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How Finland and Lapland Beckons You?

by Jane Sophia

How do people choose holiday destinations like Finland?

  • Recommendations by friends and relatives
  • Scouring the web and list out the blogs where the best travel articles are published
  • Buy travelogues of the world’s passionate travelers and choose what fantasizes you
  • Watching TV channels related to travelogues
  • Newspaper articles
  • Recommendations by magazines

When the destinations are narrowed down to a few, then, tick the one that is best visited during the period you can travel. If the weather is not friendly at your convenient time, you will have to tick the next in your list.


I happen to read an article about traveling to Finland, places to see there and what to eat in Finland. The article was accompanied by stunning photographs. Based on what I read and saw in the article, I composed this blog post about visiting Finland. It is not an authentic guide but contains useful information. I hope you will find it handy.

Basic facts about Finland.

  • It is a country in North Europe.
  • Capital is Helsinki
  • Nearby countries are Russia, Norway and Sweden
  • Nearer to the North Pole
  • Languages spoken are Finnish and Swedish

Places to see in Finland:

In spite of its harsh winter, Finland attracts quite a number of visitors and there are activities for all age group of people.

Finland _2


Saariselkä though actually a village but still a good tourist destination because it offers skiing and hiking. Yes, it is located in a snow filled mountain in Lapland. Some more snow based activities are ice tubing (snow tubing), snowmobiling, sledding and snowshoeing.

Finland _1


Reindeer sleigh ride

One more thrilling experience in the snowy mountains in Finland is the reindeer sleigh ride.  I am sure you might have seen it in films where a small cart in which you sit very uncomfortably and is pulled by a reindeer.

Oh yes, I forgot. You can also enjoy a sleigh ride pulled by dogs! It must be real fun to ride on the snow and seeing the forests at the edges.

Finland Northern lights

The Northern Lights:

No words can explain the Northern Lights experience. You must see it to enjoy the breathtaking cosmic light show..

Sometimes, it may disappoint the waiting crowd by not appearing at all for reasons beyond the human logic. But when it does show, the incredible lights seen near the Arctic Circle fill up the sky with a range of stunning colors.

Do you know that the original Santa Claus belong to Finland?

Yes, you can meet him at in Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi (Capital of Lapland). While you are there in Lapland, don’t forget to see the legendary ice hotel (Igloo Hotel)  in Snowman World.

What to eat?

Well, be in for a shock. Reindeer meat is the most popular food. Since the temperature is so low in Lapland, in order to sustain it, you need to eat real hard meat; other meats are not digestible. The reindeer soup shops are found everywhere.

If you are a vegetarian, then you can enjoy fresh berries, homemade breads mushrooms, and potatoes. You will be surprised to see some huge potatoes in Finland.

Obviously there is more to see and do in Finland. I have just given some tidbits that entice you to plan your trip to Finland.

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