Peerumedu-Least Known Hill Station in Kerala

by Jane Sophia

Peerumedu also spelled Peermade is the least known hill station in Kerala. I think you are hearing about it for the first time today.

If a hill station located on the lush green Western Ghats was chosen as a perfect summer escape by the erstwhile royal family members of Travancore, then, it must also be our wise choice for a short summer vacation.

The Keralites are very lucky people for having so many natural attractions in their state that include:

  • Terrific beaches
  • Thick forests
  • Backwater resorts
  • Hill stations
  • Ayurvedic health retreats

In this very blog, I have written about several lesser-known hill stations in Kerala.

Peerumedu hill station overview and location:

Peerumedu hills are located on the western ghats, near Thekkady. The average altitude of Peermade is 3000 feet! Therefore, you can certainly expect an excellent climate throughout the year.

Peermade hill station comprises mist-filled tea gardens, undulating hills, sprawling meadows, lush vegetation hiding a few waterfalls, and long trekking trails.

Reaching Peerumedu hill station:

The best and scenic way is to drive from Thekkadi that is 85 km away. Alternatively, Kottayam is also a gateway for it. You can find the hill station between Kottayam and Thekkadi.

The nearest railway station is Kottayam, 55 km away from here.

One can also reach Cochin by flights from anywhere in India. From Cochin, you can drive to this hill station. The distance between the two places is 135 km.

Spices of Peermade:

Like a typical Kerala hill station on the Sahyadri Hills, it is a center for a range of spices cultivation apart from rubber and pine trees.

Tea, coffee. and cardamom are the predominant crops followed by pepper and ginger. I believe nutmeg, a sparingly used aromatic spice is also cultivated in the Hills.

You can buy high-quality pepper and cardamom from the roadside shops. If you are interested, buy small quantities of mace, vanilla, rosemary, mace, and thyme oil.

Oh, what a range of Indian spices!

Moreover, you can purchase Kannan Devan tea that fills your nostrils with the excellent fragrance of tea.

Places to see in Peermade

First, treat your visit to it to unwind, relax, and enjoy the pleasant weather. If you are going with your children, there are several places of sightseeing interest. However, let Peerumedu be your escape to nature.

Here are the places of interests in Peerumedu.

  • Peeru Hills-great location for trekking through pine forest and rubber plantation.
  • Thrissanku Hills-rolling hills and meadows invite you to just stroll around inhaling crisp and pure air. Stand at vantage viewpoints to watch the sunset.
  • Sahyadri Ayurvedic Centre-a great place for rejuvenation and health recoup naturally.
  • Madammakkulam waterfall-a scenic spot surrounded lush forest.
  • Panchalimedu-there is a little pond with fresh water.
  • Grampi-a lovely rolling hill that offers wonderful observation platform and walking trail.
  • Pattumala tea estates
  • Vagamon-a picturesque hilly town with verdant meadows.


  • Kolahalamedu-spectacular pine forest


I am sure these fantastic places in Peermade will engage you for a full weekend.

Hotels to stay in Peerumedu

Well, there are many options for resorts and tea estate bungalows that are slightly expensive in Peermade that include:

  • Paradise Plantation Resort
  • Thrisangu Haven
  • Wisteria Kuttikkanam
  • Green Valley Tea Estate in Vagamon

Tamarind run by Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC)

In addition, you can find several Homestay offers that include the scenic Misty Greens Homestay.

Best time to visit Peermade:

Except for the monsoon period that starts in June and ends in August, you can visit this hill station during the rest of the months.

In conclusion, Being a hill station amidst Kerala’s breathtaking natural beauty, Peerumedu must be a wise choice for a short vacation.


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It is so beautiful!

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Seems like a great place, thanks for sharing 🙂


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