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World’s Most Scenic Nandini Jungle Resort and Spa, Bali

by Jane Sophia
Nandini Jungle Resort and Spa

The Nandini Jungle Resort and Spa is one such place. Imagine an individual villa located on a mountain slope, one below the other. How will they look like?

Some hotels or resorts don’t need a review on Trip Advisor or in similar hotel review sites. Just a few photographs or one or two videos of the resorts would instantly convince you that it is where you are going to stay. I mean you don’t require others’ opinions to make up your mind.

Add thick rainforest, a gurgling Ayung River, exotic birds songs, and the most delicious food cooked with the freshest of vegetables and tropical fruits to your visualization.

Do you get the whole picture of the location of Nandini Jungle Spa and Resort?

Now, look at the video below and see if it matches your visualization.

I am giving below an image to justify my claim that the Nandini Jungle Resort is the most scenic resort in the world.

Scenic Nandini Jungle Resort and Spa

Location of Nandini Jungle Resort and Spa

I am sure you want to know where exactly is this jungle resort is located.

It is located in a place called Payangan, near Ubud, Bali Island, Indonesia.

The full address of Nandini Jungle Resort and Spa

Nandini Bali Jungle Resort & Spa Br.Susut, Desa Buahan, Payangan, Gianyar BaliIndonesia

Phone:  +62-361 982 777


Here is one more breathtaking aerial view of Nandini Jungle Resort

Nandini Jungle Resort and Spa, Bali

First, I will tell you the types of accommodations offered by Nandini Jungle Resort, the facilities, and the amenities accompanying the resort followed by:

  • how to reach Ubud
  • the beauty of Ubud
  • sightseeing attractions in Ubud
  • what to eat

Nandini Jungle Resort and Spa’s location is nothing short of dreamy. The whole place is absolutely calm and tranquil. Here, you don’t need any external motivation such as music, spa, massages etc to relax though they are the very essential facilities offered by the resort.

The moment you reach the jungle, a sense of relaxation enshrouds you. You look forward to an undisturbed stay.

Types of accommodation offered in Nandini Jungle Resort and Spa.

There is nothing but villas here and they are named as:

  • Jungle view villa
  • Sunrise view villa
  • New panorama villa

Since the villas are built on the mountainous slope of rainforest, you will feel as if you have all the scenic jungle to yourself when you step out on the deck of your villa.

All the villas are designed as a traditional Balinese villa wherein more wood is used but still provide you with 5-star comforts.

The Nandini Jungle Resort  and Spa offers 18 Balinese villas with the state of the art amenities and facilities that include:

  • Free Breakfast
  • Free Dinner
  • Gorgeous view of the forest and the Ayung.
  • Stylish bathroom
  • Hairdryer
  • Bathrobes
  • Bath slippers
  • Air conditioning
  • Coffee/tea maker
  • Smart TV
  • Safety locker
  • Spa on the river Ayong
  • Minibar
  • Internet
  • Balinese massage but just for once
  • Complimentary shuttle service to Ubud’s town area
  • Return airport transfer

I think you are satisfied with what is on offer at the beautiful Nandini Jungle Resort and Spa, Ubud, Bali.

Reaching Nandini Jungle, Ubud

From your place of departure, you must find a flight to Denpasar International Airport, Bali. From the airport, you can hire a taxi and reach Nandini Resort in about an hour. The drive will be scenic with the all rural Indonesia and the terraced paddy fields.

Beauty of Nandini Jungle, Ubud

Ubud is totally different from the rest of Bali or even Indonesia. This is where the true culture and life of Indonesian Hindus thrives. There are beautiful temples fragranced by the ever-burning incense sticks, well-dressed Balinese women, their enchanting folk dance, the traditional Balinese cuisine are all the hallmarks of Ubud.

Ubud ,Nandini Jungle Resort and Spa

Sungai Spa by the river bank:

You can experience the ultimate relaxation on Sungai Spa provided by highly skilled massage therapists and pedicure specialists.

Enjoy a full-body massage, avail a facial session or a thorough scrub with the pure river water in Sungai Spa.

Places to see in and around Ubud

  • Whitewater Rafting in Ayung River, Ubud, Bali

  • Stroll on the Jalan Raya Ubud

Jalan Raya Ubud

  • Book a Bali Safari & Marine Park
  • Visit the Setia Darma House of Masks and Puppets

Masks and Puppets

  • Trek up to the Tegenungan Waterfall

Tegenungan Waterfall

Ubud Monkey Forest

  • Visit the lovely Goa Gajah ‘Elephant Cave’

Elephant Cave

  • Take a hike on Campuhan Ridge Walk
  • Go around the various Hindu temples such as Saraswati Temple
  • Visit Bali Bird & Reptile Park
  • Boat ride to Lembongan Island

The best restaurant in Ubud, Bali

Though your stay in the Nandini Jungle Resort includes free breakfast and free dinner, you will still feel like going out to a local restaurant that serves 100% authentic Balinese cuisine-right?

Take the free shuttle service offered by the resort and ask around for the Locavore restaurant where you are promised a unique dining time. The ingredients are fully locally grown and chemical free cultivation that includes ‘lemon basil’. Wow! I would like to try that.

Try these delicacies in Locavore:

  • Caffeinated fish(?)
  • Passion fruit sorbet
  • Goar Tartare
  • Green asparagus and eggplant puree
  • Rambutan based sweet drink
  • In the drinks section, have a glass of vodka infused with red chilies and lemongrass.

The cocktails menu of Locavore is quite lengthy and would entice anyone to try all of them.

So, when you plan a trip to Bali Island, try to stay in the stunning Nandini Jungle Resort and Spa.


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Very beautiful, thanks for the information

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I have recently been to Bali and could identify with the pictures. I need to compliment you on the detailed information you have given. I loved the description and it stirs an urgency in me to head back there at the earliest. Great post!

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The place is wonderful, thanks for sharing with necessary details.


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