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6 Most Scenic Lakes near Mumbai

by Jane Sophia
6 Most Scenic Lakes near Mumbai

Get to know some of the most scenic and beautiful lakes near Mumbai, their distance from Mumbai city and attractions near the lakes.

I had gone to Mumbai (Bombay, then) but did not see a single lake in and around the great city in India. Have you traveled to Mumbai? If so, have you seen any lakebed in Mumbai or near the city? No?

I am not surprised. Mumbai city has that magnetic attraction that will tie a tourist within its city limits. After all, we might have gone and stayed in Mumbai for a short vacation only. Since Mumbai city has too many places to see, exciting activities to do, and above all, we may have to visit as many street food stalls as possible, we won’t even think about seeing some natural attractions that surround Mumbai.

It’s ok! There is always a ‘next time’-right? So, when you plan another short holiday trip to Mumbai, try to see the following scenic Lakes near Mumbai.

Lakes near Mumbai are just too beautiful to ignore, buddy!

1. Most Scenic Lakes near Mumbai: Powai Lake, Mumbai

The most striking feature of this scenic lake in Powai Valley, Mumbai is the range of bird species that you can spot. Hey mate! Let me tell you that if you are new to bird watching in India, you would not be able to identify some of the most strikingly beautiful birds near the Powai Lake, Mumbai.

Here is a sample before I tell you more about the artificial lake in Powai, Mumbai.

Pheasant-tailed Jacana

Pheasant-tailed Jacana in Lakes near Mumbai

Oh man! Can you take your eyes off this gorgeous bird?

Now a brief overview of Powai Lake.

As mentioned above, Powai Lake is a manmade lake and is located in Powai Valley, one of the upscale residential areas in Mumbai city. Another notable and famous landmark for Powai is Andheri though the suburban railway station of Andheri is 45 minutes drive away.

Powai Lake is located about 30 km from Mumbai Central.

Here is an image of Powai Lake

Lakes near Mumbai Powai Lake

The avifauna range and the lovely pink Balsam flower have forced the Government of India to rank the Powai Lake among the ‘ten lakes’ of the country.

Balsam flower

The Powai Lake is home to numerous crocodiles that prey on the range of aquatic birds such as egrets and storks.

Here are some more beautiful birds that you can spot on the shores of Powai Lake, Mumbai:

  • Small blue kingfisher
  • Spot-billed duck

Spot-billed duck

  • Bulbuls
  • Purple swamphens

Purple swamphens

  • Whistling Ducks

Whistling Ducks

  • Indian Coucal

Indian Coucal from Lakes near Mumbai

  • Purple-rumped sunbirds

Purple-rumped sunbirds

  • Ashy Prinias

2. Tulsi lake, Salsette Island, Mumbai

Lakes near Mumbai Tulsi lake

Tulsi Lake is one of the beautiful Lakes near Mumbai. It is a freshwater lake and Mumbai city’s major chunk of drinking water depends on this large lake which is part of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park that goes by another name ‘Borivali National Park.

Similar to Powai Lake, Tulsi Lake is also favorite habitat for crocodiles and several birds some of which are migratory.


You have to travel 32 km from Mumbai Central towards the northern direction.

If you choose to travel in the crowded Mumbai suburban train, you can ask around for the train that goes to Borivali railway station. Tulsi Lake is about 6 km from Borivali railway station.

3. Tansa Lake and Dam, Thane, Mumbai

Tansa Lake is actually a dam on River Tansa. The water is potable and is a major drinking water resource for the Mumbaikars.

The location of this Mumbai lake is serene and peaceful. The noise and pollution of Mumbai city are beyond the Tansa lake’s borders.

Tansa wildlife sanctuary is located on the fringes of Tansa dam. It is a much sought after picnic location and day trip venue. Given the number of tourists from Mumbai and their food preferences, there are numerous restaurants and street food kiosks surrounding the Tansa Lake, Mumbai.

The distance between Mumbai city and Tansa Lake is 90 km.

I believe a few camp stay offers are available on the Tansa Lake’s shore. Since the lake is home to crocodiles, I think open ground staying is not advisable.

In the Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary, you can spot:

  • Panther
  • Hyena
  • Barking Deer
  • Wild Boar
  • Hornbill
  • Egrets
  • Drongoes
  • Oriole
  • Shrikes

4. Vaitarna Lake, One of the Scenic Lakes near Mumbai

Well, Mumbai city is at quite a distance from this Mumbai lake, 90 km to be approximate. It’s a freshwater lake and hence a major drinking water resource for Mumbai city and its suburbs.

Vaitarna Lake, Lakes near Mumbai

Vaitarna Lake is actually a dam that is also known as Modaksagar Dam that is built on the Vaitarna River.

5. Masunda Lake, Thane, Mumbai

The autorickshaw walas of Thane know this picturesque Mumbai Lake as ‘Talao Pali’. Since Mumbai city is about 100 km away, Masunda Lake is mostly thronged by the residents of Thane. However, Thane railway station is just 15 minutes walking distance from Masunda Lake.

Masunda Lake

They just stroll around the lake and eat some snacks. If they bring their tourists, boating is another pastime option for them.

For adventure lovers, water-scooter is available.

6. Lakes near Mumbai for Young Couples: Upvan Lake

Lakes near Mumbai Upvan Lake

Ah, it is Thane again that seems to be the home for several lakes. Since Mumbai is just about 90 km away and with excellent connectivity between Thane and Mumbai, Upvan Lake is easily accessible by all.

You can reach the Upvan Lake by an autorickshaw from Thane railway station. The location is really peaceful and ideal for solitary gazing of the water and occasional egrets diving into the water to grab hits grub.

These six Lakes near Mumbai are around Mumbai city. You can visit each one of them in just two days time.

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