4 Tips To Choose the Perfect Clothes for Your Vacation

by Jane Sophia

Going for a vacation is obviously a fun and exciting experience, isn’t it? The time we spend at a faraway place from home, exploring and enjoying new cultures, landscapes and people is something which we all look forward to. However, the time we spend before setting foot out of our doors for a fun and exciting vacation is not at all enjoyable. Every vacation needs a lot of planning before the date of travel to be successful and comfortable. From deciding the itinerary to booking flight tickets to making hotel reservations to packing the right things – each of these things contributes to a hassle-free travel. And packing your clothes is one of the most important things to take care of before a vacation. Here are four tips so that you can pack your clothes perfectly before any journey, so that you can be comfortable while looking good anywhere, anytime.

1. Pack different types of underwear

2When you pack your underwear before going to a new place, make sure you are not only carrying one type of underwear with you. Don’t take only those underwear which you normally wear, or don’t pack only comfortable underwear because you think you will be hiking a lot. What if you buy a really cute off-shoulder dress and cannot flaunt your new buy because you didn’t pack your most comfortable strapless bra? Or what if you didn’t bring any sports underwear and you are sweating like crazy? Underwear is such a piece of clothing which will help you stay comfortable the most. So remember to pack a variety of underwear so that you can be comfortable in any situation.

2. Pack clothes with breathable, performance fabrics

Always try to pack clothes which use breathable, light fabrics which can easy to clean. Also, the fabric should be able to wick away moisture and be resistant to wear and tear. Fabrics like nylon and polyester are some great choices in terms of these things. They are not as comfortable as cotton, but they are much more resistant and dry out much more quickly. Cotton is a great choice having a much more all-around performance being really light and comfortable. You can pack silk under-garments as they are really light and comfortable to wear.

3. Stick to neutral colours

3Clothes take up the most space in our luggage when we travel. Thus the best way to travel light is to pack as little clothes as you can. But how can one stay fashionable with so little clothes, you ask? Well, sticking to neutral colours is the best way to reduce the number of clothes you have to pack. Instead of packing bright, quirky colours, go with more neutral colours like black, brown, khaki, white etc. You can mix and match these colours with almost everything, which lets you create a lot more looks with a lot fewer clothes.

4. Don’t forget the accessories

4Accessories like hats, fedoras, sunglasses and jewellery let you mix and match your clothes even more, and create your own unique look while you travel without taking up much space. So forget about packing five pairs of shoes and pack accessories. The sunglasses and hats can also protect you from the sun or the rain or the cold while keeping you fashionable.

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