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Float Trip: White Water Rafting Montreal

by Jane Sophia
Float Trip White Water Rafting Montreal

Here is something extraordinary adventure spot near Montreal.

How about getting onboard an inflatable float and moving through this breathtaking canyon? Moreover, imagine you are all alone on the float without anyone to hear your scream of delight! Won’t that be an experience of a lifetime.

Just like in movies, you can undertake this adventurous journey.

There is no dearth of adventure spots in Canada. However, I reckon this is one of the best.

Before reading further, here is another image of the gorge that is known as ‘Ausable Chasm’.

Where in Montreal can you take this ‘float trip’?

Well, it is not exactly Montreal but in Keeseville, New York. You need to drive two hours to reach the New York border.


Try to be as early as 8 am in Keeseville to get your ‘inflatable float’.

The gorge or canyon was formed millions of years ago. The Ausable River must have caused the persistent erosion of the rocks that resulted in the present canyon that is fondly called the ‘Little Grand Canyon of the East’.

The river on which you float finally empties its possession in Lake Champlain.

How long is the floating experience?

The length is a little more than 3 km which I think you can cover in as many minutes.

Yes, the thrilling experience last only a few minutes.

However, there are other adventure activities in Ausable Chasm.

You can climb (or try to climb) the rocks. You can join other visitors on a hike up to the top of the cliff for a breathtaking view of the canyon and the winding river.

I read even mountain biking adventure is available. I suppose, bicycles are let out for a few bucks.

Is there any organized float trip in Ausable Chasm?

Yes, there are two float trips. One tour starts on May 20 and the other tour called ‘tube trip’ begins only in July.

Inquire if the website arranges a kayak for you. Depending on the present water current, you will receive a reply.

I read one organized tour also includes a guided hiking session.

It might interest you to know that the Ausable Chasm is part of the highly popular ‘Adirondacks’ region.

Ausable Chasm

You can also stay overnight near the canyon. More than 10 hotels offer you a chance to select according to your budget.


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