8 Beautiful Wayanad Tourist Attractions

by Jane Sophia
8 Beautiful Wayanad Tourist Attractions

I am going to share my thoughts about Beautiful Wayanad Tourist Attractions in this post. The road to Wayanad from Karnataka State’s Kollegal town.

 Wayanad Tourist Attractions

Wayanad is certainly an underrated hilly tourist attraction in Kerala. Its glorious geography, lush green forests of the Western Ghats, wonderful wildlife take a backseat because the front seat is occupied by the much-talked-about Munnar, a similar place with all the Wayanad tourist attractions but without much of the tourist crowd.

The tourist attractions plus less crowd are all the more reasons for you to make a trip to the enchanting Wayanad tourist attractions.

Wayanad’s maximum height on the Western Ghats is 6400 feet but the elevation at the minimum level is at 2200 feet which implies the whole of Wayanad district enjoys a salubrious climate with a widespread green cover.

Wayanad tourist attractions are blessed with extraordinary natural beauty such as lovely forests, waterfalls, pre-historic caves, etc.

8 Beautiful Wayanad Tourist Attractions

How to reach Wayanad tourist attractions from Bangalore?

The distance between Bangalore and Wayanad is 280 km and you have to go through Mysore and Kollegal, the famous “Silk City”. The best way to go to Wayanad is by road because the scenic terrain will be captivating.

If you wish to take a train from either Karnataka or Tamilnadu, you have to book your train ticket up to Kozhikode (Calicut) which is very well connected by the rail network. From Kozhikode, Wayanad is only 110 km away.

For frequent flyers, Calicut is the nearest airport.

Let us go over all Wayanad tourist attractions.

1. Kuruva Islands, Serene Wayanad Tourist Attractions

The three river islands of Kuruva are serene places to enjoy the surrounding nature in absolute silence. You can intently listen to the birds call, frogs’ croaking, and the running river which is a tributary of the Kabini River.

Reaching these three islands itself by a crude but safe raft built with strong bamboo poles can be a memorable experience.

The locals call this place is Kuruwadeep and so does Wikipedia. To go to Kuruwadeep, you must first reach either Manathawady or Pulpally. These two are the nearest towns to Wayanad’s Kuruva Islands. The distance is 17 and 10 km respectively from the two towns.

Wayanad Tourist Attractions Kuruva Islands

On either side of the river, you can see dense green woods that are superb places for lovely birds to live. There is a number of exotic flora and several natural herbal plants that can be identified for you by anyone of the tribesmen that live in Wayanad.

Nobody lives in these river (Kabini River) islands and hence, the whole area is blissfully silent and garbage free.

Nearby attractions to see when you visit Kuruva Islands in Wayanad.

  • Brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary
  • Valliyoorkavu temple

Note: Please note the place is shut down from May to October due to heavy rainfall.

2. Tribesmen you can meet in Wayanad

A true traveler not only goes about touring a destination but also finds immense pleasure in interacting with the local residents. I love to meet and socialize with locals and especially the local tribes while visiting hills.

Wayanad hills are home to several tribes who can also act as perfect guides if you take another local who can translate the tribes’ language. If you know Kannada or Malayalam, you can manage without a translator.

The Tribes of Wayanad.

  • Mullukurman
  • Wayanad Kadar
  • Adiyan
  • Thachaanadan Mooppan
  • Paniyan

There is another tribe called Kurichyan who knows all about the rare flora of Wayanad.

3. Banasura Hill

OMG! What a green! This is a typical Wayanad scene and is simply loved by the city dwellers who are used to see only concrete jungles. The peak of Banasura Hill stands at 6800 feet! You can go to Banasura Hill by car from Kalpetta, the capital of Wayanad district.

Staying options in Banasura Hill.

It will be a criminal waste if you don’t opt to stay at least for a night in Banasura Hill which is a great delight for nature lovers. There is a resort set amidst the backdrop of stunning green hills. It goes by the name Banasura Resort.


Visit Banasura for your bookings.

See the nearby waterfalls below and you are likely to take immediate action for planning your Wayanad trip.

Wayanad Tourist Attractions waterfalls

4. Chembra Hill

Here is one more gorgeous hill station in Wayanad. Once you go there, you would like to explore the possibilities of extending your stay. Else, you are not a nature lover.

Wayanad Tourist Attractions Chembra Hill

How do you like it?

The Chembra peak stands at 6900 feet!

From Kalpetta town, you can reach the Chebra Hills in about 10 minutely as the distance is only 8 km.

An important attraction in Chembra Hills is a heart-shaped lake.

Chembra Lake Wayanad Tourist Attractions

5. Birds to see in forest and lake area of Wayanad tourist attractions

The most elusive but well-known bird in Wayanad is the Malabar Grey Hornbill. It is a huge bird. It cannot be seen anywhere else in India. So, better watch out for this bird when you are in Wayanad.

Grey Hornbill

Other birds of the Western Ghats that you can spot in Wayanad tourist attractions are:

  • Scarlet Minivet

Scarlet Minivet

What a beauty! The real meaning of Scarlet color.

  • Yellow-browed Bulbul


  • Verditer Flycatcher

Nilgiri Flycatcher

  • Malabar Barbet

Malabar Barbet

  • Coppersmith Barbet

Coppersmith Barbet

Don’t you think these birds are enough for you to make a trip to Wayanad and see its tourist attractions?

  • I will give you one more reason to go to Wayanad. How about this blue beauty called “Nilgiri Flycatcher”?

Nilgiri Flycatcher

6. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

It is also known as Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary that is home to the great cat-Indian Tiger. Of course, what is Kerala forest without the elephants? You can see them in herds and herds.

Other wildlife that you can see in Wayanad sanctuary are:

  • Spotted Deer
  • Monkey
  • Peacock
  • Bison
  1. Soochipara Waterfalls

Next to the beauty of thundering Athirapalli Waterfalls, the Soochippara Waterfall in Wayanad is the second most visited waterfalls in Kerala.

The way to Soochippara waterfalls will itself make your visit a bit delayed as you would be happy to explore a bit interior in the adjoining forests. You would be led by beautiful butterflies that seemed to know the way.

The water drops from a height of 650 feet! The Soochippara waterfalls in Wayanad is reached easily from Meppadi town which is just 15 km away.

  1. Lakkidi

Lakkidi Wayanad Tourist Attractions

I am sure the image itself is a reason to go to this scenic spot located at good 2300 feet height in Wayanad.

Wayanad tourist attractions trip requires two full days stay in any one of the resorts including the Banasura Hill Resort.

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