9 Popular Places of Tourist Interest in North Goa

by Jane Sophia

Immediately after the monsoon recedes in Goa, the tourists start pouring in more particularly to North Goa. This should happen anytime by the end of August. Out of 12 months in a year, only 3 months can be called as the off-season in Goa, India’s second most tourist attraction. The first place always goes to Kerala, the God’s own country.

The Goa state is divided into two parts, the north, and the south. It is only for tourist interests. I don’t think there is an official division. In any case, we are not bothered by it. We are only interested in all the things to see and to do as a tourist.

Though Goa is a place of fun and frolic, there is no dearth of religious places, especially for the Christians. There are stunning churches built during the Portuguese colonial rule.

Goa beckons with its beautiful beaches on the Arabian Sea coast, numerous water sports, tall churches and abundant booze, and gourmet seafood cooked in Konkan style.

Let us go over 10 best tourist attractions of North Goa.

Aguada Beach, North Goa

Aguada Beach, North Goa

I had been to Goa. Not all the beaches are as clean as Aguada Beach in North Goa. I think mainly because of its cleanliness, it has become a popular tourist attraction. As a tourist, you would be first attracted by the Aguada Fort situated on a cliff facing the Arabian Sea.

Aguada fort, North Goa

After lazing around on the sunny beach for a long time, you can braze up yourself to watch the spectacular sunset over the horizon.

There is quite a demand for the massage parlors in all of Goa and the Aguada beach in north Goa is no exception.

The best option to stay in Aguada Beach, the Aguada resort is highly recommended for its stunning views of the beach and beyond. It is built on a cliff.

Baga Beach, North Goa

Baga Beach, North Goa

At the time of taking this photo, the beach is very less crowded but otherwise, it is popular among foreign tourists mainly who love the backdrop of a small hillock on the beach. One more reason for their liking of the Baga beach is the excellent food some of the restaurants serve.

The adjoining Calangute beach is usually over-crowded and some of the tourists walk across to Baga beach. A catamaran ride on the Arabian sea is the most exciting experience. A catamaran is open on all sides and you have no choice but to get fully drenched by the salty water.

If you are lucky, you can spot a few Dolphins during your boat ride on the sea.

Parasailing is also offered at Baga beach to experienced sailors.

 Calangute Beach, North Goa

Calangute Beach, North Goa

As you can see, the beach is dotted with a row of sundecks put up for sunbathers.

By far the most visited beach in North Goa, the Calangute beach is an extension of Baga beach. The Calangute beach is also thronged by gastronomes for the piping hot range of seafood that you can eat in beachside small eateries.

Apart from water skiing, parasailing is an active water sport here.

Parasailing North Goa

Because of the popularity of the Calangute Beach and the number tourists that seem to linger around always, one can find several souvenir stalls, mini kiosks selling fried fish and lobsters, beer and trinkets and other paraphernalia made of seashells and cattle horns.

I have seen attractive and bigger gifts shops owned by Tibetans, Kashmiris selling exquisite handicrafts of their own state.

Since it is a destination exclusive for freaking out, no one bothers you even when it is crowded. Do you know that the Calangute beach is one of the top ten beaches in the world that are ideal for splashing around?

Dona Paula, Goa

Dona Paula, Goa

Once a village, it is now a tourist attraction in Goa, though, not all tourists would be interested in as it is now the place for the National Institute of Oceanography. However, since it is where several (90+) hotels and guest houses are available, tourists need to visit Dona Paula whether they go and see the Oceanography Institute or not. Dona Paula beach is a fairly large beach where the Zuari river joins the Mandovi River.

Dona Paula is said to be the rendezvous for lovers of Goa but I do not find any couples that looked like lovers in the video of Dona Paula below.

Goa State Museum

I would say it is only an art gallery and not in the true realms of a museum. I saw a huge collection of wooden items, artwork made of bronze, some rock relics and numerous coins of various ages and periods. If I again go to North Goa, I will not spare time to visit the Goa State Museum. It is simply not my interest.

 Mangueshi Temple, North Goa

Mangueshi Temple

Ah, it is very beautiful indeed! The color of the painting is aesthetically conceived. This Hindu temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva who is called as Mangesh in this part of India. The presence of the Nandi statue proves it is a Shiva temple. Other notable attractions in the temple are:

  • Deepastahmbam (the tower of light)
  • Water tank
  • Assembly hall
  • Numerous Chandeliers

Arvalem Waterfalls, North Goa

The Arvalem Waterfalls is situated in Sanquelim, Goa. Look at the road leading to the waterfalls and the Pandava caves! It is lush green all the way-right? To see the falling water, you must see it only between June and September when the monsoon is active.

Backwaters of Chapora River

Chapora River

This is a lovely tourist attraction in North Goa. What you see in the image is a boathouse smoothly sailing on the backwaters of Chapora river.

 Bicholim city, North Goa

It is a beautiful city in the North Goa. The Aravelem waterfalls is only a short distance away from here. A lovely picnic spot abutting the Mayem lake and a lovely countryside are the top tourist attractions of Bicholim city.

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