Resorts and Hotels to Stay in Poovar Island, Kerala

by Rangan Badri
Havelia Island Resort, Poovar Island

I must admit, I did not expect to receive so many emails recommending me the places to stay in Poovar Island, Kerala after my article regarding the sightseeing attractions in Poovar Island got published two days ago.

And I thought Poovar Island is a small place with only a few basic lodges apart from the floating bungalows offered by the Poovar Island Resort


I was really surprised by the quality of the few resorts and hotels that are available as staying options for tourists to Poovar Island.

Considering the limited number of attractions to see in Poovar Island, I thought people plan a day trip only to Poovar from Trivandrum where the lodging options are countless being the Kerala state capital.

I am giving below the resorts and hotel in Poovar that proved me wrong about my assumption.

Resorts and Hotels in Poovar Island

  • Estuary Island Resort, Poovar Island,

Address: Estuary Island Resort Rd, Poovar, Kerala 695525 Phone: 0471 222 9222 (This is an Indian landline telephone number)


Look at the image below showing the location of the Estuary Island Resort.

poovar estaury

What comes to your mind now? You must be thinking, “Oh man! I have never seen such a perfect island resort, not even in Bali”-am I reading your mind right?

You are correct! That’s truly a gorgeous location; everything about it screams it is a perfect island getaway resort.

It is a 5-star resort spread over a sprawling 16-acre land enshrouded in thick vegetation comprising mainly coconut trees. The estuary where the River Neyyar meets the Arabian Sea is a beautiful location of this resort in Poovar Island. It is a haven for several migratory birds that would keep even the most disinterested tourist to take casual photographs of the aqua birds with his mobile phone camera.

Just glance through what are all the amenities and facilities offered at Estuary Island Resort, Poovar.

There are as many as three swimming pools

Several gardens and parks

A restaurant that serves Malabar cuisine apart from North Indian food with dining on a deck facility.

Estuary Island Resort


Backwater Cruise (without a boat cruise in the backwaters, your Kerala holiday is not complete-eh?)

Backwater Cruise

Indoor and outdoor games

Types of accommodation at Estuary Island Resort, Poovar Island

There are about 5 different types of accommodations that are:

  • Garden Cottage
  • Garden Room
  • Estuary View Room
  • Leisure Villa

at Estuary Island Resort Poovar Island

  • Premium Cottage
  • Pool Villa

I would choose the Pool Villa if I am given a choice. See its image below and I am sure you will also do the same.

Estuary Island Resort, Poovar Island

  • Havelia Island Resort, Poovar Island

Address: K.P. Pozhiyoor, Poovar, Trivandrum, Kerala 695506 Mobile Phone: 81568 78925

Havelia Island Resort, Poovar Island

Forget about their other two types of rooms. The above image shows ‘deluxe riverside cottages’. Would you choose any other type of accommodation after seeing this? The cottages are neatly built on the shore of a typical Kerala backwater river.

Yes, you can expect to go on a boat ride too on the river. I believe the boat will arrive at your doorsteps (cottage door) and help you to hop on.

You are even allowed to do a bit of angling on the river. Knowing the marine life in the Kerala backwaters, I won’t be surprised (you too won’t be) if your catch can fill up a fairly big size bowl.

Your rooms will come with the inevitable wi-fi and air-conditioning. Look at here; there is also a swimming pool though your cottage itself stands right on top of the Poovar river! Uniquely, this Poovar resort named Havelia Island Resort provides a wheelchair access too. Kudos!

Food in Havelia Island Resort:

Apart from the unique Malabar food, you get to eat North Indian food and a few international dishes. The resort uses only organic vegetables and spices. You will love the seafood in Kerala.

Resort in Kerala without ayurvedic healthcare is like Rome without Pizza-eh? The Havelia Island Resort offers a full-fledged ayurvedic spa and energy rejuvenation studio.

What can you expect in the Ayurveda Parlour in Havelia Island Resort?

  • Exotic aromatic oil therapy
  • Natural cure for so many chronic illnesses such as aging, sinus, skin maladies, joint disorders, and even obesity!
  • Club Mahindra Resort, Poovar Island

Address: Poovar, Virali, Kakkoli, Pozhiyoor Post, Uchakkada, Trivandrum, 695513

Phone: 0471 221 3388 Mobile : 8943122295

Club Mahindra Resort, Poovar Island

Club Mahindra Poovar island resort built in the style of Kerala and smartly so. Club Mahindra quickly merges with local settings, not only in their buildings but also in food and other activities that can be witnessed as a local culture.

As an example, look at how the food is served at this Poovar resort:

Poovar island resort

The typical South Indian style of eating food, especially vegetarian food.

There will be a number of outdoor games facilities and the resort also conducts a few interactive games on scenic locales around the resort.

You can choose to stay either in a poolside villa or in a studio cottage. There will be a basic spa decorated in a rustic style that looks drab to me.

Club Mahindra spa

Adventure activities arranged the Club Mahindra Resort in Poovar Island:

You can participate in a guided tour of the Neyyar wildlife sanctuary or join trekkers and enjoy a scenic walk along the Neyyar River banks and through a mangrove forest. That would give you some exposure to various birds and colorful insects that become delicious prey to the birds,

Other places of sightseeing importance near the Club Mahindra Resort in Poovar Island:

  • Neyyar Dam
  • Boat ride on the river Neyyar
  • Spend some time in Hawah and Kovalam beaches

For budget travelers to Poovar, there is the Hotel Geethu International that can be contacted at 0471 221 3000 to inquire about the availability of the rooms.

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