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6 Highly Visited Ski Resorts in the World

by Jane Sophia
Highly Visited Ski Resorts in the World

Winter is here and will stay till April in most parts of the world. While snow is yet to fall in the U.S. many other colder regions in the world such as Canada have started receiving the white flakes from the heaven. 90% of the Americans and the Europeans are expected to stay indoors throughout the Christmas holidays. They are already busy gathering ideas for Christmas decoration, preparing a list of people to whom gifts should be given, and buying new dresses. What about the remaining 10% of the people? They must be thinking of highly visited ski resorts to go for the winter and spend the Christmas Eve in a remotely located skiing destination where there will be like-minded adventure enthusiasts.

Skiers choose a ski resorts based on:

  • Well equipped and fully furnished all-inclusive package
  • High quality and warm restaurants
  • Great slopes for veterans and gentle slopes for beginner skiers
  • Other adventure activities organized by the resorts
  • Number of nearby attractions

Based on such travel-friendly parameters, here are 6 highly visited ski resorts in the world that are highly recommended by frequent skiers.

  1. 1. Niseko Highly Visited Ski Resorts, Hokkaido, Japan

Are you surprised to find a ski resort in Japan that occupies the top position in the list of 6 highly visited ski resorts in the world? You expected a Canadian or a Swiss ski resort at the top of the list-eh?

Well, you must remember Japan is not far off from the dreaded Siberia, world’s coldest region throughout the year. Naturally, all those stormy winds off Siberia are depositing the snow in the Hokkaido mountains in Japan.

Niseko , the Highly Visited Ski Resorts

Niseko’s skiing slopes are frequented more by the Japanese mainly. I read the westerners don’t patronage the Japanese snow-clad mountains much. It is certainly odd as; after all, the snowy mountains of Hokkaido Island offer fantastic skiing slopes.

The four highly visited ski resorts in Niseko, Japana.

  • The Niseko Village Ski Resort
  • Niseko Hanazono skiing station
  • The Niseko Annupuri Ski Resort
  • Niseko Grand Hirafu Ski Resort

Other places of attractions near Niseko:

  • Mount Yotei, a dormant volcano
  • Hot springs
  • Several golf courses
  • Whitewater rafting in Shiribetsu River

Of all the above attractions apart from skiing, I think the availability of golf courses is the major attraction factor.

  1. 2. Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico

Highly Visited Ski Resorts

This alpine ski resort in New Mexico is situated at an elevation of 12,481 feet! Contrastingly, the Taos is a desert town surrounded by the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

The ski resort is located in Taos ski valley is unbelievable thinly populated. As of 2008, just 69 people were counted to be living there.

  1. 3. Bridger Bow Skiing Station, Bozeman, Montana

I am happy to find Montana in the list of the best ski resorts in the world. I am madly in love with Montana State in the U.S. Its mountains, meadows, river streams, and forests are the hallmark of Montana’s natural beauty.

In Montana, Bozeman is a small town where the Bridge Bowl skiing station is located. The elevation of the snow-capped mountains where the snowboarding activity begins in the winter is 8400 feet!

The ski slopes are said to be challenging that would scare the newbie skiers. Montana ski resort is rather secluded but extremely thrilling. Passionate skiers who like less crowded skiing trails, prefer Bozeman ski station in Montana.

  1. 4. Zermatt Ski Resort, Switzerland

Do you think I should have placed this Swiss ski resort at the top of this of the highly visited ski resorts in the world being a Swiss located skiing destination?

Well, I already cited the reason for listing Niseko, Japan at the first place in the list.

Switzerland has several places to ski but this one at Zermatt is rated highly because it offers great slopes for the daring skiers.

You watched the video above. That skier was descending the snowy Matterhorn Mountain at break-neck speed!

  1. 5. Kitzbühel Highly Visited Ski Resorts, Austria

Skiing is a passionate sport for the Austrians. Their country is blessed with ideal skiing mountains and long winter period, thus attracting the skiers for a busy 5 months time.

I read skiing is a passionate activity in Kitzbühel. It has been so for over a century! The skiing area is vast, spreading over two states in Austria! If you measure the exact distance where a skier can hope to slide on the snow slope, it will be 230 km!

Austrian ski resorts attract a huge crowd. To serve all those eager skiers, there are more than 50 chair lifts to take them to the beginning of skiing mark.

  1. 6. Steamboat Springs Highly Visited Ski Resorts, Colorado

Steamboat Springs Ski resorts

The world famous Steamboat Springs Ski Resort is situated at a height of 10,500 feet on Mount Werner, which is part of the Routt National Forest. There is also skiing school run by the Steamboat Springs and has been consistently producing professional skiers who have also won some Olympic Medals for America.

These 6 ski resorts in the world are highly visited ski resorts in the world.

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