Detailed Travel Guide to Kausani Hill Station Near New Delhi

by Jane Sophia
Nandadevi from Kausani

“ Kausani hill station near New Delhi? I have never heard of it before ” will be the reply from the majority of the people when questioned about their awareness about the pristine hill station near New Delhi, India.

Where is Kausani?

Kausani Hill Station map

Here is the detailed travel guide to Kausani, a very beautiful Himalayan hill station in Uttarakhand state’s Bageshwar district, that can be reached from Delhi by car in about 9 to 10 hours. The distance between New Delhi and this hill station is 400 km approximately.

Kausani, as shown in the map above, is on the way to Nainital, a more popular hill station near New Delhi. It is situated at an elevation of 6200 feet in the Himalayas.

What are the most spectacular aspects of Kausani?

  1. Panoramic view of Trishul, Nanda Devi, and Panchchuli

It offers the best view of Trishul, Nanda Devi, and Panchchuli, the three stupendous peaks in the Himalayan Hills. The view can be seen not just from an observation tower but from a very wide area; as wide as 300 km panoramic width.

Below is the video that shows the Trishul peak from this hill station.

  1. Stunning view of Someshwar Valley
  2. Breathtaking view of Garur and Katyuri valleys

Do you want any more reasons to go on a tour to Kausani? Nevertheless, there are many more things to see and do at Kasauni.

How to reach Kausani

By rail, Kathgodam railway station is the nearest rail link to this hill station that is only about 130 km away. Kathgodam is well-connected railway station from many parts of India.

Kathgodam station near to Kausani

Look at the location of the Kathgodam railway station set amidst the lush green hills of Kumaon.

If you want to reach Kausani faster, the nearest airport is at Pantnagar which is 160 km away from it. Limited flights are operated from Chennai, New Delhi, Bangalore, and Goa.

When can you go to Kasauni for a family holiday?

All hill stations in India are ideal to visit only during summer which is April to June. Winter season can be very chilly and the presence of snow will be a major impediment to sightseeing.

Where to stay in Kausani?

There is absolutely no dearth of hotels and cottages in this hill station. Since it is visited by all sorts of tourists from every part of India, lodging options are abundant to suit different sizes of wallets. About 15 hotels and three luxury resorts cater to the tourist needs in Kausani. However, there are no 5-star hotels here.

  • Try Hotel Buransh if you are ready to compromise with a 4-star hotel. It is located at HSCR, Baijnath Road, District Bageshwar, Kausani, Uttarakhand 263639

Phone: 05962 258 115. The hotel surrounded by dense green forest and offers excellent views of the Himalayas.

  • For ardent nature lovers, I would recommend the Nature’s Valley Resort that opens to several walking trails in the wooded hills of Kumaon.

Contact details of Nature’s Valley Resort:

ViewPoint, Baijnath Road, Next To Tea Factory, Village/ P.O. – Kausani, Distt. – Bageshwar, Uttarakhand – 263639

Phone: 05962-258112, +91 9012268888, 9690811119


Trisul from Kausani

What can you eat in Kausani?

All the restaurants that are attached to the hotels and resorts serve decent North Indian food and some of the restaurants serve Chinese food also. Try to eat only vegetarian food as it is said to be clean and fresh. If you prefer street food occasionally, try the hot and soft ‘momos’, a kind of stuffed dumplings.

Don’t forget to eat some of the local food of Kumaon. You can call them “Kumoani cuisine”.

  • Madua ki Roti – Nothing special about this flatbread made of all-purpose flour except that you can find ghee glistening at you.
  • Bhatt ke Dupke –a bowl of lentils that also serves the purpose of a soup.
  • Badee ki Sabzi – A vegetarian dish with thin gravy whose main ingredients are green peas, bottle gourd, tomato, and onion.

The best place to try the Kumaoni food is Yogi Restaurant. The name itself is suggestive of serving only vegetarian food. It is on Kausani High Street.

Places to see in Kausani.

Apart from a few places of importance, Kausani’s best place to see is its pine forest. Once you enter a pine forest, you are taken to a different world. You must experience it that can be memorable.

Anasakti Ashram

Anasakti Ashram

An ashram doesn’t excite everyone but a local guide will first take you here only as it is sacred to him. The Anasakti Ashram is also known as Gandhi Ashram. Mahatma Gandhi once stayed here for two weeks and named Kausani as the “Switzerland of India”.

Rudradhari Falls and Caves

Waterfalls and caves? This is the first time I came to know about their co-existence. It is not a tall waterfall but still a waterfall that is attractive anytime and to anyone. You certainly need a vehicle to go the Rudhradhari waterfalls because it is 12 km away from this town. The cave that you saw at the beginning of the video houses the temple of Someshwar.

Baijnath Temple.

Baijnath Temple

The architecture of the Baijnath temple is beautiful. It is located 36 km away from Kausani. The river Gomti flows nearby. The temple is of thousand years old.

Thus far, you realized there is nothing exciting to see in this hill station. Yes, you are right. It is only a place to unwind and enjoy the unspoiled nature.

Sure, there are tea estates in Kausani you can walk around and there is a fruit orchard too where the peaches and pears are cultivated. If such things interest you, you can take time to go around them.

What to buy in Kausani?

You can buy the famous Kausani shawl and Buransh juice in Kausani. Also, you can buy a few packets of tasty Kumaon tea in Kausani.


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