Best Castles to Stay in England- Castle Hotels

by Jane Sophia
Stonefield Castle

In many countries, especially Europe, we hear about incredible castles perched upon a hillock or right on the seashore or on a lake bed. Many such castles are now functioning as luxury hotels.Here we are detailing best Castles to stay in England.

We all have fantasies. In our idle time, we indulge in our daydreams and find immense pleasure. Some of the fantasies include:

  • Touring the world in a luxury yacht
  • Achieving accolades in sports or education
  • Getting employed by Google
  • Staying in castles and palaces
  • Owning a remote Polynesian island and live like a king

All these things are possible but the probabilities are more inclined towards staying overnight in a castle. It is because it is certainly affordable at least once in our lifetime.

What are the salient features of a castle hotel?

To stay in a castle is the moat wished-for dream. The salient features of these medieval castles and forts are:

  • High ceilings
  • Antique furniture
  • Silver cutlery
  • Huge bay windows overlooking immaculately landscaped gardens or a lake or even a forest
  • Sprawling bathrooms
  • Ornate fireplaces

I believe castle hotels in the world not only attract celebrities and Governors but also the common people who want to enjoy life to the hilt, once in a way.

List of Castles to Stay in England.

  1. Amberley Castle, England
  2. Thornbury Castle Hotel
  3. Stonefield Castle Hotel, Scotland
  4. Chateau Rhianfa, Wales, United Kingdom
  5. Langley Castle Hotel, England
  6. Lumley Castle Hotel, England
  7. Appleby Castle Hotel, England
  8. Peckforton Castle, England

I have compiled a list of castle hotels scattered in and around England. Without delving deeply, I have just provided the basic details of the castles to stay.

Go ahead, choose a castle to stay as per your taste and proximity. Enjoy your much-deserved castle vacation.

Castles to Stay in England.

When it comes to castle hotels, England comes to anyone’s mind immediately. The forts and castles owned by English Dukes and Duchesses are always owners’ pride and our envy.

Let us look at a list of castles to stay in England first and then move on to Ireland and other European countries.

  1. Amberley Castle

Best Castles to Stay in England

Amberley Castle, England

It is a castle all right with stone walls and watchtowers. Recently, this majestic fortified building transformed into a hotel.

Amberley Castle located in Amberley village in West Sussex county in the U.K.

To see what is in store for you in this castle to stay in England, please visit their website located at

Amberley Castle Hotel

Credit: amberleycastle

There is a brook near the castle hotel in Amberley. Therefore it named as Amberley Wild Brooks.

Because of its large size comprising 800 acres, I would call it a lake. Such a sprawling water body with surrounding trees, wildflower plants, bushes, and marshlands, Amberley Wild Brooks is a haven for migratory birds that find plenty of prey for lunch such as snails and dragonflies.



You can spot the romantic swans, shovelers, and teals while walking around the brook.



  1. Thornbury Castle Hotel

Best Castles to Stay in England Thornbury Castle Hotel

Credit: Thornbury Castle Hotel

This castle hotel in England is huge and royal looking indeed. Thornbury Castle is located in Bristol, United Kingdom.

Thornbury Castle Hotel fitted with a highly-rated restaurant that serves excellent cuisine to the guests who stay in 26 spacious rooms.

You can expect free wi-fi in all the rooms and lobby. An interesting sport called ‘clay-pigeon shooting’ offered at the castle’s premises.

Find out more about the facilities and amenities of this castle hotel at

  1. Stonefield Castle Hotel, Scotland

Best Castles to Stay in EnglandStonefield Castle

Credit: Bespokehotels

Scotland in the U.K is also blessed with manors and castles. A few castles to stay in England are not even 100 years old!

Stonefield Castle is one such classic example of castles in Scotland that was built only in 1950. Of course, it was built for the purpose of a royal residence but now transformed into an exquisite hotel.

I like the taste of Britishers. Their preference for staying in castles and manors whenever they take a short vacation revealed to the world a polished and aristocratic way of staying during holidays.

Stonefield Castle

Image Credit: Bespokehotels

Stonefield Castle Hotel built on a large ground comprising 60 acres amidst rare and wonderful plants and trees.

It is located in Stonefield village in Scotland, on the shores of a beautiful Lake Fyne. Do you know the Scottish countryside is heaven on the earth? Quiet villages, idyllic settings, and great inns and castles are the true identities of Scotland in the United Kingdom.

Stonefield Castle Hotel is located near Glasgow. It equipped with a typical English restaurant. The bedrooms have high ceilings and the large windows are tastefully draped.

The check-in time is 3 pm! That’s strange. The checkout time is the usually accepted 11 am.

  1. Chateau Rhianfa, Wales, United Kingdom

Best Castles to Stay in England- Chateau Rhianfa, Wales

Chateau Rhianfa, Wales

What a breathtaking location! This castle hotel in England located on a Welsh island called Anglesey. The chateau (another word for castle) is an ultimate luxury hotel with rooms and suites.

A big restaurant offers complimentary breakfast for the guests. Chateau Rhianfa facilities include limited offers for disabled persons.

Free wi-fi is available in all the rooms. Guests can go for a boat ride in the sea.

Check-in time is 3 pm and you can check-out by 11 am.

Fulfill your dream to stay in a castle by choosing this immaculate chateau in England.

  1. Langley Castle Hotel

Best Castles to Stay in England Langley Castle

Langley Castle Hotel, England

The Langley Castle Hotel in England looks mammoth and solid. This medieval castle belongs to the bygone era but now, one of the sought after castles to stay in England.

Langley castle hotel is located in Langley village, Northumberland county, England.

It comes with a restaurant, air-conditioned rooms, and disabled accessibility. Every room has an ultra-luxury bed, satellite TV, internet connectivity, and of course a typical English fireplace.

Check-in and check-out time is 2 pm and 11 am respectively.

You can expect a healthy English breakfast, free of cost.

  1. Lumley Castle Hotel

Lumley Castle

Lumley Castle

This 14th-century castle has been functioning as a 4-star hotel since 1975 in Durham, England. Cricket fans would instantly recognize Durham as it is a venue for international cricket matches.

In fact, sometimes the visiting cricket teams will be asked to stay in this castle hotel in England.

To stay in the castle, you need to choose any one of the 7 types of bedrooms fitted with comfortable mattresses.

  1. Appleby Castle Hotel

Best Castles to Stay in England Appleby Castle Hotel

Appleby Castle Hotel, England

If your dream is to stay in a castle in England that you can afford, Appleby Castle Hotel beckons you.

In addition, if you wish you should have a butler at your beck and call while staying in a castle in England, you should book your luxury bedroom in this 11th-century castle in Appleby.

Located just about 13 km from London, Appleby Castle hotel offers bedrooms and cottages.

Appleby Castle hotel commands a prestigious position among the castle hotels in England because of its lovely location on the banks of the River Eden and overlooking Eden Valley.

Such a beautiful location of a castle in England and that too near London makes it a vantage venue for weddings. The English people take immense pride to have their wedding in a castle or in a chateau.

When you prefer Castles to Stay in England such as the Appleby Castle, you will feel royal by indulging in exclusive sports that include golf and tennis.

Moreover, spend a relaxed afternoon on the banks of River Eden and do some angling also.

To view the facilities and amenities of the Appleby Castle hotel and its current price per night, please visit Their website for more details.

  1. Peckforton Castle, England

Best Castles to Stay in England- Peckforton Castle

Peckforton Castle, England

Wow! What a location! I believe this is an ideal location of a castle, built on a hill amidst forests. A castle hotel that assures ultimate privacy and peaceful bliss should be built in a location as above.

Peckforton Castle Hotel is in Cheshire, somewhere near Liverpool city, 55 km away.

My research about castles in England those transformed into 4 or 5-star hotels revealed more than I expected. I found it tough to filter and choose the best castle hotels to stay and include in the top 8 list of castles to stay in England.

Moreover, I liked the Peckforton Castle Hotel purely based on its enviable location. Apart from that, I think this castle hotel in Liverpool is damn good for honeymooners.

Peckforton Castle Hotel has 48 luxury rooms of which some of them furnished with 4-poster beds. Such beds have 4 posters around their 4 sides so that you can drape a mosquito net over it easily.

In spite of a castle that was not built for modern times, all the castle hotels in England were renovated to offer contemporary amenities such as wi-fi, tea maker, restaurant, tennis courts, etc.

In England, I believe there are 15 castle hotels where you can stay. Your short holiday in a castle hotel will take you back to glorious times.

You can feel like a baron in a castle hotel. You won’t feel like venturing out because of the comforts, food, and the view outside.

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