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8 Virginia State Parks are Great Tourist Attractions

by Jane Sophia
Virginia State Parks

This article on some of the most beautiful Virginia State Parks would make the local residents proud if only they spread the word. They should know their Virginia state parks do not lack in beauty and attractions. I only hope they are aware of the existence of all the 30+ state parks in Virginia, some of which are featured in this article.

The Virginia State parks are spread in the various landscapes including mountains, coastal areas, forests, and water bodies.

  1. Sky Meadows State Park

Red-headed woodpecker

If this image of Red-headed woodpecker attracts you it can be the sole reason for you to visit the Sky Meadows State Park that is located in Fauquier County, North West Virginia. I would take all the pains just to encounter this cute and beautiful bird in its own habitat.

If you leave the Washington DC by 7 am, you can reach the Sky Meadows State Park at the foothills of Blue Ridge Mountains by 8 am. Yes, it is that close to the capital of America.

The landscape of this Virginia State Park includes meadows, mountains, streams, and forests. The big attractor factor for the Sky Meadows State Park, Virginia is the Appalachian Trail, the United States well-known walking and camping ground.

  1. First Landing State Park

In spite of being located in a beach town called ‘Virginia Beach’, the First Landing State Park’s most visited place by nearly a million visitors a year is its Cypress Swamps.

Anywhere in the world, swamps are great natural beauties. Swamps are surrounded by a number of trees forming an absolute canopy over the entire area. If the trees are flowering trees, they make the place much more colorful as you saw in the video above.

A large variety of insects, snakes, and reptiles love to live near swamps thus attracting worms and insects- eating birds including migratory birds.

Virginia State Parks

First Landing State Park has nature walking trails, camping grounds, and swimming in the Chesapeake Bay beach.

  1. Kiptopeke State Park, Virginia

Virginia State Parks

That beach is located on the Eastern side shore of Virginia state in the U.S.

The thick shrubby forest on the fringes of the beach attracts a range of migratory birds.

The beach and the thick, dark jungle are ideal camping sites. You can either pitch up your canvas tent or park your RV and enjoy both the cozy comforts as well as the outer grounds.

The proximity of Cape Charles town is convenient for campers to buy their basic needs. The Kiptopeke State Park in Virginia is great for nature lovers and privacy seekers.

  1. Wilderness Road State Park, Virginia

Virginia State Parks

Wilderness-yes but not a barren landscape-right? It is green up to the horizon all the way. You and the livestock have great scope for walking through all the 300+ acres of State Park. While men can stay in a tent, cows and lambs are happy to sit on the green meadow for hours together regurgitating.

I think the terrain also suits horseback riding and mountain biking-what do you say?

  1. Hungry Mother State Park, Virginia

Virginia State Parks

Truly enchanting-eh? The woods are lovely; dark and deep, thus befitting the status of Virginia State Parks. The park’s beauty is further enhanced by the presence of a large lake.

A mother and a child escaped during the tussle between the Native Americans and new arrivals. The mother died in the forest, tired and hungry. It narrated thus by the child and the name ‘Hungry Mother’ stayed.

The State Park has camping grounds and even offers cabins to the trickle of tourists. You can take a boat ride on the lake but you have to paddle your way around the water body.

  1. Douthat State Park, Virginia

Virginia State Parks

Who would not make the area around this sprawling lake a State Park? The still-water body, the surrounding green cover, the distance from the main road-all makes this place beautiful. Serenity and peace lingers in Douthat State Park, Virginia.

Walking around the lake can be invigorating. Camping in the woods must be a great experience. The distant backdrop of the Allegheny Mountains in Virginia means this state park must be quite large. Yes, it comprises 4,545 acres! The lake itself covers an area of nearly 50 acres!

  1. Grayson Highlands State Park, Virginia

Virginia State Parks

What you see above is the image of George Washington and Jefferson National Forest. It is located in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. Our subject, Grayson Highlands State Park is located within the national forest. Mount Rogers is part of the 4500 acres state park.

The entire state park is scenic and there are several viewpoints on the mountain offering breathtaking views of the National Forest. Walking along the hiking trails reveals to you hidden waterfalls, gurgling mountain streams and you can see the campers happily lazing away their time amidst thick woods or on the foothills of waterfalls.

  1. Fairy Stone State Park, Stuart

Fairy Stone State Park

Can’t this cabin be an ideal winter getaway?

Of 30+ Virginia State Parks, the Fairy Stone State Park is one of the largest. This state park in Virginia is located in Patrick County.

So, what is a ‘fairy stone’?

Look at this image:Fairy Stone

These ‘cross’ shaped stones in light-pink color are called the ‘fairy stones’. As per the local legends, these are solidified tears of the fairy angels that may have lived in this part of Virginia.

As in Virginia State Parks, you can camp and walk. This park liked by the residents of Virginia and they usually visit this state park with their family members in tow.

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