Greece Travel-A Brief Overview Updated for 2020

by Jane Sophia

Greece-the ultimate country that newly Wed couples, lovers, and second honeymooners throng. The majority of the tourist dream of going to Greece but they somehow procrastinate their wish and end up landing in Singapore and Panama.

Greece, the place where the civilization started that we all owe a lot even now. Of the earliest civilizations known to mankind, It played the best part. Many of us must have read about the Byzantine Empire and awed at them. We looked upon the great Ottoman Empire.

Athens, the capital of Greece witnessed some of the most barbaric wars that ravaged the country and still, It credited largely for the modern civilization.

The most major sporting event today, The Olympics Games originated in ancientEllada.

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Other notable aspects of Greece are:

  • The much talked about western philosophy
  • The modern astronomy owe much to the early Greek discoveries
  • Science and mathematics were at a much-advanced stage in ancient Ellada
  • Lots of research were undertaken about the Greek politics

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What are the major Attractions in Greece?

Apart from historical monuments and ruins that may not interest the majority of the tourists, It beckons the travelers with its splendid beaches and small islands that dot the Mediterranean Sea.

Greek islands are certainly included in any Greece tourism packages. The islands are visited by traveling in yachts.

Where exactly is Greece in Europe?

Before you look up at a map or a globe, let me help you.

It is located in Southern Europe. Its borders are:

  • Mediterranean Sea
  • Aegean Sea
  • Ionian Sea


Greece can boast of having three unique climatic conditions. They are

  • Alpine,
  • Mediterranean
  • Temperate climate

Similar to most of the coastal countries, Greece can be hot during the summer. The winter will be mild. There won’t be any snow in Greece.

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Other Major Attractions:

  • Greek architecture is world-famous. Most of the ancient buildings attract a sea of tourists.
  • The Parthenon in Athens- an ancient Greek temple dedicated to the Goddess Athena. It known for its unique and imposing architecture.
  • Mount Athos-filled with monasteries. Only males allowed to enter.
  • Samaria Gorge-this is much similar to the Grand Canyon in the U.S. The wilderness, forests and steep cliffs are the major attractions
  • Myrtos Beach is one of the stunning beaches in the world. The water here is crystal blue. The beach is surrounded by mountains that offer a spectacular view of the sea below.
  • Mardi Gras Celebrations -Mardi Gras is celebrated in several European countries. It is a great carnival festival and people are reported to indulge in heavy drinking and eating. The history of Mardi Gras dates back to several thousand years ago.
  • The beach in Lesvos-Lesvos is an island. It attracts millions of tourists from all over the world as it has 23 beaches! They all offer wonderful water sports and great sea view hotels and resorts.

The Delphi Theater is an open-air theater located in the hills and can seat nearly 5k people. It is a must-see place in Ellada.

Greece tourism is only for those who are looking for a very relaxing vacation. It requires exploration more by cruises than flights.

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