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5 Perfect Babymoon Vacation Ideas in India

by Jane Sophia

So, the Indian moms are sending their expectant daughters on Babymoon vacations to top destinations that are not too far from their home.

Babymoon is a rather new phrase that is catching the fascination of would-be mothers and they are seriously doing research on the web to find great hidden destinations that are ideal for a babymoon.

What exactly is a ‘babymoon’?

A babymoon points to the period during which the would-be parents should relax in a quiet and naturally beautiful place before the arrival of a new baby and the stress and anxiety that follows. It’s a sort of recharging your batteries before giving birth.

We all know honeymoon. I think what follows after the honeymoon is poetically called ‘babymoon’. Beautiful! I commend the person who coined that phrase.

Now that you know what a babymoon is and who it is for, you would certainly like to know what the perfect babymoon vacation ideas in India are.

Which destinations are suitable for babymoon vacation?

The basic idea for the ‘parents-to-be’ couples is to spend quality time in a quiet place. Ideally, there should not be much socializing during the babymoon period. The expecting woman should talk it out with her husband about how they are looking forward to the arrival of their baby, what sort of adjustments they have to do in their home so that the baby’s arrival doesn’t cause any inconvenience to other family members.

The destinations for babymoon could be even a popular holiday destination such as a hill station or a coastal city but the point is to find a secluded place to stay.

When should a babymoon vacation start?

It should be during the second or third trimester when the initial discomfort of pregnancy such as the morning sickness has subsided.

The perfect babymoon vacation ideas in India

The babymoon vacation destination should be preferably not far from your home. The idea is to travel less and stay more time at the vacation spot.

Best Babymoon Vacation in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Islands are anytime perfect for a honeymoon. If a place is good for honeymoon, then, it is good for babymoon also-right? Islands offer stupendous beach resorts overlooking the sea. The would-be mom is advised to spend some time at the beach, wetting her feet. The soothing feeling will also be felt by the life in the womb. Hence, the first idea of a coastal place for babymoon makes sense-eh?

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

I believe there are overwater bungalows in Andaman which are much better accommodations than a hotel room. The parents-to-be should spend more time outside than getting lodged up in a walled enclosure.

Traveling to Andaman doesn’t take much time and doesn’t cause fatigue to the pregnant woman.

babymoon beach

Instead of staying in Port Blair, choose a less crowded Neil Island. Another island that is suitable for babymooners is Jolly Buoy Island because it is located away from Port Blair, the capital of Andaman and Nicobar. While the mom-to-be sits and gaze the horizon, the dad-to-be can explore the quiet island’s attractions that include:

  • submerged corals
  • mangrove swamps
  • tropical rainforests
  • lovely white sand beaches

The Ideal Place for Babymoon Vacation in India: Goa

“Ah, Goa” is what you will exclaim whenever someone invites you for a short stay. Goa has that instant attraction for every Indian mainly because of the ultimate casual atmosphere. No one looks at you whether you are impeccably dressed or lying in a beachside hammock dressed sparingly. That’s why the beaches of Goa are good for babymoon destinations.

Goa Babymoon Destination

Though Goa is a very popular holiday destination, not all beaches are crowded; there are some exceptions. The Mandrem beach is one such example of a quiet beach in Goa. It is located at a distance of 25 km from Panaji, between Ashwem and Arambol beach.

Babymooners who seek peace and solitude should prefer to stay near this beach. My research revealed the Treebo Maison Ocean Beach Resort as the best among other Goan beach resorts.

Babymoon vacation TreeBo Ocen Beach Resort

Look at it! It is situated on the fringe of the beach. Lovely location for babymooners!

Best Babymoon Vacation Diu Island

Diu is an island in India that was a Portuguese settlement once. The beach is an absolute haven for privacy seekers and it is ‘serene’ written all over it.

babymoon destination Diu

As it is near the coast of Gujarat, you will find the colors and cultures of Gujarat in every hotel, food, festival and the language. Oh, yes, you can booze in Diu in spite of being in Gujarat. Hey babymooners, did you take a note of it?

Diu island is connected to the mainland of Gujarat by a bridge. The nearest big city is Rajkot, 215 km away.

Best suited Babymoon Hill Retreat Munnar

blackberryresorts, Munnar

Liked what you saw? I am sure you want to the address of it. Here it is:

Bison Valley Road, Pothamedu, Munnar, India

+91 486 523 2978

Kerala is full of natural retreats and spa centers and thus it is an excellent destination for babymooners. There is a tendency among the expectant parents to opt for a beautiful hill station for their babymoon vacation.

BabbyMoon Destination Munnar

Of all the hill resorts in Kerala, Munnar is the best and I would single out the Blackberry Hills Retreat and Spa as the most preferred destination for both honeymoon and babymoon couples who can sit together hours on, holding hands and eyeing the passing mist. It’s a cool place, folks!

House Boats in Alleppey, Kerala

What better place to stay hidden for babymoon couples than a boathouse in the backwaters of Kerala? Your privacy is 100% guaranteed. Not even a small fish will peek out of the waters to look at you. The time is all yours to discuss your impending parenthood.

Alleppey is well connected by rail and road. The nearest airport is at Cochin that is 75 km away.

Coming to think of it, I would rate the houseboat staying in Kerala as the best option for babymoon vacation destination.


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