Lake Bled – Slovenia’s Most Famous Attraction

by Jane Sophia
Lake Bled

That Lake Bled, located in Slovenia, Europe. The mountain range that you see in the image above is the Julian Alps.

Lake Bled is a great tourist destination in Slovenia. The Lake is an extremely picturesque water body filled with glacial water.

The Lake and the adjoining Bled Town offer plenty of places to see and things to do. A more beautiful island in the middle of the Lake, an ancient church, an immaculate castle, forests, water sports, and restaurants attract tourists throughout the year.

18 Places to See and Things to Do in Lake Bled

Let us take a tour of Lake Bled and its surroundings. Make a note of numerous places to see and things to do in and around 2 km long Lake Bled.

Lake Bled located just 55 km away from the capital city, Ljubljana.

  1. Bled Cream Cake

Bled Cream Cake

Bled Cream Cake

You will often find the mention of this fluffy looking cream cake in the list of things to in Lake Bled. Usually, it is the 6th or 7th rank on the list. However, I am placing it on the top of the list because the Bled Cream Cake will create the best impression of the culinary scene of Bled Town.

The Bled Cream Cake is a must-taste pastry the moment you begin seeing around Lake Bled. If you start your Lake Bled tour with this rich, creamy cake, you will eagerly look forward to enjoying the rest of the things to do in Lake Bled.

  1. Lake Bled

The next important thing to do in Lake Bled is to sit on a vantage point and gaze at the vast Lake with sparkling blue water. Lake Bled is 2.1 km long and 1.4 km width offering scope for a few water sports.

Take a stroll around the circumference of the Lake. Enjoy the stunning scenery all around. You can view the Bled Island, the magnificent church, and the snow-clad Julian Alps.

If you abhor walking, rent a bicycle and go around.

  1. Boat excursion on Lake Bled

Lake Bled Boat Ride

Lake Bled Boat Ride

These swan-shaped boats are for hire. If your arms have the strength, you can paddle to see the lake island and the beautiful church from close quarters.

As you walk around the Lake or enjoy a boat ride in Lake Bled, you will keep hearing the bells from the church. They wish bells that I will come to it later in the post.

  1. Swim in Lake Bled

Go ahead and yield to your irresistible urge to plunge into Lake Bled’s cold waters. However, it is possible only if you are visiting Slovenia during the summer season.

If you wish to dive into the Lake, you will find a diving board. You will be joined by screaming children who are not afraid to dive into the water.

  1. Bled Island

A rather large gondola with several tourists will take you for an hour-long tour of Lake Bled. Quickly, you will be deposited at the dockyard of Bled Island.

Bled Island is a pilgrimage as the immaculate Church of Assumption of Maria located there. The church is nearly ten centuries old.

The wishing bells are rung by just about every tourist to Lake Bled Island.

Being a holy church, naturally, weddings are preferred to be held there. The groom will carry his bride in his arms and take her laboriously over the long flight of steps. Mind it, buddy, there are nearly 100 steps! This tradition is a sight to watch.

The view of the massive Lake Bled and the surrounding Julian Alps from the Bled Lake Island is jaw-dropping.

  1. Bled Castle

Bled Castle

Bled Castle

It should have been a marathon effort to build such a magnificent church on top of an enormous cliff.

Your trip to Lake Bled is incomplete if you don’t visit the medieval castle in Bled.

The Bled Castle offers superb views of Lake Bled and the distant Julian Alps.

The inside tour of the Bled Castle will consume a minimum of one hour. Castle is exclusive of the time taken to eat in a restaurant overlooking Lake Bled.

The terrace diner always crowded because of the views and terrific weather. Besides, the food is said to be exceptional, attracting gastronomes from other European countries.

  1. Canyoning and Kayaking in Lake Bled

Everything related to canoeing in a lake will be offered for rent. Lake canoeing is considerably easy as the water is stagnant.

Rowing a canoe in Lake Bled with its scenic background is a lifetime experience. You will find unlimited opportunities to capture memorable scenes.

You can moor your canoe at the Bled Island and Vintgar Gorge.

If you choose to take the services of a local and knowledgeable guide, he will ensure that your canoeing adventure in Lake Bled lasts at least three hours!

  1. Triglav National Park

Triglav National Park

Triglav National Park

Slovenia’s other star tourist attraction is Triglav National Park, located near Lake Bled. Triglav is Slovenia’s lone national park.

My research about Triglav National Park did not yield substantial information about its flora and fauna. However, the national park blessed with natural beauty.

The presence of Julian Alps and large tracts of meadows and rolling hills invite ardent hikers from all over Slovenia.

Surprisingly, more tourists are lured to Triglav National Park by the local farmers and artisans. They display their wares on crowded hiking trails.

The Julian Alps is also a part of the Triglav National Park located just about 30 km away from Lake Bled.

Two glacial rivers flow through the park, namely Soca and Sava.

  1. The waterfalls near Bled Lake.

Ice-cold water plunges from Boka and Savica waterfalls near Lake Bled. These waterfalls are part of Triglav National Park.

The height of the Boka Waterfalls is more than 300 feet! That’s quite a height for a waterfall to make a loud noise and lovely mist.

Boka Waterfalls

Boka Waterfalls

Boka Waterfalls

The source of the Boka Waterfalls is a spring on top of a cliff.

  1. Lake Bohinj

Like many lakes in Europe, Lake Bohinj also has siblings in the name of Triglav Lake and Lake Kriz. All these lakes includes Triglav National Park near Lake Bled.

Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj

It doesn’t lack in beauty and appeal when compared to Lake Bled. Occupying nearly 800 acres of land area, Lake Bohinj is the largest Lake in Slovenia.

Lake Bohinj, a vital tourist landmark near Lake Bled. It’s a big lake by any means. Moreover, Lake Bohinj’s length itself is a little over 4 km.

One of the big attractions of Lake is the “brown Trout.” It is undoubtedly a rare fish.

Brown Trout Fish- Lake Bled

Brown Trout

The other marine creature is the mysterious Mollusca that you don’t come across every and then.



I hope angling is allowed in Lake Bohinj.

  1. Rafting in Sava River

River rafting is a thrilling adventure. Near Lake Bled, one of the things to do is river rafting in Sava River, one of the rivers that flow through the Triglav National Park.

You can find a few river rafting tour packages in Lake Bled itself. First-timers should ask for a guide who will also be a part of your rafting team.

  1. Pokljuka Plateau Hiking

Pokljuka Plateau Hiking

Pokljuka Plateau Hiking

Do they look like pine trees? One of the lovely places to enjoy near Lake Bled is to go for a hike in the forests of Pokljuka Plateau.

I tried to pronounce Pokljuka without the help of Wikipedia, but I gave up.

As the image of Pokljuka Plateau shows above, it is inviting to go for a long walk through the woods.

During winter, the entire forest and grassland covered with thick snow. It then becomes a bustling winter sports center.

The Pokljuka plateau located at an altitude of 4500 feet!

  1. Vintgar Gorge

Vintgar Gorge

Vintgar Gorge

What a fantastic sight! A gorge formed due to years of water erosion. In Vintgar Gorge’s case, the culprit, instead of the creator, is the Radovna River.

The river that looks harmless in the picture turns into a fiery ‘rapid,’ generating big noise.

From this point, if you look up at the gorge walls, your sight cannot reach the summit 330 feet high from where the waterfalls down the gorge. The resultant cascade is ‘Sum Falls.’

Sum Falls -Lake Bled Travel

Sum Falls

Vintgar Gorge is the nearest attraction to Lake Bled. The distance between the two is just 6 km.

Visiting Vintgar Gorge should be the first thing to do after enjoying Lake Bled and its boat tour.

I wonder if it is possible to trek to the top of the picturesque Vintgar Gorge. Undoubtedly, the flora and avifauna along the trail must be diverse.

  1. Postojna Caves

Lake Bled Postojna Caves

Postojna Caves

Caves are always dark and gloomy. Usually, the area surrounding the caves would be drab.

However, the entrance to the Postojna Caves looks pretty and inviting. It is so attractive that one can skip entering the caves and spend time enjoying the surrounding area.

Postojna Caves is one of the top places to see near Lake Bled.

The Postojna Caves situated beneath the surface of the earth, which means you have to climb down some distance.

Oh, there is an open train called Cave Train that you will like it very much.

Lake Bled Cave Train

Cave Train

Claustrophobics will stay outside the caves despite the cave train tour.

  1. Straža Ski Resort

In around Lake Bled, just about everything named after ‘Bled.’ Restaurants, hotels, boats, ski resorts carry the name ‘Bled.’ The ski resort near known as Straža Bled Ski Resort.
Julian Alps turn into a white field in winter. There is snow everywhere on the mountain range, transforming into an ideal skiing playground.

Ski lifts become operational, and onlookers join skiers and enjoy the game as well as the scenery atop the mountain.

Therefore, visiting Straža Bled Ski Resort is one thing to do in Lake Bled if you reach Slovenia during the winter.

  1. Sled ride

A thoughtful addition in Bled Town is a ride on a ‘sled.’ In this part of Europe, a sled is called ‘Toboggan.’

You strap yourself on a sled, and the sled is then pushed down the rail that goes down on the hill slope, gaining momentum as the descent increases.

The sled goes through neatly landscaped meadows. You can also view Lake almost throughout your sled ride.
The sled ride is undoubtedly a thrilling experience during Lake Bled tour.

  1. Bohinj Steam Railway

A lovely ride in a train pulled by a gleaming steam loco is one of the enjoyable things to do in Lake Bled, Slovenia. People of all age groups board the Bojinj train and enjoy an unforgettable three hours on the train.

Along the train route, the scene is beautiful as the train goes through a winding mountain, revealing tree-filled valleys.

The little train passes through several long tunnels, and when it happens, children scream in blatant joy.

The passengers let out an audible shout in joy when they see Lake from high up.

Unfortunately, there is a temporary suspension of this fun adventure in Lake Bled due to COVID.

  1. Ziplining Tour near Lake Bled

Ziplining is a thrilling adventure. It best suited only for adventurous minded.

The valley near Near Bled Town is Dolinka Valley. The ziplines built over the Sava Dolinka River. The total length of the zipline is a little over 4 km.

What a view down the valley! The forest and the river down below offer stunning views as you slide on the metal wires called ziplines.

When is the best time to visit Lake Bled?

If you are not inclined to indulge in winter sports, plan your Lake Bled trip between April and July.

To round up about the places to see and the things to do in Lake, you can enjoy boating, canoeing, hiking, skiing, and ziplining.

Above all, adventures in Lake Bled, the sled ride, is the most attractive sport to me.


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