Vattavada Hill Village Travel Guide

by Jane Sophia
Vattavada Hill Village Travel Guide

What you see above is not in Kashmir or Swiss Alps. The image shows a view of mist-covered “Vattavada”, a village amidst mountains and valleys, Kerala.

I have discovered quite a few numbers of hidden gems in Kerala thus far. When I came to know of this beautiful Vattavada, I noticed my blatant envy for the Keralites (resident of Kerala)..

How many more places in Kerala are still unknown to the world that make excellent weekend getaways or day trips?

Let us tour Vatavada now.

Where is Vattavada?

Vattavada is located near Munnar, Kerala. The incredibly beautiful place is literally situated in a valley surrounded by the majestic Western Ghats on all four sides.

How to reach Vattavada?

The distance between Munnar hill station and this place is 45 km. If you are enjoying a vacation in Munnar, you can plan a day trip to Vattavada by arranging a taxi.

Top Station is a prominent viewpoint in Tamilnadu state but near Munnar, Kerala.

Top Station

Top Station

Vattavada is just 10 km away from Top Station.

You can reach this hill village from Cochin, Thekkadi in Kerala, and Madurai, Theni in Tamilnadu.

Another view of Vattavada.




What is so special about this hill town? How it is different from the more popular Munnar hill station?

  • Minus temperature

Do you know that Vattavada records minus temperature in the winter season? You can never experience a sub-zero temperature in Munnar.

  • Altitude

The Vattavada hill village starts from 4700 feet and reaches a maximum of 8800 feet!

  • Less crowded

If you reach the hills from Munnar, you will notice the distinct lack of crowd and pollution when compared to Munnar.

There are very few staying options in Vattavada and hence, not many holidaymakers are camping at the hills.

  • More sightseeing places near it because of its convenient location.

Tourist Attractions around Vattavada

There are several tourist attractions around it that include:

  • Amaravati reserve forest
  • Kurinjimala Sanctuary
  • Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Anamudi Sholas
  • Manjampatti Valley
  • Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Pampadum Sholas
  • Eravikulam National Park

Imagine staying in this hill station with a car at your disposal. You will enjoy a trip of your life on the peaceful western ghats, eat healthy food, enjoy the weather, and spot beautiful birds in the shoals.

What is special in Vattavada?

Vattavada is a big vegetable and fruit market and it caters to the majority of Kerala’s needs.

All the hill fruits such as apples, strawberries, oranges, blackberries, plums, peaches, cherries, and passion fruits are widely cultivated on the hilly slopes of it.

What you should not miss seeing here?

We have all have heard about sandalwood trees but not yet seen one in our life-right? When you visit this hill village, find time to go to Marayur.

The distance is just 20 km. You will able to make a trip to the sandalwood forests.

Marayur Sandal Reserve

Marayur Sandal Reserve

Go trekking in Kannan Devan Hills

Vattavada’s location in a valley that is surrounded by scalable Kannan Devan Hills means you can go trekking even without a guide.

Quite a few trekking trails lead you to

  • Top Station
  • Kanthaloor
  • Mattupetty
  • Kodaikanal

Stay in a camp

If you are adventurous, you can opt to stay in a camp pitched right on the edge of so many shoals. Eat a simple dinner provided by the tribes and listen to nocturnal sounds of the western ghats.

Hotels in The Hill Village

You will find hotels and resorts in Vattavada but don’t expect any 5-star luxuries and amenities. The accommodations will serve your basic needs adequately.

Alternatively, you can stay in either in Munnar or in Kanthaloor (7 km away).

Food in Vattavada

Food is not a problem in here or Munnar. If you can manage with Malabar cuisine, then, you won’t starve.

What can you buy ?

Buy Kannan Devan Tea, the locally cultivated tea leaves and dust. In addition, don’t forget to buy seasonal fruits and spices that include cloves and cardamom.

That’s it about traveling to Vattavada, a village on the western ghats, Kerala.

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