Meteora, Most Spectacular Rock Cliff in the World

by Jane Sophia
Meteora, Most Spectacular Rock Cliff in the World

I think you have guessed what the building is and its location. Yes. It is a Christian Monastery on the incredible cliff in Meteora and it is in Greece.

The towering, and jagged rock formation itself is one of the biggest attractions in Greece.

It’s exact location is in a city called Trikala, north-west Greece. It stands almost at the center of Greece.

The Christian monastery is a division of Eastern Orthodox Monasteries.

How to reach Meteora from Athens?

From wherever you are outside Greece, you will be flying into Athens, the capital of Greece.

Meteora rock formation is 360 km north-west. You can rent a car to go to Trikala.

Alternatively, you can take a train to Kalambaka, the nearest railway station to our destination. Bus travel is another option.

Both the bus and train journey takes 6 hours. By car, it takes only 4 hours.

From the Kalambaka railway station, Meteora is just 3 km. I think you can walk to the world’s most spectacular spot.

While you stare at the monastery’s fantastic architecture, you will be baffled at how they took up all the building materials up there.

Name of the Monastery in Meteora:

Holy Trinity is the name of the world wonder.

Please note that there are actually 24 monasteries up there. As of now, only six are functioning and all the six of them are open to public.

Is there a road up to the Monastery?

Yes. Cars can go up to the monasteries.

Alternatively, for the sake of thrill you can climb nearly 200 steps and then walk over a wooden bridge to step on to the terrace.

It is needless to say that the view from the top of the rock cliff is literally breathtaking. You will cry out a loud, “Wow”!

The sprawling monasteries built on the tall cliff come under the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Here is another excellent view of the Meteora and the monasteries.

Monastery of the Holy Trinity

Please enlarge the picture to appreciate the stunning beauty of the cliff and the buildings.

What is the height of Meteoa?

From the base of the rock formation, the monasteries stand at 1300 feet!

The valley that is surrounding it is known as Pinelos Valley.

Here is a view of the Pinelos valley from the monastery.

Pinelos valley

What is the agre of Meteora?

Though the monasteries were built during the 15th century, the age of it is 60 million years!

I think even to touch the rock at its base, will give you goosebumps.

Are there hotels to stay near Meteora?

Yes, Kalambaka town is a well developed place with hotels.

However, if you are arriving by a taxi from Athens, you can easily get back on the same day.


Men, you can’t enter the monastery in your shorts. You legs should be covered as well as your shoulders.

I suppose this dress code applies to the women folks also.

When you go to Greece to visit its stupenduous islands, spend at least 4 days in Athens to see all its historic glories such as Delphi and Meteora.

To lure you to immediately plan a trip to Greece, I give below the picture of Delphi, a historic complex of temples.

Let me how you reacted when you saw the photo of Delphi.

I am of the opinion that Athens requires a separate trip to Greece. Greek Island hopping needs an exclusive two weeks,

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