Have You Ever Stayed in an Overwater Villa ?

by Jane Sophia
Overwater Villa

For a touring family of 5 or more persons or of a just married couple on their first honeymoon, (I believe romantic couples enjoy more than one honeymoon), there are several options to stay such as 5-star hotels, serviced apartments, cottages, paying guest places, Overwater Villa and more.

I recently happen to know from Conde Nast Traveler about another thrilling option. It is staying in an overwater bungalow. Well, if you think ‘bungalow’ is an exaggerated name, call it a Overwater Villa or more aptly ‘A Water Villa’!

I thought it is a new concept but I am wrong. The first Overwater Villa was built nearly 50 years ago by three Americans in Raiatea, a Polynesian Island. Do you know what inspired them to build a bungalow on water? It’s because this exotic island is devoid of a beach!

Overwater Villa _1

Best of Overwater Villa

If you are good at visualizing, a picture of a wooden hut with thatched room will be formed in your mind. If that is so, you can write fantastic novels or seriously consider as a cinema set maker. Imagine a couple getting locked up in one such Overwater Villa where there won’t be a calling bell. Don’t you think it is as if there is a permanent ‘Do Not Disturb’ on the wooden door?

What a perfect honeymoon hideout! It’s a picture perfect too!

Naturally, the concept of ‘Overwater Villa’ became the talk of the beach. Today, smart investors have built several Overwater Villa in so many water front holiday spots. Let us look at some of the luxury Overwater Villa.

Overwater Villa -3

Overwater Villa in Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a Tahitian island in the South Pacific Ocean. If you love islands like me, please note that the South Pacific Ocean has numerous truly exotic islands. This island is located in a picturesque setting facing a dormant volcano on Mt. Otemanu.

Here, the Le Méridien has a new look Overwater Villa in a small islet. Bora Bora is known for white sand beaches and coconut groves.

Bora Bora


Pay a visit to get all the details such as the pricing, facilities offered and the fun activities that are available.

Not only the Le Méridien but other big hotel names that are operating Villa of various sizes in Bora Bora Island.

Overwater Villa -4

Cheap Villa in Maldives

Maldives can be crowded as well as totally isolated. It depends on where you want to stay. A star hotel in the city center is very convenient but can be noisy. On the other hand, rent a Over water Villa for as low as USD 300 per night and your privacy is assured and you can take the cotton plugs off your ears. Just listen to the sound of the waves and nothing but the waves.

Ask around for ‘Embudu Village Resort and you will be guided. A total of 16 Overwater Villa is offered at USD300 per night. The reason for such a cheap (?) rate is because these Overwater Villa are not totally independent but share a wall with the neighbor.

Embudu Village Resort

These water Villa at Embudu Village come with all the modern amenities that include air conditioning, telephone, Jacuzzi and coffee making machine. Oh, yes, there is a restaurant that offers buffet type service and a bar.

There are water Villa in the Caribbean seas and in most of the top tourist destinations in Asian countries that include Philippines, Malaysia, and Cambodia. I bet it will be an exciting time to lodge in one of the Over water Villa.


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