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6 Red Sand Beaches in the World

by Jane Sophia
Red Sand Beaches in the World

We all visit beaches either in our hometown such as Kerala or on a distant travel destination such as Greece or Australia. We choose Red Sand Beaches to go to with our family, mainly to enjoy splashing in the sea, lying down on a beach chaise to sunbathe or play beach volleyball or just stay in our beachfront hotel balcony and gaze at the infinite horizon.

There are some tourists who visit beaches in various parts of the world just to see the different colored beach sand such as back sand, green sand, red sand, and even pink sand. For them, the beach sand color is the attraction factor.

In this article, we will visit some of the beaches in the world where the sand color is red. Red colored sand means the presence of iron in the sand that might have gotten into the sand due to the erosion of nearby iron-rich rocks.

Red sand beaches are scattered across the world. Hawaii is the only country in the world where you can see several; colored sand beaches including the black sand beach that occurs due to volcanic activity in the region.

  1. Kaihalulu Red Sand Beaches, Hawaii

Kaihalulu Red Sand Beaches

If you search for world’s best red sand beaches, this Hawaiian beach occupies the top of the list. I think it is because, when compared to other red sand beaches in the world, this is the ‘reddest’ beach sand.

The Kaihalulu beach wearing the red sand is located on the Hawaiian Island of Maui. While it is not difficult to access this island, it is not so easy to go to the red sand beach bay at Kaihalulu because you have to walk a long way on a slippery cliff to reach the red sand beach.

I am sure I won’t be interested in traveling a long way to see a red sand beach. I like the usual sand colored beaches. Even black sand on some beaches that I have visited is passable to me.

  1. Legzira Red Sand Beaches, Morocco

Well, I wouldn’t call it is red sand but surely, there is a tinge of ‘rust’ color is present on the sand. I have heard much about Morocco and especially about its exotic street food. Maybe one day I will make it but it will be to taste the Moroccan cuisine as well as setting my feet on this red sand beach, just for the sake of it. After all, I have arrived in Morocco; so I will as well visit the red colored Legzira beach and take a selfie, just to prove that I have actually gone there.

The vast 8 km expanse of Legzira beach is famous for several water sports such as surfing and para-gliding.

Legzira Red Sand Beaches

That’s a massive red rock arch on the Morocco beach. I believe there were two such naturally formed structures and one of them collapsed two years back.

  1. Cavendish Red Sand Beach in Canada

Yes, not exactly red but a slight reddish color on the sand is visible even to my aging eyes. This red sand beach is located in Prince Edward Island National Park, Canada.

The red sand Cavendish beach is quite long, extending up to 8 km, providing plenty of room to roam around, swim and splash.

I read the entire coast of 800 km Prince Edward Island is reddish. That must be a stunning sight if viewed from a plane or a cliff.

There are several beach-facing cottages in Cavendish beach for a weekend holiday.

  1. Kokkini Red Sand Beaches in Greece

Ah, clearly red sand beach! The Greek beaches always enchant us in some way or the other. All those stunning Greek islands have unique beaches with different colored sand or rocky backdrop or too small in size that we can walk across the island.

Even this Kokkini beach with red sand has the backdrop of cliffs from where the red sand beach is simply captivating.

Kokkini beach is located in Santorini Island, Greece. The surrounding sea is the lovely Mediterranean.

  1. Vermelha Beach, Brazil


Hmm…red sand beach? I would not say so but all the world conforms with the view, so I better go with them.

Vermelha red beach is located in Rio de Janeiro, a very populous city of Brazil in South America. The name Vermelha itself means ‘red’.

However,  Praia Vermelha city is the smallest one in Rio de Janeiro. Since the sea water is not all that clean, people refrain from swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. They talk a long walk through a scenic walking trail called Pista Cláudio Coutinho.

  1. Porto Covo Beach in Portugal

Porto Covo

The red is only a tinge in this highly visited Portuguese beach called Porto Covo, about 100 km from Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.

Compared to the number of black sand and white sand beaches, the red sand beaches are very less only. Nevertheless, that doesn’t deter tourists who like to visit off-beat colored sand beaches in the world.

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