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7 Lovely Lakeside Resorts in United States

by Jane Sophia
Priest Lakeside Resorts

Only smart people in America choose to stay in Lovely Lakeside Resorts during their vacation. In fact, they find it difficult to choose as to which lake town they should plan for the upcoming holiday as there are more than a whopping 100 thousand lakes in America.

That many lakes in picturesque settings would certainly open up an argument among family members as each would fancy more than one lakeside retreat. Well, the argument is a healthy one as it throws a chance to weigh the pros and cons of a lake town.

Nevertheless, wise people would first select a lovely lake near their hometown before exploring farther lakeside resorts destination.

Every state in the U.S. will have more than one lake where one can either pitch up a camp to enjoy the nature or choose to stay in a hotel or cottage.

I have selected a handful of beautiful lakes in the U.S. which can help you to decide your next vacation in Lovely Lakeside Resorts.

  1. 1. Meredith Lakeside Resorts, New Hampshire

lake winnipesaukee Lakeside Resorts

Boston, the home of New England citizens is a blessed city in the U.S. The lucky people need to drive only an hour and a half to reach Meredith which is right on the banks of Lake Winnipesaukee.

Lake Winnipesaukee

Credit:Mark Crawley

Contact: Mill Falls at the Lake Phone: 844-745-2931


  1. 2. Lake Lure, North Carolina

Lake Lure

I have heard a lot of about the scenic drives in North Carolina and I recently only came to know about Lake Lure, a lakeside town located in Rutherford Country. Surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, in the Appalachian Mountain Range, Lake Lure is only 60 minutes from Asheville. Loaded with several water sports such as wakeboarding, boating, water skiing, and boat rides, you can have a fun time in Chimney Rock State Park.

The most reviewed hotel in Lake Lure is Grafton Lodge, located at 122 Harris Rd, Lake Lure, NC 28746.

Phone: +1 828-625-5567


The Grafton Lodge is very conveniently located near the Chimney Rock State Park. It is only about 3 km away.

Grafton Lodge

  1. 3. Priest Lakeside Resorts, Idaho

Priest Lake, Idaho

That looks absolutely beautiful-isn’t it? I think the best time to visit the Priest Lake is summer time as it can get very cold, in fact even freeze during winter because of its proximity to Canada. The Canadian border is only 24 km away. To stay in Lake Lure, you should book one of the several cabins that line the shoreline of the lake. There are various sizes of cabins for rent overlooking the Priest Lake in Idaho.

Google to know all about the truckload of amenities, locations, pricing, reviews, and booking.

  1. 4. Lake George, Bolton Landing, New York

Lake George is located at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in New York.

Lake George, Bolton Landing Lakeside Resorts

Yes, it is a very scenic place and the mountains you see bordering the lake is the famous Adirondack Mountains.

If you are struck by the beauty of this lake town, you should choose to stay in the Sagamore Resort that offers rooms with breathtaking views of the sprawling lake. The lakeside resorts offers to engage the guests with various adventure activities such as parasailing, water skiing, and trekking along the shores of the lake. One can also have a swing or two in the large golf course or play a game of tennis too.

Please call Sagamore Resort +1 866.384.1944 for inquiries and booking. You can also browse their website

  1. 5. Table Rock Lakeside Resorts, Branson, Missouri

Table Rock Lake is an artificial lake. In fact, it is actually a reservoir for the Table Rock Dam at the foothills of Ozark Mountains, Missouri.

Table Rock Lake

The best place to stay in this lakeside town is Big Cedar resort. They offer several lodging options that include lakeside cottages, log cabins, cottages on a hillock with a terrific view of the Ozark Mountains and the Table Rock Lake.

The in-built restaurant is said to serve delicious and hygienic food. The Big Cedar lakeside resorts has a gym and spa.

The guests can avail various adventure activities such as golf, lakeside walking, mountain biking, canoeing, wakeboarding, kayaking, golf, and horse riding.

To access this lakeside resorts from Branson, one has to drive just 16 km.

lakeside resorts from Branson

For more information and booking, visit their website

  1. 6. Lake Austin, Austin, Texas

Lake Austin Lakeside Resorts

Absolutely serene looking place! Lake Austin is also a reservoir in Austin fed by the River Colorado. There is a lovely Emma Long Metropolitan Park near the Lake Austin where the visitors to the lake gather for a family picnic. Another attraction in the vicinity of Lake Austin is the Mayfield Park.

The recommendations are high for hotel Austin Barton Creek Resort and Spa that is built in a whopping 4000 acres! OMG, that must be huge and you certainly require a vehicle to go around this lakeside resorts properties. The rooms have all the modern amenities. There is nothing missing.

Here are some facilities that would blow your mind.

  • 11 tennis courts
  • 4 golf courses
  • 4 restaurants


A terrific choice-this lakeside resorts in Austin, Texas.

  1. 7. Cheyenne Lakeside Resorts, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Cheyenne Lake, Lakeside Resorts

Whatever may be your choice of room in this lakeside, your peace would be guaranteed. Look at the laid-back atmosphere. I could almost hear the sound of silence. This place is oozing calmness and privacy.

For lakeside resorts, you can explore the possibilities of staying in The BroadMoor. It is ideally located at the base of scenic mountains and gorges. The lakeside resorts offers a wide range of adventure activities such as zip-lining rock climbing and horse riding. These power sports are ideal for the rustic settings around the Cheyenne Lake.

Among the various types of accommodations, choose any one of the wilderness cabins that would enhance your rustic feelings.


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