Need a vacation? Make sure your break from work is truly stress free:

by Jane Sophia

After working hard all year you deserve to sit back and relax on holiday, but without financial protection you could find yourself in hot water. In order to help save money and make sure your trip lives up to expectations, having adequate insurance coverage is essential. Travel savvy individuals have shared some of their secrets for saving you money and maximising the fun on your trip.

1. Rent a car for ease of transport

Although public transport is a cheap way to travel and if you are backpacking a good way of meeting people, for a short vacation, trying to master local transport can be a nightmare, especially if you are in a country with a different language to your own. Not only that, but the routes may not pass certain areas you wish to explore such as isolated beaches. If you are renting a villa in the countryside this is highly recommended as taxis arn’t cheap!


More and more of us are hiring cars on our foreign holidays. This is a cheap and easy way to get out and explore the local area independently, and usually a large number of car hire companies such as that operate from popular resorts.

2. Don’t let illness or injury ruin your trip
Travel insurance is essential for anyone planning a trip abroad. It protects you against a variety of unforeseen events including illness, injury, lost baggage or cancellation due to family illness. You can tailor travel insurance to suit your needs, so for example if you plan on taking part in action sports this must be declared to your insurer so they can put the appropriate cover in place.

The cost of your travel insurance will be dictated by a variety of factors, including how extensive the coverage is, your risk and the voluntary excess amount. Your risk is calculated based on your existing medical conditions, so be sure to declare these upfront to ensure you are fully covered. If you have a long term chronic condition or have recovered from cancer, specialist in medical insurance for travel are the best people to offer you quotes such as medical travel insurance.

If you travel frequently, consider taking out an annual rather than single trip policy to save you money.

  1. Fly the world for less
    Booking your flights and hotels independently can save you hundreds in travel agents fees, giving you more spare cash to spend on the important things. Sites such as compare thousands of different carriers, destinations and airports in seconds, ensuring you find the very best deal for your trip.If you’re unsure when or where you want to go, Sky Scanner offers the search ‘everywhere’ function, a fantastic tool that allows you to find the cheapest dates to dream destinations across the globe. Although you can bag a deal all year round, research has shown that outside of the school holidays, 3 months prior to your trip is the best time to book to secure the lowest price
  • 4. Indulge to your hearts content in all-inclusive luxuryAll inclusive package deals are a great option for helping you budget and stay in control of your finances. These packages include all your meals, snacks, drinks and some activities, proving particular useful for family trips. Often hotels offer a variety of restaurants including a buffet and a’la carte options, helping cater to the tastes of the fussiest guests. With alcoholic beverages included in the price, the only money you need to save is for day trips and souvenirs.A variety of tour operators offer all inclusive packages, although staying away from the major household names will ensure you get a better deal. Independently owned websites like holiday constantly hunt for the best travel bargains, helping you to pick up an all inclusive holiday at self-catering prices.
  • 5. Take the stress out of flying with an overnight stay at the airport
    When you have an early morning flight to catch, staying overnight at an airport hotel helps you enjoy valuable time in bed and reduces the stress of a long morning commute. If you’re planning on driving to the airport, be sure to book your parking and hotel as soon as possible. Often early bookers receive significant discounts, with some packages available at preferential rates combining hotel stays, parking and lounge access.


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