5 Best Camping Site in Colorado and Utah Area

by Jane Sophia
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Finally, the winter is about to recede and the pleasant and beautiful spring is peeking out. This makes the outdoor-lovers to dig out their camping gears and accessories and start planning weekend camping getaways at the remarkable Camping Site.

The regulars know which best-camping site is near their location. Sometimes, they also travel to neighboring states and cities and pitch their tents on new camping areas. The newcomers usually look up the Internet for ideal camping grounds.

In order to serve them, I am here to report about some beautiful and convenient camping site places in Utah, Colorado and Montana area.

So, lets us get a little adventurous and go wild on some of the best lakefront camping site or camping locales in jungles and on scenic hilltops.

Camping Site of Canyonlands, Utah

Canyonlands National Park is perhaps the most stunning camping site in and around Utah. As a matter of fact, the regions surrounding Utah, Colorado, and Arizona offer excellent camping site because of a diverse landscape such deserts, gorges, mesas, and vast wilderness. There is that mighty Colorado River, the banks of which can serve as great camp site. Other vantage tenting locales are:

  • Island in the Sky is an imposing flat-land with great views.

CANYONLANDS Camping site

  • Rock formations in the Needles

Canyonlands best for camping site

The Needles is widely known to offer wonderful camping site. I read there are as many as 27 campsites that are good to either park your RV or erect your canvas tent. Since you will have the company with several fellow campers, your stay is said to be safe.

How to reach the camping site located in and around the Canyonlands, Utah?

The nearest city is Moab and it is located 50 km northeast of Canyonlands camping locations. Moab is connected from Salt Lake City, Utah by flights.

Camping Site at Arches National Park, Moab, Utah

Arches National Park is ideally bordered by the Colorado River for camping enthusiasts who cannot resist pitching their overnight camp or parking the RV.

The Arches National Park comprises of over 2000 arch formations and all of them are formed out of sandstone, one of the sophisticated building materials. The best campgrounds in the area surrounding the Arches Park are:

  • Devils Garden
  • Balanced Rock ArcheNationalPark

How to reach the Arches National Park?

Again, your first destination should be the Moab. From there it is only about 8 km. For train buffs, getting to Arches Park campsites is easy; the Amtrak operates a train up to Green River, Utah that is 72 km from the park’s entry point. If they prefer to board their train from the Grand Junction, Colorado, it will be 175 km ride.

Camping Site around Glacier National Park, Montana

camping site Glacier National Park

I would say entire Montana is a camping ground because of the breathtaking landscape such as clear lakes, rugged mountains, alpine meadows, and ages-old glaciers. The choicest of the camping site is the Kinta Lake Campground.

Glacier National Park is quite a vast area comprising of over 4000 sq.km extending up to the Canadian border. The famous Sun Road is a fantastic camping ground and hikers trail that runs to 1120 km.

Another spectacular Camping Site is on the shores of beautiful Hidden Lake that is surrounded by great mountains that include

camping site around Glacier hidden lake

  • Bear hat Mountain
  • Clements Mountain
  • Reynolds Mountain

How to reach the Glacier National Park, Montana.

You can choose to land at any one of the two airports based on your point of entry into the park.

Kalispell is close to the west gate and is about 30 minutes drive by car.

Spokane is also a convenient point of boarding but it takes about 5 hours. Try to plan your trip between July and August when the weather conditions are ideal for campers.

Camping Site near Estes Park, Rocky Mountains, Colorado.


If you are familiar with the landscape of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado, then, you know it is an area of campers’ paradise. Miles and miles of the Rocky Mountains peaking at over 14,000 feet offer superb camping spots for tenting and parking your RV.

Camping at Estes Park in the Rocky Mountain National Park is said to last for more than a weekend if you want to spot elk and bears. During the daytime, campers hit the Trail Ridge Road that runs 77 km at an elevation of over 12,000 feet and explore several forest walking trails.

If you have allocated more time to sightseeing, it is worthy to make a visit to the Roosevelt National Forest. One more adventure the campers indulge in is to take a ride in the Estes Park Aerial Tramway that connects the peak of Prospect Mountain.

Camping Site around Bear Lake, Rocky Mountains, Colorado.

Bear Lake

Lakefront camping sites are very convenient spots for campers because of the waterfront. The availability of fresh water is an essential commodity for any camping site. In addition, lakes offer fish to make lunch. You can spend quality time in angling; quite a lazy pastime.

Bear Lake is a scenic spot inside the Rocky Mountain National Park, situated at an elevation of 9,450 feet. Bear Lake Trailhead lies on the trekking path to the Hallett Peak

Staying options near Bear Lake Trailhead.

If you are thinking to plan your camping getaway in the Rocky Mountains area, Colorado, there are abundant hotels, lodges and guest houses nearby.

The best hotel closest to Bear Lake Trailhead, Colorado depends on your budget of course. Be smart while booking your hotel by looking out for last minute deals in any of the hotels booking aggregators such as booking.com

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