant is located in Maldives’s Rangali Island, the unmatchable paradise on the Earth.

The Maldives is a dream destination for every one of us. Its beaches, marine life, avifauna, and the food are big attraction factors. Now, added to other things to do in the Maldives is this restaurant sitting under the sea.

This world’s incredible feat of architecture is frequently mentioned in top travel magazines, travel reference sites, and search engines.

The Hand in the Desert, Chile

The Hand in the Desert

The hand jutting out of a desert’s surface looks almost real and eerie too, reminding some of the horror movies we have seen.

This surreal hand is a sculpture seen in Chile’s  Atacama desert, one of the driest places on earth.

The sculptor meant it to be symbolic of loneliness. What an imagination!

More than the sculpted hand out of the earth, I think the symbolism is what that beckons tourists of South America.

Ubatuba, Brazil

Most Beautiful Places in the World to Travel Ubatuba

Do you know why this small town on Brazil’s southeast coast appears in the top travel reference sites? Do you wonder why it rated as one of the must-see tourist attractions in South America?

Man, Unatuba has-hold your breadth! It has one hundred beaches!

The image above is the view of its stunningly beautiful coast.

The names of some of the gorgeous beaches in Ubatuba are:

  • Lázaro
  • Grande
  • Maranduba

Ubatuba is the site of several world surfing competitions.

When you are satiated with beaches and surfing, take a break to visit the Serra do Mar rainforest that is home over 550 species of birds including resident and migratory birds.

Sinharaja Rainforest, Sri Lanka

Sinharaja RainforestMost Beautiful Places in the World to Travel

For its rich biodiversity and wildlife, the Simharaja rainforest reserve declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Another reason for its prestigious world status is some of the wildlife in this evergreen rainforest is endemic!

Wildlife you can spot in this highly recommended tourist attraction by the top travel reference sites are:

  • Leopards
  • Striped Mongoose
  • Purple-faced Langurs
  • Whistling Lizard

If you are a bird-watching enthusiast, you would spend hours (if not lucky) to spot this most beautiful bird ‘Blue Magpie’.

Blue Magpie

Here is another striking bird called Red-faced Malkoha:

Red-faced Malkoha

Coming to the end of most beautiful places in the world to travel mentioned and recommended by travel reference sites and world-class travel magazines, I am of the opinion that these ten must-see places in the world deserve their places on the list.

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